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Lilo's Lair #100: April 2018 Gaming Deals! Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Animation. Media. Entertainment. Woman Owned. Short Films. Animated Movies. Kids Cartoons. Game Development.

Lilo's Lair #100: April 2018 Gaming Deals! Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Animation. Media. Entertainment. Woman Owned. Short Films. Animated Movies. Kids Cartoons. Game Development.

How are you guys enjoying April so far? The weather is great around here–birds chirping, flowers blooming, the new Hearthstone expansion releasing. Haha. Today’s blog is all about gaming deals again. That’s right, gaming deals… gaming deals… gaming deals. Say it three times, and it appears. (Anyone else loves Beetlejuice?)

This weekend Xbox marketplace has a big Spring sale going on. This weekend is all about add-ons. That is extras for games, not the games themselves. Last week Xbox did the games themselves. I think this add-on sale is a nice one for this time of year. Just seems add-ons would be more appreciated after all the holidays instead of new games. There is a whole ton of add-ons for popular titles. Here is the full list of all those, plus the spotlight sales this weekend. As for add-ons, there are ones for a lot of games from Halo Wars 2, to XCOM, to Sims 4, and many more. Like I mentioned, there are a few spotlight games on sale as well. Some that stick out are Overcooked: Gourmet Edition, Kingdom Come: Deliverance (the enhanced edition for Xbox One X), and Burnout Paradise Remastered (also the enhanced version for Xbox One X).



Now, what is PlayStation up to this weekend with sales? Well, they are running the Rockstar sale. That means games made by Rockstar are indeed on sale. All the Grand Theft Auto fans rejoice. Here is the sale homepage. There is a lot of Grand Theft Auto 5 things on sale–the game and the extras. Red Dead Redemption is also on sale at 67% off. Remember, the second Red Dead Redemption comes out in October so it may be time to hop on the train and figure out what all the hype is about. Although, I’d place bets that the first game will be on sale many times this year.

There are a few more Rockstar games on sale, but not many. Bully, Manhunt, Max Payne, The Warriors, some more Grand Theft Auto games, and a couple odds and ends. Not a great sale as far as options overall. However, if you were looking to buy one of these Rockstar games, then it’s the sale for you.



Computer game deals are next on my list. Particularly, Steam sales this weekend. They are running a sale for BAFTA finalists. BAFTA is the British Academy Game Awards, and that just went down yesterday. The wiki page already has the winner’s up (if you’re curious). Anyway, Steam has finalists from those awards up to 66% off. Here is the sale homepage. There is a lot of games to like on this list. Slime Rancher, Night in the Woods, Cuphead, and Divinity Original Sin 2 are all on the list. If you want to check out some gameplay for those, then I’ve got that on my YouTube. Check out the “Let’s Play” playlist here for those.

Lilo Nash Plays Little Nightmares. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Animation. Media. Entertainment. Woman Owned.

There are more quality games than that included in this sale. It’s worth a little look-see if you’re looking to get a new game that is likely to please. Although not all the games have that amazing of a deal. Though some are at a historic low, that is Divinity Original Sin 2. Although, it’s only 15% off. Also, the first game in the series is on super sale too. Sitting at 70% off it only costs $12. Check that out here. If you love RPGs like Baldur’s Gate, then this game is worth trying. Some claim it’s one of the best RPGs of all time.

This same sale is running over at Humble Bundle right now. If you prefer to get your games there, then here is the link to that sale’s homepage. However, that isn’t the only sale at Humble right now. There are some games that are “pay what you want” at the moment. Which means you can pay .01 cent. There are four games you can do this with. They are Mad DojoA-GentsShowing Tonight: Mindhunters Incident, and Dale Hardshovel HD. The question is, are the games worth your time? Maybe, maybe not. Don’t expect anything too fantastic from them. If you like wasting some time on cheap arcade-like games, then go for it. They are practically free. Perhaps you can gift them away to a nephew if you rather not play them.



Back to Steam, there are some free weekends going on! You can play the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, and Ballistic Overkill for free until the 16th. As is the case with most free weekends, the games are also on sale as well (in case you decide you can’t do without them). Skyrim is 50% off, Wildlands is 67% off, and Ballistic Overkill is 50% off.

Last–but not least–Steam has a “Re-play 2018” sale. The huge one on that list in Sid Meier’s Civilization V: The Complete Edition for 91% off. It’s normally about $150 and only costs $12. There are a few other Civilizations on the list, a few XCOMs, Psychonauts, Worms, Broken Age, and Pirates.



That’s it as far as the best deals this weekend. Don’t forget we are giving away a $150 Amazon egiftcard for followers. Here is the competition homepage for details about that.

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13 thoughts on “April 2018 Gaming Deals!

  1. I am always a big fan of PC games but I think this will make my brother happy because he is a big fan of Xbox and play stations. So I will definitely share this list with him. I am looking forward to play Sid Meier’s Civilization V: The Complete Edition as it sounds interesting. Thanks for the awesome post as always, Lilo.

  2. Sidney M says:

    Im mosthly interested in the pc games, I hadnt heard abut Divinity Original Sin but since it has a 70% off thats a great chance to get it, and also to get Divinity Original Sin 2 even if it’s only 15% off.

  3. Marcie Smith says:

    Very nice deals you mentioned. Although there aren’t many options, like you said, the Rockstar games being offered are good enough for me: I had been waiting for an opportunity regarding Grand Theft Auto and Manhunt, so this is the weekend for me xD

  4. as always i love when you tell us gaming deals. i do think baldurs gate was one of the best rpg’s of all times. i’ve got all of them and expansions. the warriors on playstation looks goods

  5. titanierza says:

    Ballistic Overkill is my pick for this. Well time to go game hunting I guess he he.

  6. numberpardox says:

    It’s been a while since I watched your Let’s play series. A playlist is very helpful. I guess I’m gonna do a marathon of it today. You’re the best Lilo, keep it up!

  7. jolly555 says:

    Great games up for grabs in April,I love both spotlight and rockstar games.I will have to buy overcooked,red dead and bully.These are games I have been anticipating.

  8. nnaemeka2016 says:

    These deals are great. I like Grand Theft Auto and will love to get my hands on it.

  9. Kei says:

    Great games up for grabs in this sale. I personally love the classic Sims 4.

  10. Angelo says:

    Hooray for the sale. I’m very excited for this month’s sale. I can’t wait to use my brand new controller. Thanks for this review Lilo!

  11. Any discount makes makes me happy especially if it’s Divinity Original Sin 2. Skyrim on 50% is a great deal. Thank you for the update Lilo.

  12. I’m so excited to get my hands on these new deals. Thank you lilo!

  13. teamtahong says:

    Spring sale on games who doesn’t love that. I will take a look onto it.

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