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ASMR: Relaxation and Sleep Triggers for Gamers. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Animation. Media. Entertainment. Woman Owned. Short Films. Animated Movies. Kids Cartoons. Game Development.

In this video, Lilo discusses ASMR – Relaxation and Sleep Triggers for Gamers!

ASMR means autonomous sensory meridian response. It is a tactile experience caused by auditory triggers. You can feel tingles, or you may just feel relaxed. Some of the most common triggers include whispering, tapping, and crinkling or crumbling noises. Today Lilo Nash makes a personal ASMR video for her watchers. She picks out a few simple triggers for gamers. This video is meant to help with relaxing after gaming or helping you get to sleep.

Listen to this gamer girl whisper to you. She also taps and scraps a Minecraft toy. She then lets you experience the noises of a mouse and keyboard. Lastly, she shares a bag of chips with you. Crumpling and crinkling the bag. All of these noises can help create a calming ASMR experience.

If you enjoyed this video or enjoy ASMR, in general, let us know. Lilo Nash would love to make more ASMR videos, such as role play and other ASMR experiences you want.

The next topic will be Creepy Chat Stories with Lilo!

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11 thoughts on “ASMR: Relaxation and Sleep Triggers for Gamers

  1. judeabu17 says:

    This is quite an amazing topic and i certainly believe it doesn’t have to do with just gamers but people who experience trouble sleeping as well. i have certainly heard the term used on several occasion but didn’t consider it something important but i am doing a research to know more.

  2. saviourv says:

    It’s, uhmm, not exactly a topic I’m familiar with. ASMR, I mean. Even though I’ve encountered the term a few times on the Internet, actually experiencing for myself seems to be a fleeting thing. And reading up on ASMR on Wikipedia doesn’t quite shed much light on it as I’d like to think; should one experience a euphoric high, or a calm state of relaxation, when ASMR occurs?

    Well, I guess that everyone reacts and responds differently to certain triggers.

    On a side note, Lilo, you do have a nice voice, especially when you whisper, but I remember checking out Markiplier on YouTube a few times. Whenever he’s in his usual element, he’s somewhat loud and humourous, but during his “World’s Most Quietest Let’s Plays” videos, his voice takes on a “pseudo-devil-in-a-butler’s-suit” sort of tinge. A strange sort of sexiness, if you will.

    I’m straight, mind you, but whenever I hear that quiet whisper of his, it enthralls me, somewhat. Is that the closest thing to ASMR?

    Just curious, I suppose.

  3. moondebi says:

    This topic is pretty apt for the gamers who feel little hyper after certain game. Video games give adrenaline rush. To to sooth the nerves down, you need something which has calming effect. Great work, Lilo!!:)

  4. jolly555 says:

    This is a great video,never knew about ASMR but it great because this will help gamers to relax and have a good sleep after gaming.Nice of you to share.

  5. I didn’t even know about that term or acronym until you posted this blog, Lilo. And I really need to relax after a few games or so and then I’m back to gaming! Thanks for sharing this

  6. Marcie Smith says:

    I didn’t know about ASMR but now I definitely want to see more videos about it… is it too weird what calmed me the most was the bag of chips? xD

  7. This video can really boost the mood, it can relaxes us when Lilo is whispering. I’m not a fan of minecraft but I like the toy.

  8. Gooosh. I’m so glad that you made an ASMR video. It’s weird yes, but satisfying. Gamers are very thankful for ASMR videos because it triggers sleep and calm our minds.

  9. auk eny says:

    I enjoyed this video, this is very helpful for gamers,it will put one in a relaxed mood after playing games.I like the whispering.

  10. titanierza says:

    I thought this was a joke real talk ha ha. Anyway it is nice to see Nash in her normal self. No make up nothing just as raw and real as it could get ha ha.

  11. Sidney M says:

    Awwwww I love your videos, you alwasy have unique topics. as per this video I must tell I thougth it was a big funny at first but then it actually got to relaxme. I give it 5 of 5 🙂

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