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The Lilo-log #46: 5 Games That Shaped Me as a Gamer! Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Animation. Media. Entertainment. Woman Owned. Short Films. Animated Movies. Kids Cartoons. Game Development.

In this video, Lilo discusses 5 Games That Shaped Her as a Gamer!

Lilo Nash goes over video games from her past that shaped her as a gamer. These are games that she obsessed over for years and will never forget. Her list includes Tetris, Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario Bros, Crash Bandicoot, and Halo. What games would go on your list?

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31 thoughts on “The Lilo-log #46: 5 Games That Shaped Me as a Gamer!

  1. roberachi says:

    Ha-ha adding to your list I would like to mention some games in the game boy like contra, duck hunting,pac man and the likes really made my childhood great. I hope some them would come back the way super Mario was remade better. I can only imagine contra with better graphics really awesome.

  2. numberpardox says:

    These are my childhood games. I can totally relate to your experiences Lilo Nash. I enjoyed watching your vlog and you made me want to play Sonic the Hedgehog again.

  3. I absolutely agree with you Lilo Nash. We’re the same! Tetris brought huge influence to me and even until now, I still enjoy playing it sometimes.

  4. moondebi says:

    I like Tetris and Super Mario 64. Actually my gaming time goes with the children around. And, I’ve noticed that Mario is all time favorite with the kids. Gradually I too stated liking it.

  5. bobstravel77 says:

    Good times all around with my gameboy! The games I used to play were Robocop 2 and Contra haha!

  6. photography1257 says:

    Dr. Mario and a Mario Land rip-off called Pikachu Land. Those were the good days for me.

  7. imkirsten12 says:

    Mario Bros is the best for me ever! Since I was a kid until now I am playing this game.

  8. Chatingale says:

    I have played a lot of tetris a few years back. I still go back to it sometimes when I needed to kill time.

  9. Opondo says:

    Rich kids would play Tetris in my school and i thought they were so cool but they did not let me ever play, until later on when i had my hand on it myself. Pepsiman and Crash Bandicoot are games i just heard from others. Never played them.

  10. lordyou says:

    I also had my first gaming experience with Tetris and another called water tank on my video game. Nice video on this topic.

  11. irabrady44 says:

    I’m a bit tomboyish so it was my bf who introduced me to video games. We bonded over Counter-Strike and Team Fortress back in the day… but I wasn’t really into it as much as he was. But those days were fun 😀

  12. 34kristi says:

    Grew up playing the original Pokemon on GB.. Red, Blue, Yellow. My friends were real envious until the Gold and Silver came out. Fell behind the trends until FireRed and LeafGreen came along and got hooked once more. Always will be a Pokemon fan!

  13. alexsummers123 says:

    Pepsiman? is that a legit title? I remember playing mario but not that one. What is that suppose to be? A commemorative game for PEPSI?

  14. kadoyatsukasa123 says:

    There is no particular game that I would say did it for me. However, I say anime and manga did because back in the day most games are Japan made.

  15. Alma May says:

    Same with me, specifically the Tetris became a big part in gaming life. Its mind-blogging concept hones me being strategic.

  16. Vannie says:

    Actually, I don’t really get them right, these egames. I’m thinking they’re time wasters, but as time passes by,these games made me stick not just for a day but years maybe.

  17. mchesk16 says:

    Wow, our list is similar. For me though, I couldn’t leave out Golden Eye, the first 007 game for Nintendo. It really taught you about strategy and had a great weapon selection especially for its time.

  18. ePhantoMe says:

    I can remember playing and enjoying tetris and sonic the hedeghog. I then graduated to mortal combat and other games like GTA.

  19. Edwin Kamau says:

    I started being interested in playing games when my cousin gave me a game boy. From there on, I was the master of gaming.

  20. David Kamau says:

    Fifa Football (Fifa series) was what transformed my dream of been a gamer. Although am not a full time gamer, I do like the Fifa series.
    It made a lot of impact on my gaming.

    1. gabrieldiaz1977 says:

      David Kamau I agree with that, Fifa series also had an important impact on my game

  21. Super Mario brothers was a childhood game! I’d like to add Tetris on the list as well. You have a cool list there.

  22. Like you, my favorites are Marios bros and Crash Bandicoot, I have to add Pepsiman, although it’s not the best game ever, it was really entertaining when I was a kid.

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