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In this video, Lilo discusses Secret Formula for Succesful Games!

Today Lilo Nash talks about the formula for a successful mobile game! There are three things that define a successful mobile game. Lots of downloads, gamer interest, and people spending money in the game. When making a mobile game these are the three things to aim for.

There are certain things game developers should do to be successful. A good mobile game is made to work with all mobile devices. These games should also be frequently updated.

Successful mobile games have a social aspect. A competitive part of gameplay keeps people interested. Mobile games that make money aim to do so. The depth of monetization is a very important factor to make money.

To gain the attention of gamers mobile games need a couple things. Successful mobile games have a clear idea and theme. Lastly, successful mobile games are new in some way. However, they have something familiar to the buyer.

The next topic will be Romantic Chat Story with Lilo!

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14 thoughts on “Secret Formula for Successful Games!

  1. nnaemeka2016 says:

    A successful mobile game should be used on any device. And I should be willing to spend my hard earned money on it. Those are my thoughts.

  2. Kei says:

    Users should really update their games. This can help to improve the game and achieve its success.

  3. I guess It’s not a secret anymore. Hahaha. Jk. Thanks so much Lilo for sharing the secret of successful games. Even though I’m not a gamr developer, it makes me happy to learn about these things.

  4. Angelo says:

    I think what you said really helps on succeeding, but sometimes it isn’t enough. For me, success in games also depends on time. It’s not constant, it’s changing. So the formula might not always work.

  5. jolly555 says:

    Great tips there LiLo,ofcourse new games must be developed to work with all devices and must be updated at all times to keep the interest of users.

  6. titanierza says:

    There is no definite formula for success. Some work some do not. It depends on timing and not to mention luck.

  7. Marcie Smith says:

    Yeah, these are three important points, although I believe there are many, many variables that could be added too. Now I want to try the game “Fast like a fox” that you mentioned xD sounds really interesting xD

  8. alpha says:

    Having a game on phone is a lot of fun. It also helps in learning mind skills such as math calculations, being attentive and smart in making decisions. Plus characters in this game teach so much.

  9. mchesk16 says:

    I like your point on how the game has to be new, but still resonate with the viewer. There’s a lot of freedom these days to try anything with mobile games which is why it’s such a cool medium.

  10. I agree with the idea that games must have a certain theme and idea, which should be unique and exciting enough to capture the attention of gamers. Also, I love games which highlight their social aspect, it makes playing much more enjoyable compared to playing alone.

  11. The really important thing here is knowing your target market very well. When you have that knowledge, it’s easier to gauge their interests

  12. Danielle says:

    I totally agree, the game must be fun, eassy to play in a mobile cause some games are better to play on pc, and offcourse the game must keep the people interested.

  13. Era says:

    Very informative article! I must say it is quite true! People won’t be interested unless there’s a competition. It seems really fun when it has this kind of aspect.

  14. teamtahong says:

    I believe there is nosecret formula for success. You just have to be determine in reaching your goals.

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