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Book 4, P16: Odious Optimisn - The Invisible Evil. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Animation. Media. Entertainment. Woman Owned.


Book 4, P16: Odious Optimisn - The Invisible Evil. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Animation. Media. Entertainment. Woman Owned.

Lady T was just settling into her sniper perch atop the warehouse when the Professor joined her to watch his masterpiece unfold.


Hi everyone! Today we continue with part sixteen of Book 4. Two more parts till Book 5. Hope you enjoy!

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The Professor watched in amazement as his beloved Dr. Zu slowly disappeared. The integration of the alien material he had procured from Groom Lake had worked out even better than he had hoped. It had taken the better part of a month to reverse engineer the suit that a mystery benefactor had left at his front door, but it had been worth it.

Dr. Zu had finished pulling on her skin-tight suit, and now her head was the only visible part of her body. She smiled at the Professor as her face seemingly floated in midair. “Oh, I like this!” as she walked over to the Professor and pressed her invisible body against him. “We are going to have some fun with these” she whispered with an evil yet strangely seductive grin. The Professor held her close and kissed her floating face, “Yes my dear. That we shall!” he chuckled as he handed her the mask he had created for her. Dr. Zu pulled the mask over her head and vanished from sight.

The Professor turned his gaze from where his wife had been and peered out the window of his warehouse overlooking Upper New York Bay. The ships had been piling up for nearly two months in the bay and the massive array of container vessels, reefer vessels and tankers sat idle with nowhere to dock and no way to turn around and head back out of the narrows in search of a safe harbor. Most of the crews had abandoned their posts weeks ago, and the pungent smell of gasoline, oil and rotting meat filled the air as one by one the ships expended there fuel stores and their generators failed. The vessels that had made it to dock at Red Hook Terminal before New York fell still sat at the pier, plundered and stripped of anything of value by the thousands of people fleeing the city.

Almost in the middle of the bay sat the lone ship that still showed signs of life. The Zen Dawn was a Chinese container vessel that was once considered the largest of her class and the fully loaded ship cast an ominous shadow over the dwarfed Statue of Liberty. She was a Triad ship, and the new base of operations for the feared criminal conglomerate. Along with hundreds of containers of traditional wares, the Zen Dawn held hundreds more filled with Triad contra ban; guns, drugs, cars, and money.

“Well, my dear if we are going to rid ourselves of any competition to become the proud new owners of a dilapidated New York I suggest we start in our own backyard. Round up our merry band of ner-do-wells and get them suited up. Let’s take our new toys out for a little test run shall we?” The Professor turned back to look in the direction of where Dr. Zu had been, but she was already gone judging from her maniacal laughter wafting down the hall as she ran off.

Li Wei sat on the bow of the Zen dawn and watched with no more than a casual curiosity an empty fishing boat drift past the front of the ship and disappear from his line of sight. He hated guarding the ship, and his mind immediately returned to daydreams of fast cars and dry land.

The Hooligan quickly grabbed the grappling hook and rope ladder from under one of the seats on the fishing boat and shot it into the anchor-windlass window with a precision that amazed even himself.

“Well come on ya gits! Up the ladder and over the forecastle we go mates” the Hooligan whispered to the invisible crew.

The Professor’s plan to take the Zen Dawn was brilliant in its simplicity. Suzie would board first and take out the two guards on the bow silently as the remaining members of her death squad clambered aboard. She and Karl would then head to the back of the ship on the port side killing anyone in their path. The Hooligan and Dr. Zu would do the same on the starboard side. The Has was tasked with clearing the top of the containers with a little help from Lady T. Once that was done he was to climb the exterior wall of the Chartroom and take the Bridge. The Triad would never see them coming, literally.

Lady T was just settling into her sniper perch atop the warehouse when the Professor joined her to watch his masterpiece unfold.

Li Wei felt a presence behind him and looked over his shoulder. He saw nothing and was about to return to his daydreams when a syringe materialized out of thin air and slammed into his jugular vein then disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. His fellow guard heard his body fall heavily onto the ship’s deck and turned just in time to see the syringe reappear and thrust itself into his heart. No one saw a thing.

Karl, Suzie, The Hooligan and Dr. Zu cleared the sides of the ship silently and with extreme brutality. Each dead and dying guard was thrown into the polluted waters of Upper New York Bay. The Has raced across the top of the containers and adeptly shoved the fallen Triad protectors down the cracks between them.  Lady T continued to fire silent bringers of death from her perch. One more fell; one more disappeared between the cracks. With the top of the containers now cleared the Has ambled up the wall of the Chartroom and reached the Bridge.

Wang Fang stood at the wheel peering out the window at the ship something wasn’t right. Just as his uneasy feeling turned into the realization that all of the guards had somehow vanished the front window of the Bridge shattered and an unseen claw ripped four gaping wounds in his chest, and he sank to the floor. His two companions were gripped by the unseen hands and with strength beyond comprehension were thrown out of the shattered window and fell to their deaths on the ship deck below.

Dr. Zu and the Hooligan entered the hallway leading to the Captain’s Quarters, and the last thing the guards saw before they died was two throwing stars appear as if from nowhere and lodge themselves in their skulls. Dr. Zu opened the door to find Zhang Wei fast asleep. Being the leader of the Triad apparently had its privileges. She took off her mask and looked at The Hooligan with excited eyes, “Leave me with this one. I want to have my fun” and closed the door.

The Professor stood up and smiled at his brilliance. “Lady T, go get your Party Crasher and take care of those reefer vessels in the harbor their stench is getting in the way of the sweet smell of success.”

(To be continued…)

That’s it for now! The next story will be published as soon as is possible. We will keep posting stories leading up to the anticipated Project-X announcement.

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24 thoughts on “Book 4, P16: Odious Optimism – The Invisible Evil

  1. roberachi says:

    I love the awesome cover picture or art before the article. I really enjoy the new characters very creative.

  2. Ok what more can I wish for. My two favorite Villains in one book update. I love the Project-X heroes but, I also love Lady Tarragon so, I don’t which side should I go to.

  3. numberpardox says:

    It’s getting tough and tough for our heroes with Lady Tarragon and Dr. Zu in action. I wonder what will happen next.

  4. grayicemake says:

    This is a much needed development to keep the wagon moving. I wish they will be more frequent from now on. It could boost the verse a lot with it.

  5. titanierza says:

    Finally after showing since FOREVER. WE finally get some action or hype at least. I expected more from Terra since she is holding an M16 and not a sniper but hey at least she is here.

  6. Edwin Kamau says:

    Am slowly following up the story. It kinda amuses me how the story is so eye catching.

  7. David Kamau says:

    The episode is such a piece. Am eagerly waiting for the next part of it.

  8. alexsummers123 says:

    This reminds me of GI JOE it really does. In this case Prof and co are the COBRA while the champions are JOES.

  9. kittyprydexmen says:

    Finally Terra is on the house. I hope the story will dive hard into her in a good way. The prof is here as well. Good Chapter this time.

  10. Lady Tarragon is the my favorite character even though she makes the life of the lead characters a misery. I’m also amazed by her amazing sniper skill because when I play Counter Strike, I use sniper as well.

  11. She’s a Villain but, I don’t care. Lady tarragon savage it all the time! Love her so much.

  12. lordyou says:

    I love this piece. I can’t wait for the next part of this series

  13. saviourv says:

    Ahh, nutcricks. Having stealth suits almost entirely guarantees that no one else will be able to stop an invasion. If even Solid Snake was nigh-undetectable with one of those on, a small invasion force with those suits would be able to take over any location, whether it’s at sea, on land, or even in the air. Still, I’m sure that someone will figure out a counter-measure before the game comes out. Or before the stories conclude.

    Nicely told.

  14. It’s amazing how the writer seems to be in that world and simply narrating what is happening in that separate world.

  15. chinodc1 says:

    Cool and interesting story. Excited to read more about this!

  16. skydragonwendymarvell says:

    Finally some TENSION. I hope the prof and Terra gives the heroes some problems. The hype is real…

  17. nightcrawlerxmen says:

    I know I am not the only one that is SADDENED by the recent chapters. However, this time I will give them credit. This is cool and that tandem is hype. Good job.

  18. Alma May says:

    This episode 16 of the book seems interesting to read with Dr. Zu and Zhang Wei . I am thinking what would be the next scene after she closed the door.

  19. vannie says:

    The story has introduced the characters and the principles consciously. It hooked me right away.

  20. Chinese short stories sure are interesting! Is the setting post apocalyptic New York?

    While the plot in itself is catchy, I kinda’ feel that the entire storyline is a bit convuluted due to the appearance of a number of characters with no proper introduction of some sort. Regardless. nothing that can’t be improved by a little bit of polishing.

  21. Wow! I never thought I’d find interesting short stories on this site. The cover photo, or whatever you call it. instantly reminds me of Leon and Ada from Resident Evil though. Might be due to the Dr. Zu’s dress color, or the professor’s coat?

    Regardless, kudos to the illustrator!

  22. Dr. Zu sounds so fun and flirty. Such a contrast to her name! It adds a twist to her character.

  23. Opondo says:

    I have never read these series before, this is my first one, and boy ooh boy,am i hooked. I am sad actually that it ended when i was just getting along.

  24. Mau says:

    I missed this series. I wish the installments comes a little bit faster– I have to jog my memory with what happened on the last one!

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