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The Lilo-log #38: How to Make Your First Mobile Game. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Animation. Media. Entertainment. Woman Owned.

Welcome to Lilo’s Log where Saljack Enterprises Lets Review team member Lilo Nash discusses gaming news/events from all over the world.

In this video, Lilo discusses How to Make Your First Mobile Game! Lilo highlights how a person can go about making their first mobile game. These are not detailed steps.

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25 thoughts on “The Lilo-log #38: How to Make Your First Mobile Game

  1. adfreepanda says:

    Hey Guys, just a short comment: if you´re up to designing and developing a game please don´t use ads to monetize your game. It´s just annoying for games. Let us find a way to monetize your app in another way: check out

    1. Saljack Enterprises, LLC says:

      Love your idea, but will need a lot of dedicated effort to maintain. Let us know how we can help and good luck!

      1. adfreepanda says:

        Thanks! It´d be very helpful to exchange some news about new mobile games and especially ad free games

  2. Vannie says:

    Creating your own mobile game takes a lot of programming experience and of course time. Why? Because you have to consider the complexity of the game and the features you plan to include.

  3. So happy to know that we’re interested in the same things Lilo! I also love to learn how to create a mobile video game. Thanks to this tutorial 🙂

  4. numberpardox says:

    I created my first ever mobile video game using Unity Web Player. It was a struggle at first, but I get used to it after constant practice.

  5. Alma May says:

    You made an incredible vlog. I have no knowledge about programming games, but viewing this vlog gives me interest to take a glimpse of it. Interesting!

  6. charlesxavier123 says:

    Gaming is not just games anymore. It provides people with a ton of jobs. Hell, I am a Marketer and making a living online. That can branch off to gaming too.

  7. psylockexmen2012 says:

    i hope there is a school for these. I would love to learn it even if it is just the basics. It is a booming market now look at FB it has a ton of games right?

  8. I’m aware that mobile game programming is still different from website programming, but still somehow they overlap right? It’s a good thing that they have something in common because I’m already knowledgeable on how to create a website.

  9. I have a background on computer programming, but it’s now what I’m gonna pursue in College. But, still it’s an advantage that I have this skill.

  10. Chatingale says:

    It really requires creativity and logic to create games that lots of people will love playing. This is also a lucrative business these days.

  11. David Kamau says:

    Really good video about mobile games making. It’s quite a nice thing to share what you have with others. I bet there is also another person who has benefited much from this; including myself.

  12. Making a game can be hard. I don’t think enough people understand this. Good content as always Lilo!

  13. Edwin Kamau says:

    It’s not that hard as I thought. With the advancement of technology, it’s even easier to develop without much programming knowledge.

  14. Era says:

    Thank for the informative and wonderful video Lilo! I’ve always dreamt of making mobile games. Looks like I’ll be making games earlier than I thought I would!

  15. micorobin says:

    I am no programmer but I like this inside look on mobile gaming. Not as big as main games but still it is an interesting take.

  16. miakayuuki2012 says:

    I am not a creator but it is nice to see a mobile perspective of things. I imagine it will be as elaborate and complex as real big games.

  17. b4rnard says:

    awesome shirt there, Lilo.. where can I get one of those? <3 <3 <3 Oh.. and great tips once more.

  18. moondebi says:

    People who have an interest to explore with technology will find these info handy for making their first mobile game. It would be a great thing if someone can make a game of his own.

  19. rob3rtow says:

    Really useful insights, Lilo.. expecting nothing less from you. 😉 And another incoming $150 eGiftcard? Awesome!

  20. kaka135 says:

    Though I am not a game programmer, as a programmer, I think it is really cool to create a mobile game. Thank you for sharing this, I will go and check it out soon. Hopefully I will come up with something simple soon.

  21. lordyou says:

    Fantastic vlog lilo. I sure have some interests in the world of games and I’ll be happy to try something new.

  22. mchesk16 says:

    With today’s technology it’s much easier for anyone to make a game on their mobile phone. Thanks for the video!

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