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Competition Winner, Fortnite, and Dragons. Oh my! Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Animation. Media. Entertainment. Woman Owned. Short Films. Animated Movies. Kids Cartoons. Game Development.

Lilos Lair 101 Competition Winner, Fortnite, and Dragons. Oh my!

Howdy, you guys and gals!

The random winner of competition seven is Kimmy R. with twitter handle! Thank you for being a super awesome subscriber on our Social Media. You will receive an email confirmation shortly! Congratulations on your $150 Amazon eGiftcard.

Guys just to clarify, participants must follow us on at least one of our social media: Twitter, Facebook, this blog or YouTube and then enter the draw and you qualify to win the prize. We get a lot of entries from Twitter than other social media. The status of all our competitions and winners is here:

Good luck to all participants for next time!

I also have something tragic to announce…Hearthstone has lost some of its appeal to me! Gah! Why? Well, because I was getting my butt beat by everyone with better cards. It ain’t easy starting from the bottom when the game has been out for ages. I’m thinking of actually buying some packs to try and catch up a little. Which is a shame! I thought I could earn cards at a decent rate without breaking open the coin purse. However, it seems that was naivety. They were giving me free packs daily there for a while, and now the well has dried up! Frustrating!

I did go ahead and buy the Welcome Bundle:

I might just need to wait for the two new card games coming out this year before going all in. I’m talking about Valve’s Artifact and the new Magic the Gathering Arena video games. I’ve requested to join the closed beta for MtG Arena. Keep your fingers crossed! You can request to be part too. Just go here to sign up. 

Despite some serious experience with MtG, I’m more excited about Valve’s trading card game. One, because of Valve. They make amazing games. Two, because it’s a trading card game instead of a “collectible” card game. I really like the idea of trading cards with other people on Steam. Sounds like a way to save money. Which is music to my ears because card games are usually so expensive!

Anywho, with the wind out of my sails for Hearthstone, I turned my attention back to Fortnite. I need some serious practice. Also, caffeine. I need more caffeine and whatever is in those 5-hour energy shots. Any of you gamers playing Fortnite? Some of you must! Where do you usually rank is solo matches? I’m not reaching the top echelon yet, but I’m on a mission to get there, gosh dangit.

Let me get to the even bigger news, you guys. I can’t hold it back any longer. As the title suggests, I have something to share about dragons. Well, the news is that I’ve got a new pet…a bearded dragon baby! Well, “got” as in but it’s on hold and I’m going to get it this weekend. Who wants to help name the beardie?! It might be kind of funny to name him Stitch. You know, since I’m Lilo. Haha!


For real though, let me know what you think I should name him! I’ll make a poll of the top choices you guys give me, and we can vote on it next week! Sounds like fun times. We can crack a cold energy drink in celebration afterward and I can introduce Mister Unnamed Lizard to Fortnite. Perhaps we can go hog wild on some Pizza Rolls as well. Well, not the bearded dragon of course. He’ll get a nice fruit and grub salad.

I already have a corner of my house devoted to a large selection of grubs. You know, like mealworms and soldier flies. For some reason, I’ve also started to collect beetles. Which I totally planned to share a picture of one with you but realized it would probably frighten some people–haha. Things are getting weird around here. My grand plan is to create a multi-level home for my bearded dragon and beetles. A condo for all the weird things! Ginormous beetles on one level and Mister Unnamed Lizard would probably get two stories to himself. That’s a long-term plan though. My little baby lizard is getting a temporary home while the plans are being made for the insect and lizard condo.

Forewarning for those getting excited about the weird collection I’m starting: I refuse to get tarantulas and scorpions. Those things are super freaky, and anyone who enjoys them is probably a psychopath. I don’t care how nice you are. I see through it all, you freaky tarantula/scorpion lover! GAH! 😉

Back to Fortnite. Are you getting whiplash from the subject changes yet? Sometimes I feel a little slimy when I place higher after wandering the map with no one around. I feel like I should earn staying around by gunning down a few players! Instead, I’m just a relative newbie looking at the scenery and trying to not do anything too dumb.

fortnite 2

I get in top 20 simply because I spend ages looking for other people the entire time previous to that.  I die the moment I found another person.  Nothing impressive about that. I’m an embarrassment to myself. This blog is a safe place, right? You guys won’t hold this against me? I have let my shooter game skills crust over while I relaxed in RPGs and strategy games the last couple years. Also, I need to stop messing around on the outskirts of the map. I’m a jittery, ADHD, close range shotgunner. Running across fields with an assault rifle is not my forte.

That is why I’m making a promise to you guys. Next Friday’s blog I will come back with some obvious Fortnite skill improvement. I’ll ignore all my other games (of which I’m playing way too many at once). No Far Cry 5, no Hearthstone, no Minecraft, none of the million other games I’ve been playing lately. Hmm, do I have a problem with collecting games?

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16 thoughts on “Competition Winner, Fortnite, and Dragons. Oh my!

  1. blossomsims says:

    Lol, I die when I find another player too (I’ve even gotten axed in tilted before) 😄

  2. Congratulations to the winner. Even if I wanted to join and win the competition I won’t be able to use the gift card even if I win. So I wouldn’t dare.

  3. Congrats on your win, kimmy. I hope I win in one of these competitions soon too

  4. judeabu17 says:

    I have for quite some time now trying to get my attention off fortnite but everyone around seemed to be hyped and hooked to it. and i just actually started playing and i hope at least i get to win once or more as i get better at it.

  5. All Fortnite players seriously needs a stock of caffeine. I’m in vacation right now and I’m up until midnight almost everyday. Hahaha. Well, this game is amazing.

  6. Marcie Smith says:

    Stitch is the best name xD Well, you talk about the ones who have tarantulas (I totally agree with you) but to be honest, I really don’t know how you can around beetles and lizards… guess I’ll stick to fluffy animals xD And I’ll be working on Fortnite this week too 😀

  7. Priyanshu singh says:

    I hope that one day I will win the competition. As for your dragon baby, I think you should name him Meek. I love that name.
    I do not get Fortnite to be honest nor the hype around it I am curious indeed. I wish congratulations to owner.

  8. nnaemeka2016 says:

    I hope that one day I will win the competition. As for your dragon baby, I think you should name him Meek. I love that name.

  9. mchesk16 says:

    Looks like you’re building quite the aquarium at your home. I also like the idea of trading cards on Steam to save a few bucks. Thanks for the read!

  10. i am a big fan of Hearthstone but it has its downs, that is if you joined the party late. catching up with other players can turn into a full time job. Fortnite is cool too, but it did not work for me. i guess its different strokes for different folks.

  11. Danielle says:

    Im curious about Fortnite but havent started to play it yet, I’d like to hear your next review before. Cool Lizard not sure what could be a good name for him Im horrible naming my pets lol.

  12. im not sure about the entire hype of fortnite. it is fun but just not that super. course i also have same issue. i find someone, i can beat one or two and then i get killed myself. awesome lizard

  13. Jen Mendoza says:

    I haven’t played Fortnite, to be honest but I used to be hooked on Magic the Gathering way way back. Cool lizard though, name him Smash Mouth! Congratulations to the competition winner, by the way! Perhaps I’ll bite the bullet and join the next one.

  14. titanierza says:

    I do not get Fortnite to be honest nor the hype around it I am curious indeed. Anyway congratulations to the winner. Until the next competition. I may even join if i could.

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