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In this video, Lilo discusses a Challenge – Eating BUGS!

The big day is here! Today Lilo Nash’s cosplay is a cyborg girl and she is eating bugs for a challenge! However, this gamer girl is totally grossed out by bugs. Today she is eating larva and crickets! Lilo ordered six different flavors of bug snacks to eat. These are dehydrated bugs, not live ones. They are:

  • Crick-ettes Sour Cream & Onion
  • Crick-ettes Bacon & Cheese
  • Crick-ettes Salt N’ Vinegar
  • Larvets BBQ
  • Larvets Cheddar Cheese
  • Larvets Mexican Spice

Watch this video to see Lilo’s reaction to eating bugs. Enjoy her anguish. She will even let you know how they taste and which flavors are better than others. It’s a taste test and a food challenge!

Will you give any of these food combinations a try?

Let us know if you like any weird food combinations!

Stay tuned for more Lilo Nash Monday next week!

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17 thoughts on “Challenge: Eating Bugs!

  1. Kim Kinya says:

    It sounds quite weired. I’ve never heard anyone eating bugs, neither do i think i have the guts to try. But its good to know someone out there does.

  2. moondebi says:

    It’s sounding little bizarre. Whatever format it is, the idea of eating bugs feels weird. However, your cosplay makeover is fantastic as always. This makeup goes well with bug eating.

  3. David Kamau says:

    I like the challenge. It’s actually fun to see you doing bugs videos.

  4. gamesike says:

    Bugs! thats weird. why should you eat bugs and its not for survival?

  5. grayicemake says:

    Oh man what are the makers of these thinking? I know bugs are healthy but come on its ridiculous..

  6. randomreflections says:

    I’ve never tried eating bugs in any form or shape ever! Those snacks you ate seem interesting, though, so I might be tempted enough to try them.

  7. I have eaten crickets, but not the flavored one. I guess they are just fried or sauteed. It was crunchy at the first bite then ooze out the liquid inside of it and then you feel the chewiness as you munch on it.

  8. jolly555 says:

    I don’t like weird combination food Lilo.eating bugs or larva not my thing eithr but the challenge is tempting,wondering if I can try the Larvets BBQ

  9. jolly555 says:

    I don’t like weird combination food Lilo.eating bugs or larva not my thing eithr but the challenge is tempting,wondering if I can try the Larvets BBQ

  10. Alejandra M. G. says:

    OMG I didn’t know you could buy dehydrated bugs….. I don’t even wanna think how they taste, you are brave……

  11. Nico Mallo says:

    I am up for the challenge lol, watching it gives me idea on how to tricks my niece and nephews. It is good to try something like this.

  12. Psyche Atinen says:

    Wow! Those were really crunchy. I can hear the sound pretty loud and clear. Nice Lilo. But I was wondering, so you’re also eating the bodily wastes inside those crickets and larva. ooh. It makes me puke.

  13. Whaaaat?? Even bugs made it into snacks??? This is becoming more and more interesting!

  14. I was shocked when I read the headline first. I thought it’s a living bug that is still wriggling. But still, even though they are already dehydrated, they still look disgusting to me.

  15. HEIDY says:

    I dont like bugs, but larves are the worst… You are very brave for eating it

  16. mchesk16 says:

    Maybe you’re paving the way for bugs becoming an everyday snack. I hope Saljack is paying you well to eat all these nasty foods, haha.

  17. odimdavid says:

    I like the Larvets BBQ. Though I haven’t tasted one before, watching you has given me the appetite. Keep on encouraging us to be adventurous, Lilo.

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