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The Lilo -log #85: Presidential Meeting On Video Games! Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Animation. Media. Entertainment. Woman Owned. Short Films. Animated Movies. Kids Cartoons. Game Development.

In this video, Lilo discusses Presidential Meeting on Video Games!

February 14th, 2018 there was a school shooting in Florida with many killed and injured. Frustrated people are demanding preventative action.

More school shootings occur in the USA than any other country. Citizens want to know the cause of this violence. A lot of people think gun control is the issue. However, it isn’t a simple issue to tackle.

Some politicians brought up video games as a cause for violence in children. President Trump wants to tackle the potential issue of video game violence. Therefore the President called a meeting to discuss it. At the meeting were representatives from the Entertainment Software Association and the Entertainment Software Rating Board, and two CEOs of video game publishers.

President Trump showed clips from Call of Duty, Wolfenstein, and Fallout. These were clips from video games that he and his team found violent. He asked for those at the meeting to consider if anything needs to be done.

The next topic will be Artifact – Valve’s Trading Card Game!

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17 thoughts on “The Lilo -log #85: Presidential Meeting On Video Games!

  1. Cha says:

    It’s really tiring to hear how people blame the online world when bad things happen. They should be given lectures how online games actually help in improving some mental skills such as critical thinking. They should play sometimes to maybe it will help them think critically.

  2. odimdavid says:

    The president should have been shown pictures of video games used to motivate people, educate people and improve behavior in people. Concentrating on the violence in video games is like looking at only one side of the issue. Video game violence though should be curtailed.

  3. nnaemeka2016 says:

    Every time something violent happens, video games should not be blamed. It’s passing the buck. The system has to be blamed. Let the president fix the system.

  4. jolly555 says:

    I’m not in support of this, because I believe the president is facing the wrong industry in a bid to eliminate violence.Video game shouldn’t be attributed to violence.

  5. Meg Sanders says:

    It feels like the game industry is being blamed for nothing. I really don’t think games are the main cause of gun violence. The issue surely is deeper than that.

  6. Roy Odhiambo says:

    This has nothing to do with games. I think the president is not tackling the real problem. What needs to be looked at are the gun laws

  7. Era says:

    Thanks for the vlog Lilo! I gotta say it’s not the games fault for this kind of thing. People should be civilized and responsible for their actions.

  8. titanierza says:

    Sadly this stigma continues not just for games but for almost everything. We blame everything but the human factor. If a person turns violent then know their circumstances not the games they play.

  9. grayicemake says:

    This is just a load of bull…It almost feels like people are just blaming something to make themselves feel good and games are a scapegoat because it cannot fight back right?

  10. Sure, video games influenced these mass shooting incidents in one way or another. But I’m telling y’all, banning these games would not completely eliminate violence.

  11. iammgkimmel says:

    This is not the first time video game’s been brought up in these discussions. For me, it’s plain simple: just implement gun ban.

  12. Edwin Kamau says:

    This has been a discussion for time. People have the idea of games making people violent.

  13. David Kamau says:

    The meeting is crucial in keeping the game industry friendly. People have thoughts in mind about games resulting to violent persons.

  14. mchesk16 says:

    There’s always been violence in social media and I don’t think video-games are any more accountable than movies or T.V. series’. There are ratings for a reason and I don’t think videogames can ever be the sole perpetrator of violent acts. There should maybe be some oversight of who purchases dangerous games, if they have a history of violence, but I don’t think banning video-games will solve terrorist outbursts.

  15. they’ve already had studies stating that video games help relieve stress and actually give people outlets. saying they promote violence is silly

  16. With President Donald Trump himself stating that violence and video games has a connection, this will definitely have a huge negative impact on how people will see video games nowadays. Not a good news for a video game lover like me.

  17. This myth has been debunked already before. Video games doesn’t make a person violent. There are a lot of factors that triggers violence like feeling stressed, left out, alone, and even financial issues.

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