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Lilo's Lair #40: Overwatch Permabans Effective This Week. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Animation. Media. Entertainment. Woman Owned.

How you gamers enjoying Autumn? It’s the time for school, apples, and being permanently banned from Competitive Play in Overwatch.

That’s right, it’s finally happening folks…the permanent bans are rolling out for Overwatch this Wednesday the 27th. Uh-oh! Who’s at risk for the permaban-hammer? Anyone who has accumulated three or more seasonal bans. Naughty-naughty. The seasonal bans need not even be consecutive. A seasonal ban from way back in Season 1 and then maybe Season 3 and 7 can still land a person at risk for a permaban for Competitive Play. This ban will never go away, making it a real permanent ban.

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This comes after just last week an Xbox One patch was released for the game that doesn’t allow users with an “avoid me” ranking to use voice chat. They are really trying to tighten up on their lax way of dealing with what some call “toxic players.” After enough complaints, it seems they realize that some players actually are degrading the game for others. With that realization, they are rolling these changes out and even claim they may continue to increase penalties for offenses such as leaving the game. The hope being to finally get rid of “leavers” as much as possible.

With this new permanent ban announcement from Josh Engen (over at the Overwatch forums here) also came a friendly reminder about seasonal bans. The first thing he reminds us is that leaving a Competitive Play game or being booted for inactivity makes you unable to join a new game until the original one is completed. You can re-join the original game while it’s still in process and if you don’t, you are going to receive a penalty. The details are as follows, quoted from Josh Engen:

  • If you leave or are kicked for inactivity within the first minute of the game, the entire match will be canceled and you will receive a penalty. The remaining players will receive neither a penalty nor a loss.
  • If you leave or are kicked for inactivity after the one-minute mark, you will be given two minutes to reconnect or rejoin the match. If you return, the match will resume normally. If not, you will receive a penalty and the remaining players will be given the option to leave without receiving a penalty (though they will still receive a loss).

If you keep up doing such things you are going to get punished, such as restriction on future competitive matches. Repeating to leave the game will result in you sitting in “time-out” for longer and longer. That means you won’t be given access to matches for more extended periods of time and could result in a seasonal ban. If you manage to avoid the ban and stop leaving games, then you can get your account back to good standing.

Don’t think leaving the game is the only way you can get punished though. If you are somewhat of a rule bender in other areas of life, you may want to read up on the Code of Conduct for all Blizzard games. Unless you like being banned, haha. Check out the Code of Conduct here.

However, game leavers are obviously what they are aiming to stop with this new ban. What’s so wrong with leavers in competitive matches? Well, when a teammate leaves halfway through a battle your team can very well lose and cost the remaining teammates points. Why are these gamers leaving matches? Well, the most innocent reason is a bad internet connection. Which is why Overwatch has extended the time players can rejoin a match. It used to only give you a minute to scramble back into the game. Which is pretty hard if your computer crashed. Now the time frame has doubled, and you get two minutes to rejoin.

What are the other less innocent reasons? It’s a guessing game. Rage quits because the player isn’t doing so well is a possibility. The other reason might deal with how the game is set up. When matched with a team you stay together for an entire attack/defense rotation. That means if you ended up in with a team that is not as good as the other, then you have to sit around getting your butt beat through all the rounds. I guess that can still be considered a rage quit, but maybe it also makes light of an issue with how matchmaking is set up. Perhaps too many times there is a mismatch with the team levels of skill. Maybe it could deal with some reforming as well? What do you think?

Well, whatever you think about matchmaking just know you can’t be going around leaving games. If you do, suffer the ban-hammer! I think this is a great move for Overwatch, where players have been complaining for ages about the amount of game leavers there are. Too many people are positive that their ranking would be different if it weren’t for leavers. Some people claim that on some days they had more games with leavers than without. Therefore, it is about time they cracked down on this issue!

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31 thoughts on “Lilo’s Lair #40: Overwatch Permabans Effective This Week

  1. zak413 says:

    Been getting feedback from friends that playing Overwatch nowadays is seemingly a more pleasant experience. The toxicity level has gone considerably down and I think it’s because the game is cracking down on “toxic players”. I think it has proved to be a timely and wise move for Blizzard

  2. califrank says:

    Glad to see Blizzard’s doin’ something re: deserters. Good job, you guys. #goodriddance

  3. nightcrawlerxmen says:

    As long as the rules are fair and not so strict I am okay with it. Rules are there to be followed and maintain order.

  4. Mau says:

    Interesting read Lilo. Not sure of my stand regarding this. I understand about trying to stop gamers from leaving the game as it could cause disruption in the team play but at the same time, what if there is a good reason for leaving? Anyway, I understand why the Overwatch team is doing this and I know they are trying to be fair to all.

  5. kittyprydexmen says:

    One comment raised a good point. This may scare players from purchasing the game? I get that but here is the thing anything has a rule of conduct. Games are not an exception.

  6. David says:

    wow! I think this is good for the larger party. play by the rules or you banned. Gamers should be careful now, not to buy and get banned.

  7. hals3y says:

    For a free game.. sure, go ahead and implement permanent bans. For a game you paid for? Who does that? Imagine getting Overwatch only to be banned a few weeks or months after because you leave matches. Doesn’t that make little sense? That’s not how you treat paying customers, Blizzard. Nuh-uh

  8. garymick344 says:

    Not being able to rage-quit? What are you supposed to do when you’re too invested emotionally in a match then? Punch a hole through your monitor? I’m not saying it’s right; I’m just saying that rage-quitting is a perfectly normal response in matches where your ass constantly gets pwned.

  9. charlesxavier123 says:

    All that needs to be done is for players to have proper ethics. Rules are there to ensure that. I have never been banned in a game before but I think I Hit the nail on the head when I say it is for cheaters and such.

  10. I never played this game so I do not know what are the rules behind the ban. However, I think that Bans should be fair and just . Gamers should practice proper ethics during play.

  11. kulengs says:

    I think it is just right to have these bans to keep serious gamers. Though it may sound extreme in some ways, I agree that there should be a 3 strike before you get banned.

  12. rob3rtow says:

    Now this is BIG NEWS! Thanks for the tip on this, Lilo… I’ll go tell my friends to be a little careful playing Overwatch.. permanent ban seems like too harsh for anyone who paid to play the game, yea?

  13. coyleon says:

    If you’re not playing on a gaming rig, TWO minutes to scramble back into your match after your PC crashed (for whatever reason) is IMPOSSIBLE. Doesn’t look like they’ve put in a lot of thought coming up with this policy.

  14. alexsummers123 says:

    My friends play OVERWATCH. Perhaps I can show them this and make them aware of things. Thanks for the heads up.

  15. titanierza says:

    Is the Ban automatic or there is a warning leading up to that? Come to think of it does ocerwatch players notified about these rule.

  16. I think this is alright, and I agree so that they would know who’s real active and who’s not. But considering the natural worst case scenarios, that’s real bad bro.

  17. marchaching says:

    It would really suck if you were kicked because you’re not doing any help to the match. That’s just really sad. I hope it would still go well for you guys.

  18. charleenmae says:

    This is just right. Good way to avoid players who can ruin others play. But I think there should be category. One’s when someone has emergency or something.

  19. roddyw says:

    permanent bans for “leavers” is too harsh for a penalty, IMO. Other games would penalize your rank if you leave matches but banning players for good? Now that’s another bone-headed move to lose a game’s fanbase. Come to think of it, there’s already a repercussion for deserting games so… what’s the point of banning players for it?

  20. mur13l says:

    Teammates who desert you in the middle of a heated match are scums. They pretty much deserve a permaban. Been in competitive FPS and have always had to suffer deserters. Hope Overwatch’s strategy becomes a precedent for other games of its ilk, too!

  21. Chatingale says:

    ugh..Well, measures should be taken for everyone to be guided by the rules. This will also ensure that gamers would be active all the time.

  22. darkkvader says:

    There must be three warnings first before being permanently ban. There could be time for players to change.

  23. valine13 says:

    I didnt know there were bans happening in games too. Well it’s a good strategy. The game must probably good anyway so it’s good to stay.

  24. micorobin says:

    I too have never played overwatched only Pokemon Go he he. THat being said even that had regulations in particular in stopping anyone from cheating. I imagine that is the case here.

  25. I never played overwatched ever. I have seen previews and reviews but not the actual game. I wonder what are the reasons that one may get ban?

  26. At least they placed measures to ensure fair game play. Just that you need to be sensitive to other players that really want to play so you don’t get sanctioned. Sucks to wait to play if you didn’t been to be inactive on purpose.

  27. mchesk16 says:

    I think each player should get three strikes before being permanently banned. Unless the player said something deliberately offensive to another player, there should be second chances to those who have had a fair reason to leave a game early.

  28. This is somehow annoying because sometimes it’s not you who instigate the action but, still yeah I understand that this policy has also benefits.

  29. i think this is a very positive thing. alot of gamers can ruin your ranking or even just your game session. this should help. it does suck for someone who has an emergency but honestly i dont think they would ban you for a one time occurance.

  30. wokerful says:

    I see what they are trying to do. Maybe these new set of rules will make everyone behave accordingly in the games. I agree, players should not leave games until completing them

  31. unvrso says:

    Well, those permabans make sure the gamer is on the game and that´s one thing that everyone must do. That may have it´s pros and cons, but I think that it may result positive in the long run

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