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The Lilo-log #96: Creepy Chat Stories With Lilo! Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Animation. Media. Entertainment. Woman Owned. Short Films. Animated Movies. Kids Cartoons. Game Development.

In this video, Lilo discusses Creepy Chat Stories With Lilo!

Lilo Nash reads a chat story. This is a story written in the style of a chat message, usually between two people. There are apps that allow you to create your own stories. Lilo uses the mobile app Tap today. Tap is made by Wattpad. Over five million people have installed this app. Other popular chat apps, include Hooked and Yarn. They are free to try. They each cost $2.99 a week. By paying you can pick whichever story you want. You will also be able to read uninterrupted without breaks.

Today she reads the story “Don’t Go Alone”. It is a creepy story about a photographer in the suicide forest called Aokigahara. Her boyfriend is concerned for her as she wanders the forest alone to gather pictures for work.

How did you enjoy the chat story? Would you like to see more? Let Lilo know in the comments.

The next topic will be Cosplay Tips for Beginners!

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18 thoughts on “The Lilo-log #96: Creepy Chat Stories With Lilo!

  1. jolly555 says:

    Wouldn’t mind having the tap app,though i have an app already from wattpad.Yes I enjoy the creepy story and wouldn’t mind reading the all of it.

  2. Douglas says:

    I don’t know about the Tap app, but I’m sure that it’s interesting like Wattpad. I will surely try this.

  3. Kei says:

    Creepy Chat Stories are a cool way of presenting a story. Thank you for this review Lilo. Good read.

  4. titanierza says:

    These reminds me so much of the RING. Speaking of that Sadako scares the stuffing out of me he he. Good topic Nash.

  5. grayicemake says:

    I remember seeing an episode of Japanese Horror stories and that creep me out. I guess I am not just fund of Horror. Regardless of what form it takes. Chat or not.

  6. Era says:

    Isn’t it too early for Halloween? Joking aside, the game is really cool! I definitely recommend you guys playing it! Thanks for the vlog btw.

  7. nnaemeka2016 says:

    Tap would be a great app to try. I will surely check it out when I have money to spare.

  8. odimdavid says:

    Well, I don’t think I am excited about this. For $5 a month, I can get lots of stories to read on kindle. Thanks for bringing it to our attention though.

  9. Marcie Smith says:

    I had never read any stories on Tap before. this one was certainly creepy, although in a way I kind of expected this ending… But the pictures totally freaked me out xD And the boyfriend was super annoying xD I guess I’ll look for more stories on Tap, this one was very well written.

  10. Miracle says:

    Wow! Creepy Chat Stories are cool. I like reading stuffs like that. Thank you for this review.

  11. Angelo says:

    I haven’t heard Tap before. I’m pretty sure it’s fabulous because Wattpad made it.

  12. numberpardox says:

    I love reading chat stories. It’s my first time to get across with Tap, but I think it’s amazingly creepy. Hahaha. I’m reading with HOOKED though and I recommend it as well.

  13. Twilight Sparkle says:

    I scare pretty easy but I’m loving these. You should definitely do more of these vids.

  14. Aye Acosta says:

    That was pretty creepy, I want more. Maybe I’ll check out the chat apps you mentioned.

  15. I’m not a reader type of person. I mean I’m very picky when it comes to the stories that I read.

  16. teamtahong says:

    Ooooh it really sounds creepy eh, I know about the suicide forrest in Japan. So tap is just like wattpad with stories that you can read.

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