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The Lilo-log #2: PCs vs Consoles. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Animation. Media. Entertainment. Woman Owned.

Welcome to Lilo’s Log where Saljack Enterprises Lets Review team member Lilo Nash discusses gaming news/events from all over the world.

In this video, Lilo discusses the pros and cons of PCs vs. Consoles. Next videos’ topic will cover Video Game Genres. We hope you enjoy and please like and subscribe to see more videos from Lilo Nash!

bottom_tech_border. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Animation. Media. Entertainment.



22 thoughts on “The Lilo-log #2: PCs vs. Consoles

  1. I am used on playing games on PC than on gaming console. Partly because my family bought a PC first when I was a kid. So until now, I still prefer PC.

  2. I’m definitely a PC person. The controls are better in PC. I can play better when using a keyboard and mouse than a joystick.

  3. Ah, the age old question that sparks internet wars left and right. Can’t we all just say that every console/pc is perfect in their own way? As gamers, we should all just enjoy the games we play right?

  4. kittyprydexmen says:

    PC are loosing on this one. Case and point look at how developers develop games. It is console first PC later. It sucks but true.

  5. nightcrawlerxmen says:

    In terms of flexibility PC although some consoles offer that now!!!It all boils down to taste. I find it weird watching videos on Xbox.

  6. I am used to using a PC that is why I am more comfortable using them. By the way it is so refreshing to see a gorgeous gamer like you. Keep up the good work

  7. Mau says:

    I prefer PC because it is just more practical. As you mentioned, you could do other things aside from gaming with it. I think if I’m a more hardcore player I’d prefer the console though.

  8. Opondo says:

    I do not like that fact that after buying a PC that expensively, i cannot upgrade. I am happy though that i dont have to pay to play like the console. Good clear vlog. Thanks for putting the music down too.

  9. lordyou says:

    I enjoy playing with the console more than PC because it is specifically designed for gaming. Unlike PC where sometimes the developers take a little bit of time to release the games. I love the vlog.

  10. I think me and my BF will get a console one day. For multiplayer I think consoles are way better than PC, but for a single player RPG and all that, PC would be quite fine already for it.

  11. wolfbro92 says:

    I like PCs, it is just more fulfilling to play on a PC than on a console you know. I just feel this way, and I can never change that feeling. Consoles are great but just meh for me.

  12. P Siason says:

    Hello there! I agree with you that both PCs and consoles have pros and cons. I guess the preference of the players matters the most. I like consoles because they are handy and I am more used to them rather than PC. I get confused with the controls on the keyboard. Although I think there are some games that are more fun to play with using the PC. I’m looking forward to your next fun post!

  13. roberachi says:

    Personally I have a pc and a console and to my liking I prefer keyboard more but I learned how to use the console in case I get a chance to play with play station or something that relies on consoles. But they are both fun to use especially consoles there are special controls easier to input.

  14. micorobin says:

    Developers should cater both PC and consoles equally. PC users are clients too but they often leave us behind. I hate that!!!

  15. Elatria says:

    Prefer PC, always have! It’s easier for me to navigate with my keyboard as compared to a console. Of course, the console is handier but then I’m more comfortable with my keyboard.

  16. Gamer Girl says:

    I honestly prefer gaming the console but my hubby prefers the PC. Definitely more game for consoles but they’re both fun to play with:)

  17. miakayuuki2012 says:

    I prefer PC Over consoles but at times I face a problem. That is most games cater to console than PC. Sad but true reality.

  18. I have been reading your reviews on the game genres. They are all awesome. I just now realize that you review other things like news and events aside from games.

  19. Alma May says:

    I both have PC and console but I prefer more playing games on my PC. PC offers more faster and comfortable gaming with the keyboard, maybe because I get used to it.

  20. You know Lilo, it’s really distracting that you wore that low neck line and at some part needed to adjust your neck line because it bothered you too. The color is distracting and I couldn’t really focus so much on what you were saying. Maybe try to wear something that attracts focus on your face and not on your twins. Just a tip.

  21. Edwin Kamau says:

    I like Pc more than console. I see Pc offering smooth and fast gaming. Keep the vlogs coming, I just like them they are amazing, the 2 you’ve done so far.

  22. David Kamau says:

    This one is hotter than expected. I really admire how you are confident on camera. That sticker will you be sticking it on you face always? Haha, I like it

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