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The Lilo-log #55: Twitch View Bot Lawsuits! Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Animation. Media. Entertainment. Woman Owned. Short Films. Animated Movies. Kids Cartoons. Game Development.

In this video, Lilo discusses Twitch View Bot Lawsuits!

In 2016 Twitch decided to take six view bot companies to court. These companies provided bots that upped views for streamers. This is against Twitch policy. In January, Twitch won the lawsuit against the Anjomi’s. They are now responsible for paying over 1.3 million dollars as well as shutting down their business.

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28 thoughts on “The Lilo-log #55: Twitch View Bot Lawsuits!

  1. Era says:

    No wonder some of those twitch streamers have lots of viewers. Those kind of people don’t deserve success and fame. They shouldn’t be cheating in any form and just be like any twitch streamer out there. They should work hard on their success! Thanks for this Lilo!

  2. luffyzorro2012 says:

    This should teach scammers that not all will just take scamming sitting down. Good for them they caught it early and put a stop to it.

  3. grayicemake says:

    I understand wanting money hell we all need it. However, keep it clean because laws are there to be followed. NOT violated.

  4. I’m sure that these companies earned more than 1.3 million dollars from doing illegal business. That’s why punishing them with hefty fine serves them right.

  5. numberpardox says:

    This is a huge issue for Twitch. They are looking to real viewers not fake bots. Looking from a wider perspective, this started because there are streamers who are using it. If they didn’t use view bot from the very start, then these companies won’t grow. I hope Twitch also punishes those streamer who uses View Bot to increase their views.

  6. Edwin Kamau says:

    Nice facts indeed. I like to gain and get more informed. Thanks for that.

  7. David Kamau says:

    It’s always illegal to do bots in other sites. But at times it’s boring gaming alone.

  8. I don’t know what’s gotten to these bot companies. They know that they’re doing illegal from the very start, but they continued to gain money from someone else hard work. They deserves to be punished.

  9. These companies got a taste of their own medicine. Well, they are worthy of punishment for playing dirty. Suits them well.

  10. Chatingale says:

    You cannot really get away with cheating. That’s the consequence of doing such thing.

  11. moondebi says:

    It is unethical to use bots for showing an increased viewership. There are fraudulent companies who deceive like that. However, it’s good that such companies are paying price for their deeds!!

  12. lordyou says:

    .I agree with you, using bots can be very unfair though. Looking forward to the new game release

  13. photography1257 says:

    I see bots everywhere! They can be so annoying when there are so many of them!

  14. bobstravel77 says:

    Bots can be difficult to control. But I do like where this is going though.

  15. Suits them well. They should have gone with the fair game, instead.

  16. Vannie says:

    Everything that’s violating Terms of Service is not good. Twitch lawsuit is fair and reasonable.

  17. kadoyatsukasa123 says:

    I did not know that Amazon owns Twitch ha ha. Anyway, on this online age scammers/bots are everywhere. Good for them in stopping these from happening. I doubt that this will prevent scammers anyway but it helps.

  18. alexsummers123 says:

    I do not like the idea of cheating my way to success, Guys these companies built this platform through handwork. Now you ride their cotails and still cheating? Come on!!!

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