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Challenge: Weird Food Combinations that People Love. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Animation. Media. Entertainment. Woman Owned. Short Films. Animated Movies. Kids Cartoons. Game Development.

In this video, Lilo discusses a Challenge – Weird Food Combinations that People Love!

Today Lilo Nash’s makeup is carnival clown cosplay. She looks like something out of Left 4 Dead 2. Today’s food video is all about weird food combinations that people love! Watch this gamer girl in cosplay makeup give these weird foods a try. Today’s weird food combinations are:

  • Oreos and orange juice
  • Banana and mayonnaise sandwich
  • Peanut butter and pickle sandwich
  • Skittles and hot sauce
  • Hot Cheetos and milk

In the end, she combines them all for one taste test.

Watch her funny, natural reactions to these strange food combos. She describes in detail what she is tasting. Enjoy her food experience! This video is for kids, adults, gamers, and anyone else interested in being entertained.

Lilo ends up liking Oreos and orange juice! This could be a new late night gamer snack. She hates the weird sandwiches.

Will you give any of these food combinations a try? Let us know if you like any weird food combinations!

Stay tuned for more Lilo Nash Monday next week!

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26 thoughts on “Challenge: Weird Food Combinations that People Love

  1. grayicemake says:

    Cheetos with milk or to be precise milk with chips. I eat that combo every time and I love it. It is not that weird.

  2. Skittles and hot sauce are not that bad. I must tell that mayo – banana sandwich, and the pickle – peanuts butter sandwich, are probably the worst options.

  3. Heidy says:

    Ohh my gosh, seing you mixing these cheetos with milk made my stomache sick. I will stay with the oreos and oran jiuce mix.

  4. Marly says:

    I love Oreos and orange juice! I also tend to mix sweet with salty like raisins and nuts and cheese and honey crackers.

  5. randomreflections says:

    Before anything else, love all your makeup looks! I can’t imagine eating those food combinations tho, it seems so unappetizing!

  6. How in the world can she eat all those foods? That was a very weird combo!

  7. Rose Superio says:

    This is totally gross! Don’t want to ever try it myself! 😀

  8. Rose Superio says:

    This is really crazy! Like, I can’t imagine munching all these foods together. It would have been so gross!

  9. Rose Superio says:

    This is so crazy! 😀 I don’t think I can ever eat these foods all together. It must have been gross!

  10. Cecille Garate says:

    wow, really weird food combinations. I’m not sure if my stomach can take that

  11. i love the costume, i iike oreo’s and orange juice but man some of the other stuff makes me cringe especially at the end where you mix it ..ugh props to your bravery.

  12. I tried Oreo and orange juice before, and it taste awful. My advice, Just stick to regular milk.

  13. Sweet says:

    Pickles and peanut butter is a more sour version of your fruit jelly and peanut butter. Also I don’t find these food combination as weird… Maybe because I have a weird taste..

  14. moondebi says:

    I like banana and mayonnaise sandwich together. Most of the days, I take it in my breakfast. Do not know why, but I just relish bread and banana combo. Both of them makes a nice punch to start the day.

  15. Those are weird combination of food. I’m not sure if I wanted to try them out. Just by hearing the combination it makes me want to vomit.

  16. Douglas says:

    Oh my, I think my stomach can’t take the Banana and mayonnaise sandwich. I’m interested with weird food combinations, but some of these are too strange.

  17. Angelo says:

    Oreo and orange juice are classic. I remember back then, there’s this weird student in school who dipped the Oreo not in a milk, but in an orange juice. I’m very shocked that time. I haven’t tried that yet though.

  18. jolly555 says:

    I don’t think my stomach can accommodate weird food I have tried red juice and phatas and it didn’t go well with me.I will try the oreos and orange juice and see if it will be nice.

  19. jolly555 says:

    I don’t think my stomach can accommodate weird foods,I had tried red juice with phatas and it didn’t go well with my system.I will try the oreos and orange juice and see if it will be nice.

  20. Alejandra M. G. says:

    the banana and mayonnaise sandwich is so weird, people around here seems to love it though. Good to hear your opinion on this weird combinations

  21. Psyche Atinen says:

    Your idea is so peculiar, but how about trying different kinds of sauce altogether? One that’ll give you all an extensive variety of flavor? I love the Oreo and the orange juice though.

  22. auk eny says:

    I like your cosplay make-up it really fits the weird food combination video. I have never tried these food combination but Oreos and Orange juice might taste good.

  23. Marcie Smith says:

    poor girl, you were totally gonna die with the pickle thing! xD The only weird combination I make is french fries with vanilla ice-cream xD I love it, you should give it a try xD

  24. Nico Mallo says:

    Interesting! well we all have our weird side and I must say these foods are amazing while we try weird combination. But we should be aware of what we eat because health is wealth

  25. odimdavid says:

    Lilo, I know you are trying to entertain us but be careful of the weird foods you are combining. You have been taking all sorts of hot peppers and weird stuff recently. I wonder if they are good for your health. I wish you all the best in the gaming sphere.

  26. These combos sound weird! But the hot cheetos and milk combo interests me

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