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Lilo's Lair 99 Lilo Finally Plays Hearthstone! Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Animation. Media. Entertainment. Woman Owned. Short Films. Animated Movies. Kids Cartoons. Game Development.

Lilo's Lair 99 Lilo Finally Plays Hearthstone! Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Animation. Media. Entertainment. Woman Owned. Short Films. Animated Movies. Kids Cartoons. Game Development.

It’s been a long time coming. I’ve mentioned a few times before that I was into Magic the Gathering for a short spell. I loved deck building but wasn’t so much into going to Friday Night Magic and tournaments. It would make sense then that I hop on the virtual card game train right away. Alas, I never did. Well, until now!

I was going to get into Hearthstone months ago, but then I saw the term “free-to-play” and my hand seized up over the download button. You see, with Magic the Gathering I didn’t really buy many cards. I had a group of friends who had a very large collection. We shared and traded. What’s yours is mine (as long as the owner didn’t need it). That means that I’m not used to doing the whole “pay to win” scheme with card games…or video games.

Well, I recently took a look at Hearthstone again which was inspired by the announcement of the new virtual card game coming out by Valve (Artifact). I was interested to see if I would indeed need to pay money to win or break pass newb status. I saw some rather positive articles about it. I was still hesitant. Then I tried out this mobile game. It’s Cartoon Network’s Card Wars Kingdom–a deck building game. Oh my gosh, I remembered what I have been missing out on. You guys, the memory was not sweeter than the actual thing. I sure as heck love me some card games.

Of course, I immediately downloaded Hearthstone. I figured, even if I do need to spend a little money it’s well worth it. You know what, go ahead and give my soul to the Devil if need be. I freaking love card games, and it seems like virtual is certainly the way I should have went the entire time.


Well, I got started in Hearthstone and dominated the tutorial matches. I was already telling people I was going pro soon. Then I moved on to the solo play and realized I’m a sad excuse for a human and am lucky I can wipe my own butt. Really, it was pathetic. Can I claim it was because the tutorial lulled my brain into inactivity? I was all “strategy not needed“! Wow. I mean, I saw the daily goal of win 5 solo battles and smiled. My smile dimmed quite a bit after a couple matches.

After continued disgrace, I finally figured I should actually pick up some strategy, maybe figure out what the other heroes were actually doing. That’s when I finally won. The Priest was my first victim. He went down fairly easily after I actually put some thought into it. High on the win, I tried my hand against the Rogue. Lost pitifully again. That’s when I figured I’d start with lower aims. Pick off the ones with more obvious gameplay tactics, one by one going at the same hero until it got taken down.


Luckily it didn’t take long to defeat another. The Hunter went down next! I was feeling pretty good again. Excited to collect more heroes while my original heroes deck kept gaining cards. Right after that, I defeated the Warrior despite having a horrible starting hand! I traded in some high mana cards and got high mana cards anyway! Gah! The Warrior ended up a pretty easy win though.

Lilo's Lair 99 Lilo Finally Plays Hearthstone! Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Animation. Media. Entertainment. Woman Owned. Short Films. Animated Movies. Kids Cartoons. Game Development.



You guys, I seriously love this game. I know I was all “Fortnite this” and “Fortnite that” not long ago. I still love Fortnite…but Hearthstone is calling to me on a spiritual level. I should have been playing this since it came out. You guys, please don’t let me make another mistake like this again!

Anyone else loves them some Hearthstone?

As far as deals. It is indeed a new month, and that means new free games for Xbox Gold and PlayStation Plus members/subscribers!

Here is the link to the Xbox games. They’ve got The Witness, Superhot, and Cars 2 available right now. Then on the 16th Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and Dead Space 2 will be free.

Here is PlayStation blog about the new free games for April. They have Mad Max, TrackMania Turbo, and In Space, We Brawl for PS4. In Space We Brawl is also for PS3. Toy Home is available for PS3 as well. Finally, for PS Vita there is 99 Vidas and Q*Bert Rebooted. Which, you can both of those games for PS4 or PS3 as well.

Finally, let me remind you that we love to give out free money. Yeah, we are crazy, I know. We are running our popular month-long competition to win a $150 Amazon gift card. It ends the 26th of April. There are ways to increase your chances to win every single day.  That is why you should sign up right away if you haven’t! Go here to read all the details and sign up.

Now, I need to get back to Hearthstone. I took a break just to tell you guys about it. I need to reach my goal of 5 solo match wins today!!

Happy gaming, gamers. 

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15 thoughts on “Lilo’s Lair #99: Lilo Finally Plays Hearthstone!!

  1. odimdavid says:

    I love card games a lot. I used to play Gin Rummy years ago. I love how you described hearthstone. It should be worth it downloading it.

  2. nnaemeka2016 says:

    Enjoy your hearthstone game. Wow, it’s really great and contagious. I will have to look it up and play. 5 wins in a day is really awesome.

  3. titanierza says:

    This is the second time this game has been featured here. I played the games and it was fun. It can get old quick but fun none the less.

  4. grayicemake says:

    I remember being introduced to this by Ru!!! An SE reviewer before Nash. It is turning into a full circle.

  5. numberpardox says:

    Me too will also be pump up when I see the free-to-play. 5 solo match wins, that’s awesome! You’re amazing gamer Lilo. Congratulations!

  6. I love the word “Finally” Hahaha. Well, I’m happy for you Lilo that you are able to FINALLY play Heartstone and you nailed it!

  7. bobstravel77 says:

    I am more of a gwent player myself honestly lol. I do respect this game for what it is though and my friends love playing it together.

  8. Glad you like the game Lilo! I have been a fan myself since it was first released and I am glad that someone else likes it too!

  9. Era says:

    Never been interested in Heartstone but it was great to see you playing it! A lot of people kept playing it and told me that it’s fun but it’s not my cup of tea. Anyways, cheers on the new vlog!

  10. Miracle says:

    Wow, I ‘m hearing a lot from that game. Thanks for making a review on it. I will try it out.

  11. Angelo says:

    I bet you find the game very exciting, right? This is really one of the best games I played.

  12. Sidney M says:

    I cant wait to try this game, happy happy that is free. you sounded very excited so I think I will like this game .

  13. Danielle says:

    great post Lilo thanks for sharing your experience with Hearthstone. and for the links. I feel like a happy girl now 🙂

  14. Wow we love everything that is free don’t we? Well that is great thing to hear that you like this game and tell us about it. Enjoy!!

  15. teamtahong says:

    I haven’t tried out this game. But since you mentioned that you like it and I have trust in you, I will try if I’m going to like this game as well.

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