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In this video, Lilo discusses Try Not to Laugh Challenge!

It’s the famous Try Not to Laugh Challenge! This challenge was made popular by Vine video compilations. The challenge has made its rounds on YouTube. Now Lilo gives it a try. Lilo Nash has found a good Try Not to Laugh Challenge video to try. Can this gamer girl stay straight-faced? The clips range from stupid to hilarious. It’s like watching America’s Funniest Home Videos on too many energy drinks. Which means you get to skip all the commercials and host talking.

Watch the video compilation with Lilo Nash and see if you can not laugh. Think you are tough? Try not to grin either! From funny sounds to unexpected events. This video will probably make you crack a little smile. Although, some parts of the video are mostly just disturbing.

Watch Lilo try to hold back laughter! Will she make it to the end of the video? Will this gamer girl win the challenge?

The next topic will be Secret Formula for Succesful Games!

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19 thoughts on “Try Not to Laugh Challenge!

  1. Roy Odhiambo says:

    I legit couldn’t help laughing at the first one. Interesting I never took much interest in this fad lol

  2. I actually love these type of challenges! Although some were not laugh-worthy material, I love how they just intend to spread joy and happiness, especially amidst the stress of daily life.

  3. While some clips are funny, some aren’t. But when you’re challenged to not laugh, for some reason, you’re even more at the verge of laughing

  4. i did not find it that funny. couple of the cuter things like the cats and seals were amusing but alot of it was not funny.

  5. Vivian says:

    Some clips were funny, some were not. I only laughed at the cat with the plastic bag, the rest was not funny for me.

  6. titanierza says:

    Comedy is subjective so it might be funny it might not.. These videos though are funny I will give it that.

  7. numberpardox says:

    It’s just, it’s just IMPOSSIBLE not to laugh. Hahaha. I tried hard controlling my laughter, but I cannot contain it anymore.

  8. moondebi says:

    It is very difficult to watch something funny and keep a straight face. But then that is the game. This challenge becomes even more difficult if the video is really funny. Anyway, it would be a stress-buster for sure.

  9. Kei says:

    Some clips aren’t really funny, but the third one really got me. Sometimes I do watch funny clips to relieve stress.

  10. Angelo says:

    Me and my friends also did this a couple of weeks ago. Our videos are hilarious.

  11. nnaemeka2016 says:

    I am usually tough. But I must admit I did laugh at this one.

  12. jolly555 says:

    Try not to laugh challenge is hilarious and one can’t just resist the laugh because I did,but some clips were boring too.

  13. Marcie Smith says:

    Lilo laughed of the poor snowman xD And so did I xD I’m horrible at holding laughter, specially if I’m told I can’t laugh (yeah, that person who laughs in churches when everybody else is quiet – that’s me xD)

  14. mchesk16 says:

    Lot of mayhem in those videos. Great compilation! Thanks for the vid.

  15. Sidney M says:

    I liked the video, I lost the challenge caue It was very funny to see the dog biting that big mikey glove

  16. teamtahong says:

    I know about that try not to laugh challenge. It’s really hilarious and it’s hard not to laugh at the clips.

  17. cindyloco says:

    i won that challenge, and some of the clips are not even funny and i so understand lilo’s reaction lol

  18. cindy says:

    i won that challenge, and some of the clips are not even funny and i so understand lilo’s reaction lol

  19. Well, the challenge wasn´t that hard. Some of the clips weren´t funny at all. I have to admit that I lost the challenge ´cause I laughed at the bouncing seals LOL. That was funny. But you did pretty well Lilo. Keep up the good work. Thumbs up for you.

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