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Hi! I’m Rin Fizzle and I love games. I grew up on them (thanks, Dad!) I collect a lot of the retro ones, including the Sega and Nintendo consoles, Nintendo Game & Watch consoles, and tamagotchi (would you consider those retro)? I grew up on Ocarina of Time and Mario 64 on emulator, and one of my proudest moments in my gaming life was when I beat Twilight Princess on Wii in fourth grade! I’m not bragging. I swear. I can’t believe that was over ten years ago.

Aside from collecting old consoles, I also like to sell them. My philosophy? Get more money, buy more games. I also love writing short stories and poetry, but I don’t always have enough time to do it every day. I’m also obsessed about Japanese fashion! My closet is packed to the point where random clothes will sometimes fall out when I open it.