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Taking Shots of Vinegar, Fish Sauce, and More! Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Animation. Media. Entertainment. Woman Owned. Short Films. Animated Movies. Kids Cartoons. Game Development.

In this video, Lilo discusses Taking Shots of Vinegar, Fish Sauce, and More!

Today Lilo Nash has put on cute heart makeup. She wanted to shine some brightness in the darkness of this challenge. Today this gamer girl is taking shots of weird kitchen liquids. Young, old, gamers, non-gamers, and anyone else can enjoy watching Lilo try kitchen liquids. She drinks soy sauce, fish sauce, pickle juice, and vinegar. At the very end, she combines them all for a taste test. Can she stomach this challenge or will she throw up? Watch her hilarious natural reactions to drinking these disgusting kitchen liquids. She questions her sanity and the future state of her bowels. The soy sauce is salty, the pickle juice is weird, the vinegar is sour. However, the real challenge today is the fish sauce. It smells and tastes like a midday fish market on a hot day. It is also the saltiest thing Lilo has ever tried, with about three times the sodium as soy sauce.

Stay tuned for Lilo’s next vlog coming Saturday.

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12 thoughts on “Taking Shots of Vinegar, Fish Sauce, and More!

  1. It took a lot of courage to do that. I think the fish sauce would be the one that’ll give you loose bowel movement. One suggestion too, though, is to try a hot sauce. But I think you also have that in your mind already.

  2. jolly555 says:

    This is a great test Lilo,testing out different kitchen liquids,can I ever try that,maybe with soy sauce but for others I really do doubt.I love your make up here.

  3. mchesk16 says:

    Yeah, that malt vinegar does not look appetizing.. I hope you didn’t have an unpleasant trip to the washroom. Thanks for the daring vid though!

  4. This is what we do during Truth or Dare. We add a little twist. Besides doing a dare, you also need to drink a mystery sauce. I am so lucky, I always draw Vinegar, my fave <3

  5. Marcie Smith says:

    OMG you’re crazy girl! I really thought you were gonna die with the soy sauce, so congrats for standing the test till the end xD Hope you’re ok!

  6. sidney osorio says:

    Uhh… Wow I couldn’t do something like this, I really respet you for this.

  7. odimdavid says:

    Lilo is the craziest of the craziest. Her antics make me laugh all the time. You are great girl. Try out anything you wish.

  8. Mayou says:

    This vlog was surely a real challenge to you Lilo. But I could not think about trying to combine drinking with fish sauce and the pickle juice though.

  9. auk eny says:

    This is the weirdest of them all,drink kitchen liquid especially vinegar I read it very bitter,I doubt I can drink this kitchen liquids. Great video all the same.

  10. Alejandra M. G. says:

    Well as I said on YT I love sour/salty food so thats why I tried soy sauce shots once and I like pickles water, I can’t explain why but I like it xd the thing I haven’t tried is fish sauce becase I haven’t been able to get it in my country ( I don’t wanna drink shots but I wanna try it on a recipe of Thai food). Nice make up!!

  11. ok. absolutely gross lol. i dont think i’ll ever try this one. that ones a bit much for me

  12. David Kamau says:

    What! I can’t even try what you did. I would throw out fast.

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