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In this video, Lilo discusses Romantic Chat Story with Lilo!

Lilo Nash reads another chat story! This is a story written in the style of a chat message, usually between two people. Although some chat stories have multiple people and multiple chats! Lilo uses the mobile app Tap today. Tap is made by Wattpad and is available for Android and iOS devices. Over five million people have installed this app! It is a very popular way to read stories among teenagers and others.

There are other popular chat apps, including Hooked and Yarn. They are free to try. They each cost $2.99 a week. By paying you can pick whichever story you want. You will also be able to read uninterrupted without breaks.

Today she reads the story “Double-tap”, a romance! However, it’s actually a drama. In this story, a woman comes to face some hard truths about her boyfriend. Ali is used to her boyfriend working around the clock. However, is he really working? Ali is suspicious of her boyfriend. After finding his ex-girlfriend online things get even more suspicious!

Watch Lilo act out this story for you! Let her know if you enjoyed this story. Let her know if you’d like to see more and what type!

Tomorrow, we’ll be publishing Lilo’s blog on! Then stay tuned for Lilo’s next vlog on Saturday. We hope you enjoy and please like and subscribe to see more videos from Lilo Nash!

We hope you enjoy and please like and subscribe to see more videos from Lilo Nash!

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16 thoughts on “Romantic Chat Story with Lilo!

  1. nnaemeka2016 says:

    I enjoyed reading the romantic chat story. I think you should be doing more of this. It was really interesting.

  2. Vivian says:

    This is a new form of narrating romantic story. I got curious about the app, I think I’ll give it a try so I could read more romantic stories from them.

  3. Angelo says:

    I’m not yet done with I’m reading right now, yet there’s another interesting story again. Thanks for sharing this Lilo! I love the app.

  4. Kei says:

    Yehey, another chat story from the Tap app. I’m really amazed by this app. I hope for a lot more stories to be published.

  5. Yeeey, I love reading chat stories. May it be horror or romance. I hope you continue doing chat stories, I will definitely tune into it.

  6. jolly555 says:

    I love romantic stories and double tap is one of themThe story is interesting and really worth having the tap to read more stories.

  7. titanierza says:

    From Horror to Romance wow Nash you really are diverse in your content and I like that. SE sure is doing well for its expansion.

  8. Marcie Smith says:

    The best part of this is definitely your interpretation xD honestly, I think the creepy story you read the other day kept me more interested, but still I really enjoyed the way you read this one 😀

  9. Agustin Bas says:

    Haha! This one is very interesting, the romantic story is captivating. Not really into romantic thingys but this one is great, would give this one a chance, lol.

  10. mchesk16 says:

    Very dramatic especially with the background music. I’ll think twice before cheating in the age of cellphones.

  11. I absolutely love chat stories! They’re an innovative and fresh way of narrating stories, especially romances and drama. Can’t wait for you to feature more chat stories!

  12. Danielle says:

    I really liked te story, I mean it felt very real and Im so happy that the guy from the story got what he deserved.

  13. I’m not a huge fan of romantic stories. But I’ve got to say, this one’s quite interesting

  14. Era says:

    A really interesting topic you’ve got there Lilo. Despite not liking romance, I think I’d give this app a chance for the experience. Thanks for the review though!

  15. Alma May says:

    I love to read romantic stories. I think it’s time to download this mobile app, kinda interested reading the Double-tap.

  16. teamtahong says:

    You always amaze me lilo. I always want to try this app.

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