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Hello, I’m Lilo Nash! I’ve been playing video games since I was seven–when I convinced my parents to let me have an old Sega Genesis and classic Gameboy. I had some pretty sweet times fighting Doctor Eggman and saving Princess Peach. Luckily, the fun hasn’t stopped since! I’ve obsessed with MMORPGs, shooters, and even a couple strategies. Taking gaming off screen is a hobby of mine too, with a variety of card and board games. Really though, I’m a media junkie. In addition to video games, I love cartoons, phone games, and movies.

Fun facts about me: I’m sort of animal obsessed. I have a cat, a dog, chickens, goats, and even let a wild lizard live on my window sill–it eats the flies! I have such a fiery passion for sweet baked treats that I often have to throw away every granule of sugar in my home or I would shovel it in with sweet abandon. I absolutely love hot sauce and frequently make my own!

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