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The Lilo-log #37: The Verdict on Kids and Video Games. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Animation. Media. Entertainment. Woman Owned.

Welcome to Lilo’s Log where Saljack Enterprises Lets Review team member Lilo Nash discusses gaming news/events from all over the world.

In this video, Lilo discusses The Verdict on Kids and Video Games! Our monthly competition #4 has started and will be ending today. Tomorrow one random lucky winner, selected by an independent party from all the months’ participants, will receive a $150 Amazon eGiftcard by email after confirmation. For more information and rules about this competition please visit:

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15 thoughts on “The Lilo-log #37: The Verdict on Kids and Video Games

  1. lordyou says:

    Even though kids should be allowed to play video games I also think it’s vital to keep track of how long they stay playing the games. Just to avoid any negative aspects mentioned.

  2. Vannie says:

    When a child is preoccupied with electronics, either he is learning or not learning. He is learning in the world of electronics but the sad part is, he’s not learning in the physical world because he lacks interaction with real people.

  3. numberpardox says:

    You can’t discouraged kids these days to sop using gadgets because everybody is using it. Teach, discipline them on how to use it properly is the solution.

  4. Video Games are part of my childhood. I love playing Tekken at my PlayStation. I usually spend 3 hours playing, but I didn’t get any health problems though. It is something that I am thankful for.

  5. Its rather not surprising that kids would spend most of their time in playing video games nowadays, though some spend it on youtube. Whichever the case maybe, this has been a trend since the late 90s back when playstation came out, no?

    Anyway, get out and grab a breath of fresh air sometimes. Makes you less fat from sitting down all day.

  6. Welp I have no issues with my kids playing games every now and them but the key here should be balance. Going outside once is a while is nice, and of course, who would want their kids to be video game hermits?

  7. Opondo says:

    I believe any long exposure to screen time for children, irrespective of gaming should be limited to allow them develope in other aspects of life as well.

  8. moondebi says:

    Knowing that playing three hours or less video games a day doesn’t have any negative impact on kids, I now have a big sigh of relief! We have always been worried. These days children are so glued to gadgets. Good to know that, video games are as good as any other social hobbies.

  9. Era says:

    Back when I was a kid, my mom and dad tells me that I should have a proper schedule on when to use gadgets or play games. Some kids nowadays go crazy with gaming and gadgets in general which is why they become hard headed and mostly lazy. By the way, thanks Lilo for the informative vlog!

  10. Albeneth says:

    I believe there are pros and cons of using gadgets. It just that proper management of elders to the young ones is crucial to avoid Video Game Addiction.

  11. imkirsten12 says:

    I don’t want my kids to spend much of their time playing video games nor play violent games, it is truly addictive. In California they rule a law that would have banned minors from purchasing many violent video games.

  12. mchesk16 says:

    Everything in moderation is generally okay. I agree, studies should take into account other aspects that encourage violence and not just video game use. Thanks for the vid!

  13. Chatingale says:

    My nephews are fond of playing video games and they are very young. They even know more tricks of the games than I do.

  14. nightcrawlerxmen says:

    I agree hell even my 3 year old niece have her own tablet. Its a staple these days. Of course when they grow older that is where regulations come in. For now, leave it at that.

  15. kittyprydexmen says:

    This is kinda irrelevant these days since gadgets and stuff are a thing now, Perhaps if this was the 80’s yes but now heck no.

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