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In this video, Lilo discusses Challenge: Eating Gator Three Ways!

Find out what gator tastes like in today’s video! Lilo Nash is cooking up alligator three ways for a taste test. She has made fried alligator bites, grilled cajun alligator, and an alligator burger. Some say it tastes like chicken, but chewier. Lilo agrees. This is her very first time cooking alligator. It’s also the first time she has tried alligator in nearly eight years! Go on this cajun taste test adventure with Lilo Nash. Enjoy her natural reactions to tasting the alligator meat. Laugh at her bad singing. Be impressed at her ability to make alligator tender.

Do you want to try alligator meat? If you are going to cook with alligator Lilo suggests trying several different recipes just like she did! It was a fun experience.

Stay tuned for more Lilo Nash Monday next week!

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19 thoughts on “Challenge: Eating Gator Three Ways

  1. I went to a place in our country for alligator conservation. In there they were selling products made of alligator meat. I was afraid to taste it, so I didn’t try.

  2. gayanag says:

    Oh my God ! Are you talking about real alligators? I have seen that only on movies 🙂 Can’t imagine a recipe using that.

  3. it looks pretty good. i cant imagine it would be a bad meat in all truth. i missed if you said so or not but was it a white meat? i know you said it taste chickeny with some water taste

  4. christine says:

    wow this article is very cool. indeed, this is so amazing make more of this. this is a very good challenge showing three ways to eat gator.

  5. grayicemake says:

    I do not hate gator but I cannot exactly excited to try one. This is definitely out of the box.

  6. Alejandra M. G. says:

    you are definitely the bravest when it comes to eat weird food, I can’t imagine how it tastes…

  7. I’ve tried the alligator burger once before. At first I was hesitant so I was surprised that I loved it!

  8. Rose Superio says:

    Ewww! Will never try it, and not even think of eating it. Sorry, but I’m not into exotic foods.

  9. dora marquez says:

    wow this is the only time that a gator tastes like chicken and I would like to try eat and prank my daughters about exotic food. After watching this I realized that gator can be eaten too and I would like to share it with my daughter, most especially that right now they have a playful mind.

  10. Psyche Atinen says:

    Alligator seems really tasty based on your reactions. Maybe, I’ll be trying the alligator burger soon. On a similar note, another exotic yet widely eaten in our country in the rural areas is frog. They also say that it tastes like chicken.

  11. auk eny says:

    Another great post Lilo,I have never tried to Cook gator.Though I have come cross the recipe online. Your video presentation is tempting will be trying one of the ways out pretty soon.

  12. Pauline Dominique Andoloy says:

    You make me feel hungry with your video. But aside from this episode, you really attract me with your make up. How do you do that?

  13. oscarvrg says:

    Once I tried gator and I definitely agree that tastes like “chicken or fish” but more crispy; i loved her emotions while she was describing the different recipes. Despite it was her first time cooking alligator, i believe she did a very good job on the kitchen preparing herself this amazing and exotic plate of food.

  14. odimdavid says:

    Honestly, I was scared of your makeup. Please, be milder on your audience. I think alligator meat should be something I would want to taste if it is tastier than chicken. Haha, I love tasting new things in my meal.

  15. David Kamau says:

    Wow, every time I watch you, I must compliment your makeup. It always lights the video.

  16. Your makeup is gorgeous Lilo 🙂 I’m not a fun of gator meal, but I guess Grilled Cajun Alligator suits my taste best.

  17. randomreflections says:

    your makeup looks so amazing! please do makeup tutorials for all your looks soon, I’ll gladly watch them! I’ve never tried gator, but it seems alright.

  18. Sidney M says:

    This is very interesting, I had never before eaten gator. I thought it had a fish taste till you mentioned that it’s flavor was more like chicken.

    1. Linda Mori says:

      Gator doesn’t have an specific flavor, It taste more like seafood, but also like chicken. You should try it sometime.

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