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The Lilo-log #100: Fortnite Mobile DRAMA!! Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Animation. Media. Entertainment. Woman Owned. Short Films. Animated Movies. Kids Cartoons. Game Development.

In this video, Lilo discusses Fortnite Mobile DRAMA!

Fortnite Battle Royale is out on mobile for iOS devices only at the moment. An invite is needed in order to join. Fortnite is affecting school and studies with its mobile release. Teachers and students say there is a heavy impact. High school WiFi is slowing down by the massive amount of students playing. Students also play during class. Entire classes ignore lessons and talk about Fortnite during class.

With Fortnite available on phones many more people are playing this triple-A shooter. Particularly those who cannot afford a gaming computer or console. Girls are also playing Fortnite. A few people think these casual gamers are ruining the mobile experience.

The mobile version is made very well. The graphics look almost identical. The mobile game, however, is with limitations. The developers of the port have made some changes to the game to compensate.

The Android version of Fortnite will release in the next few months.

The next topic will be a Creepy Chat Story With Lilo!

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12 thoughts on “Fortnite Mobile Drama!

  1. jolly555 says:

    From reviews Fornite Battle Royale is an interesting and addictive game but this shouldn’t keep students away from their studies,it great it on mobile will be waiting for the android version.

  2. titanierza says:

    Well my phone is not that techy yet so I will pass for now!!! I wonder if Google store has this???

  3. grayicemake says:

    I have never played this game either. However, with this hype around it got to admit it makes me curious.

  4. erinsuniverse0328 says:

    I guess I will have to wait as an android user. This games seems interesting to me. I hope it comes out on android soon.

  5. numberpardox says:

    Again, another example of turning the blame to the game. My stand is clear on this, self-control. The game is not the problem, the irresponsible kids are.

  6. Oh I noticed you got a new segment, Lilo Nash Presents. What will happen to Lilo’s logs? WIll they continue? Anyway, I don’t like listening to Fortnite drama, I’m not affected.

  7. What I find interesting is (and not trying to be hard on girls) that girls are becoming better gamers. They really do deep into the games and develop a serious strategist persona. They really kill it at these type of games. They love to shoot things up. LOL. I am an android user so I can´t try the game for now, but, youtube is filled with videos of gamers playing Fortnite. The game looks awesome though.

  8. cmblog834 says:

    So excited to try this one out. I’m an android user so I’ll be waitung for a few months. Addicting games should be ban from children to play.

  9. teamtahong says:

    Too bad this game is only for ios mobiles. Us android users wants to play this game too.

  10. VANESA HEIDY says:

    well, we girls like to play video games aswell, is not longer an exclusive boy’s thing and I’m cool with that

  11. Marcie Smith says:

    oh boy… it must be SO hard to be a teacher xD I mean, besides everything they have to put up with, they have this unfair competition with Fortnite xD So I’ll be gentle and I won’t say this is drama, but to me it simply sounds crazy that so many people are using iOS, to the point of running Wi-Fi… really disturbing. anyway, I will have to wait for the Android version to see if it is as good as its fame, but it’ll probably be xD

  12. Sidney M says:

    I have never before played a zombie game but the idea sounds cool, I’d like to try it

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