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The Lilo-log #59: 3 Mobile Puzzle Games Reviews. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Animation. Media. Entertainment. Woman Owned. Short Films. Animated Movies. Kids Cartoons. Game Development.

In this video, Lilo reviews 3 Mobile Puzzle Games! Lilo Nash is back in action for another Mobile Monday. She reviews three puzzle games. These are available for both Android and Apple. The games are: Faraway 2: Jungle Escape Path Through the Forest Magic Jigsaw Puzzles Watch her play the games and give a rating out of …

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Hello everybody! Hope you had a fantastic weekend. Play any good games? I did! I went ahead and tried out one of the horror games I listed on last Friday’s blog–The Evil Within 2. It is fantastic so far. The storyline really pulls me in. The character premises don’t hurt either. That is why today …

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Howdy Gamer Friendz! How many of you have followed the Life Is Strange series? How many of you have played it? For me, the game is epic… I just love everything about it. When I first got the game, I wasn’t too sure how I felt about but, shortly after I began playing, I realized …

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