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BOOK 4, P14: Odious Optimism - Mike's Lament. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Animation. Media. Entertainment. Woman Owned.

“Welcome to Plum Island,” said Mr. Smith in his usual monotone voice…

Today we continue with part fourteen of book 4. The next part, fifteen, will conclude book 4. Hope you enjoy!

“Where the hell is Mike, you idiot? I should have Dr. Zu here rearrange your extremities one by one BEFORE she kills you. You both were given a simple directive. Kill those ridiculous blue suited do gooders! Yet here you are standing in front of me and not only did you not find and kill them but to add insult to your future injuries you lost Mike. Maybe I should let HAS here throw you off the roof of the building a few times!” The Professor continued to yell at Karl as if he was a fledgling student about to be expelled from some second rate college somewhere.

Karl knew that all it would take was one of his massive hands around the little man’s throat to choke the air out of him. He also knew that he couldn’t physically do it because of what the creepy little man had done to him. He looked down at The Professor with rage in his eyes, “I would like to say that I killed him, but we both know that is not true. I don’t know where he is. The last time I saw that little moron, he was hijacking a boat to chase a helicopter. If that wasn’t stupid enough to get him killed, I will be happy to kill him myself when I can. You too for that matter.” He said matter-of-factly.

The Professor was unphased and continued his verbal tirade, “Oh just shut up Karl! You have a new directive. Go out and find me 50 reasonably fit, random people. We obviously need more security around here and thanks to a mystery donation it looks like we will be able to outfit our new friends in the latest color morphing bulletproof armor available. I am hoping that your little pea brain can handle this simple task without screwing it up too much. 50, FIVE ZERO! Got it? Put them all in Has’ old cell, and I will take it from there.

With that, The Professor turned and walked away muttering to himself something about how a person with such a large head could have such a minuscule brain.

Karl’s hands were almost numb from being clenched so tightly as he listened to the constant barrage of insults rained down on him from The Professor. He was also pretty certain that he may have actually popped a blood vessel or two in his forehead. Yet even with all of this rage inside him all he could do was turn and walk out of the warehouse to begin his new directive.

“One day,” he thought to himself “that little maggot will die. They all will.”


The sound of the waves crashing against the rocks was disorienting yet peaceful. The sound of aluminum scraping against those same rocks was jarring, and every time it happened, it forced Mike closer to open his eyes. When the motor had died the world was awash in darkness, and his sole directive drove him to continue on in the blackness no matter what the cost. He remembered rowing in no particular direction hoping he was still headed in the same direction the chopper had gone, the direction of his directive.

Mike remembered his arms screaming for oxygen. He wasn’t sure what gave out first his mind or his muscles; he just knew they both did at some point. He at some point has blacked out in the blackness and now that his consciousness was beginning to return he was happy to be alive to continue his mission. Mike opened his eyes and the twisted metal carcass of the boat he had stolen the night before came into view. The pieces of aluminum lay scattered among the jagged rocks of an otherwise abandoned shoreline.

Mike knew he had to continue, so he struggled to his feet, grabbed his chain and his gun and began to clamber up the steep cliff in front of him. As he reached the top expecting to see an isolated and desolate wasteland, he instead stood face to face with several humanoid robots that had been waiting for him.

“Oh, come on!” Mike muttered under his breath as he reached for his gun and took aim at the closest hunk of metal.

The audible click broke the silence as he pulled the trigger. Again the click. Click. His waterlogged 45 caliber pistol failed to fire.

“Oh, crap. So any chance you nice metal freaks are part of the rescue party?” Mike shouted at the robots as they came closer. When the lead robot was only a few feet away, Mike flung out his chain while holding on to one end in hopes of wrapping around the machine’s torso and pulling it over the ledge of the cliff he had just climbed. As the chain neared the robot its titanium hand reached up and simply caught it in midflight and in the same motion pulled it hard knocking Mike to his knees. As he stumbled back to his feet two more sets of cold and powerful titanium hands grabbed his from behind and pivoted him around to face the first human Mike had seen.

“Welcome to Plum Island,” said Mr. Smith in his usual monotone voice, “I see you have met our RAIF recon team, they will be happy to escort you to your cell until we can figure out what the hell you are doing on this island. It’s not hard to see that your intent is of a nefarious nature after all not too many fishermen in these waters sport a rocker leather jacket and are packing heat. Take him to the brig and await further instructions.”

(To be continued…)

That’s it for now! The next story will be published soon. We will keep posting stories every week leading up to the anticipated Project-X announcement.

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14 thoughts on “BOOK 4, P14: Odious Optimism – Mike’s Lament

  1. Hey keep up the good work! This stuff is great!

  2. Grecy Garcia says:

    Wow a mysterious donor? So I will be reading this as soon as you posted new stories. I hope it is long too, just like this one.

  3. Woooah the bigger story of Project-X is slowly unfolding, waiting for the next updates

  4. kadoyatsukasa123 says:

    Is this his segway for becoming a spy?I mean I say that because he seems to know Brianna.

  5. luffyzorro2012 says:

    Whoa I did not see it but it is Smith that captured him? Interesting turn of events.

  6. midnytkat05 says:

    I hope there will be an audiobook version of this for people with vision disability. They will surely enjoy this interesting series.

  7. I’m really enjoying reading your action story. I hope to read the continuation.

  8. Can’t wait for the next installment as I want to know what Mr. Smith will have Mike do. I like the progression of this story! I want to know more.

  9. micorobin says:

    Why was he brought there? Is this a recruitment chapter? I was under the impression that he is already part of the team.

  10. Woah if you have the power to put stops on this guy then you must be something. The professor is holding the keys to the kingdom tight.

  11. Mau says:

    The Professor really has to be careful with his words and actions otherwise a lot of the villains will be going against him! Also, I’m curious to know who the mysterious donor is.

  12. mchesk16 says:

    Things are getting heated in the Champions and Villains world! It’s nice that someone finally dished out some punishment to that Mike character. With his constant bigotry, he’s been yearning for a smack-down.

  13. wokerful says:

    This prject-x series has me in expectation. What would be the final chapter like, I wonder. Good stories

  14. unvrso says:

    I´m getting hooked by these action stories. I´ll be wating for the final episode of this interesting saga

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