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The Lilo-Log #8: Biggest Games This Holiday Season. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Animation. Media. Entertainment. Woman Owned.

Welcome to Lilo’s Log where Saljack Enterprises Lets Review team member Lilo Nash discusses gaming news/events from all over the world.

In this video, Lilo discusses the Biggest Games This Holiday Season. Lilo’s topic next week, Monday, will be a discussion of the Top 10 Indie Games Right Now. We hope you enjoy and please like and subscribe to see more videos from Lilo Nash!

Congratulations to the winners of this weeks competition and stay tuned for a new $25 Amazon eGiftcard competition starting again Monday next week!

We hope you enjoy and please like and subscribe to see more videos from Lilo Nash!

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21 thoughts on “The Lilo-log #8: The Biggest Games This Holiday Season

  1. David Kamau says:

    COD is one of the game I miss playing when am away from my PC. What of Super Mario? This game is cool to avoid it.

  2. haroldmac says:

    Had fun watching you always Lilo.You’ve got quite a list in here my boyfriend’s into assasin creed and i’m into pokemon.

  3. miabatoy says:

    I do love pokemon.I mean who doesn’t right? Thanks for this post will keep watching out for more.

  4. roberachi says:

    I have not played Pokémon but I like your explanation I hope I will get to play it one day. I like the graphics associated with the Assassins Creed series of games but I don’t like them as they are usually very difficult to play.

  5. CUPHEAD seems to be the talk of the town I am gonna try it out this year!!! I have heard positive things about it and hyped about that. More games to come Nash. Keep it up!!!

  6. POKEMON is my game!!! I have been playing that all year. Although I am excited for the updates and games.

  7. Hakuna Matata says:

    Call of Duty, Pokemon and Mario have been some my favorite games. I will definitely spend some time playing them this holiday season.

  8. alexsummers123 says:

    The hair and shirt says it all ha ha. If I were to pick a game Assassins Creed and COD comes to mind. Mario is not bad either

  9. amaterasu123 says:

    All games on the list piqued my interest but what does it more is the console in particular the SWITCH. I have never played that before but I am intrigued by it.

  10. vannie says:

    A player can get emotional accomplishment when helping people in the game of Legend of Zelda. Personal growth is achieved as well if power is use intelligently in solving puzzles. I love this game.

  11. My holiday vacation will start late this year 🙁 I don’t think I have time to play games this vacation. Anyway, I still try my best to try your recommendations.

  12. Assassin’s Creed never gets old. I love playing it whatever season it is. Definitely worth playing!

  13. moondebi says:

    Good to know the names of so many games. Among the list, I’d prefer those which are Xbox friendly. Holidays are approaching and it would be fun to play games with the children around.

  14. Opondo says:

    Super Mario has interesting playful graphics it will be nice to watch with my young ones from school. The review is on point Lilo

  15. micorobin says:

    COD and Assassins Creed for me!!! Thank god it has a PC version. I can play this unlike other games.

  16. What are the game ratings by the way? You keep dropping AAA but I do not know what that means he he.

  17. mchesk16 says:

    Now I know what triple A games means! Thanks! It’s nice to know that COD and Super Mario are still at the top of the list this holiday season. The classics are still going strong.

  18. Assasins Creed and Call of Duty were my favourites as me and my brother played like crazy when they were out. Those were the good times. I have not played Xenoblade Chronicles. I hope I will play that too. Wonderful video as always Lilo. Thanks for the list.

  19. Alma May says:

    Thanks for this post, I am looking forward to play games this season. I love Pokemon, a very engaging game ever!

  20. Mau says:

    Wow, Super Mario is still going strong! Actually, almost all of these games are part of a popular series/game franchise(?) so I’m curious to know the top 10 indie games you have in store for us.

  21. Haha! I have to agree about the Wolfenstein part- this is such a classic for me. And I can’t believe Pokemon just won’t die! :))

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