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In this video, Lilo reviews Mobile Interactive Novels!

It’s Mobile Monday with Lilo Nash of Saljack Enterprises! In this video are three mobile game reviews. Lilo has picked out popular and high rating interactive story games. This gamer girl shows you gameplay and rates each game! This week’s games are:

Romance Club: Sails in the Fog
This is an interactive pirate adventure story for iOS and Android phones. You play as a young woman forced to marry a nobleman. Escape your fate and set out on an adventure. Read and watch the story while making choices to influence what happens.

Lily’s Day Off
This is an interactive RPG for iOS and Android devices and PC. You wake up with no memories other than you like anime and Lily-chan. Try to regain your memories while helping Lily-chan do the same!

Devil: The Ocean of Death
This is an interactive novel game for Android devices. You are girl thrust into the world of magic after the death of your father.

The next topic will be Trying New Oreo Flavors!

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19 thoughts on “Mobile Monday: Interactive Novels!

  1. randomreflections says:

    You should really do tutorials for your makeup looks in your vids, they’re stunning! I’m also a fan of interactive games, so will definitely be trying Lily’s Day Off and Devil: The Ocean of Death, they seem rather interesting.

  2. moondebi says:

    People will definitely get more involved with such games. They will be eager to know what happens next. In that way, the game becomes popular. This is a smart way of making a game marketable.

  3. Lilo, who does you makeup I wanna know. I’ll try these games one of these days especially the Lily’s day off.

  4. Sweet says:

    These are interesting interactive novels. It kind of reminds me of the novels where it’s your choice what you end with depending on the decisions you make within the story. This is a much better version of it though since it’s electronic.

  5. gamesike says:

    I love games in person. I think i will try out this game.

  6. jolly555 says:

    Mobile Monday with some great games to play.I love magical stories,off to install Devil: The Ocean of Death to play.I’m sure it going be interesting.

  7. Rose Superio says:

    These games are pretty neat! Lilo Nash makes the best review, as always 😀

  8. odimdavid says:

    You makeup is scary. Well, if they are good for gaming, who cares. I would try out the games, especially the one on iOS.

  9. grayicemake says:

    Strange, I could not make up what you are today ha ha. Anyway, good mobile games are always a welcome sight to see. Good job.

  10. Psyche Atinen says:

    Think may sound cliche and common, but I think you’d also do great with a weird make-up tutorial. Not the typical ones. You can have the grotesque and weirdest versions or television characters. Anyway, as per the games, I think the most daring of the three is the Devil: The Ocean of Death.

  11. NR TM says:

    Nice, four stars for all of them! I’m gonna try Lily’s Day Off. Not big on romance and Devil of Death sounds a little too tragic for me.

  12. Marcie Smith says:

    Well, waking up without no memory is something that happens to me often xD Really, my memory sucks, so I’ll sure give this one a try – It’s cute, I really like the graphics

  13. These mobile interactive games all sound new to me. I’m not really into these games but you made me want to check them out!

  14. Alejandra M. G. says:

    Omg you did a great work with that make up 🙂 Interactive novels I have heard about it but haven’t tried yet, I will have to download and try it to know what is it all about

  15. mchesk16 says:

    It’s cool these stories have an interactive component. Can’t wait for new Oreo flavours! Thanks for the vid.

  16. Awww your make up looks really cool, it looks like a puppet, I love it. In regards to the games, I like Romance club. The story behind the game and the graphics have caught me

  17. Interactive Novels are one of my favorite apps to download. So far, I have read more than 5 novels. And I was able to finish them in only 1 month 😊

  18. auk eny says:

    Another good mobile Monday and you didn’t disappoint with your choice of interactive mobile games. My first game to try will be Lily’s day off.I just like the storyline behind it.

  19. David Kamau says:

    Another mobile Monday. Actually today you picked my favorite game; Lily’s day Off.

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