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BOOK 4, P12: Odious Optimism - Know Thine Enemy. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Animation. Media. Entertainment. Woman Owned.

Analia opened her mouth to scream but was quickly kicked by Briiana, “Quiet, keep it together. Do you want it to see us before I can get a shot off?”

Today we continue with part twelve of book 4. Hope you enjoy!

“Simon, swing by the port area on your way back, I want to check out the ships sitting in the harbor, ” Mr. Smith said over the Black Hawk communication system.

Simon banked left and took the chopper down low over the mostly abandoned docks. Since the fall of New York, the Port Authority had ceased to operate, and the backlog of international cargo ships sat idle in the waterways with no one to unload their cargo.

As the helicopter flew along the shoreline, the flumes of smoke and obvious signs of chaos became the usual sight until one building stood out as Mr. Smith peered out his side window.

The building sat untouched by the anarchy that surrounded it. Windows intact, doors closed, even a pristine eighteen wheeler sat parked outside one of the loading bays.

“Something is up with that place Simon, swing around and take another look, it doesn’t look right,, ” Mr. Smith said with a cautious tone, “if it doesn’t feel right it usually isn’t. If there is one thing, we have learned it’s that.”

Simon dove the chopper down as far as he could and once again buzzed the strangely intact warehouse.

“What the hell was that?” Simon nearly blew out Mr. Smith’s eardrums, “there unloading the truck!”

Mr. Smith grabbed his binoculars and focused in on the trailer of the eighteen wheeler and watched a hulking and bizarre creature carrying pallets of wrapped paper into the warehouse.

“Umm, this may sound crazy to you Simon but I think a giant bunny is unloading the truck and he is freaking strong!” Mr. Smith handed Simon the binoculars and took control of the helicopter.

“If you hadn’t said it first, I think I may have kept it to myself boss, but yes it does,” Simon said puzzled.

“Get back to base, we just dropped off everyone else I think we need Bri and Ana to go and take a look,” Mr. Smith said matter of factly as he stared out of the helicopter’s front window trying to process what he had seen.

The Professor sat in his study in the corner section of his warehouse at his drafting table scanning his latest plan. It was genius he thought to himself as he smiled his impish grin. “It’s not easy being this smart, oh wait yes it is.” he joked to himself, admiring his handy work. As he stood basking in the glow of his latest stroke of brilliance the dull thud, thud, thud of the sound of a chopper broke his train of thought. The sound faded within seconds and the Professor, knowing that the army had been grounded passed it off as his ears playing tricks on him and called Dr. Zu into his study so she too could tell him how truly brilliant he was.

Mr. Smith walked into the shooting range on Plum Island and watched for a few minutes before waving his hand to motion the General to shut it down. The General tapped Analia and Briiana on the shoulder and told them to put the guns down.

“Not bad ladies, Bri your target has no head, well done. Ana your guy has a mangled knee…we may need to work on that” Mr. Smith said with a slightly slanted smile, “but I am afraid you two need to suit up and head to the docks, something is going on down there, and I don’t like the look of it. You are to do recon and recon only. A quick look around then out. Get your suits, I get the idea you are going to need the extra protection on this one, so we are not going incognito other than the fact that you will be trying not to get noticed. Bri take your gun, Ana maybe next time. Wheels up in 15.”

As Briiana and Analia left the range and headed to the barracks to suit up Simon turned to Mr. Smith, “Should we tell him about the bunny man?”

“Not yet. Let’s hope we are both just getting old and our eyesight is going. Besides until they see it for themselves they wouldn’t believe us anyway. Hell, I wouldn’t believe me.” Mr. Smith responded shrugging his shoulders. “We will drop them a few blocks away on the end of Pier 23 and wait for them there if all goes smoothly we will be in and out in under 30 minutes.”

As Briiana and Analia approached the Professor’s warehouse, it seemed eerily quiet. There seemed to be no movement around the building and very few lights coming from inside. As they neared the rear doors, one suddenly flew open, and a hideous looking creature emerged carrying a massive steel drum marked with the unmistakable insignia of biohazardous waste.

Analia opened her mouth to scream but was quickly kicked by Briiana, “Quiet, keep it together. Do you want it to see us before I can get a shot off?”

Analia continued to stare at the bizarre looking being in front of her and whispered, “We are only here to do recon remember?”

“Recon my ass” replied Briiana, “that thing isn’t even human, and as far as I know, it will freaking eat us. No way is it on our side, I am taking a shot.”

Brianna raised the Firefly, adjusted the sight and pulled the trigger.

The Has screamed and dropped the steel drum on the pavement clutching his right shoulder then stared in the direction of Briiana. Then with seemingly minimal effort sprang from the alleyway to the roof of the building and disappeared.

Brianna was still aiming the Firefly at where the creature had been until Analia placed her hand over the gun and gently lowered Briiana’s arms. “I think we need to get back to the helicopter and I believe that we must go now, ” she said gently.

Brianna nodded, and the two Champions headed back to Pier 23 as fast as they could.

The Has fell through the door of the Professor’s study still clutching his shoulder, “Blue suits, gun, my shoulder, I’m sorry.”

The Professor held the Hasenpfeffer as he slouched down on the floor and called out to Dr. Zu, “Darling, activate Lady T, put her on the roof with her party crasher and eliminate anything that flies and activate Mike and Karl. It’s time they found these so called Champions, it’s time they felt some pain, the more brutal, the better.”

(To be continued)

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20 thoughts on “BOOK 4, P12: Odious Optimism – Know Thine Enemy

  1. Do the heroes even know who these guys are? I mean there is no instance where they met or anything. Unless, Mr. Smith has some intel.

  2. skydragonwendymarvell says:

    Where are the others anyway? I do not recall them separating let alone going on a mission? Is it just me or it feels lacking?

  3. wolfbro92 says:

    I can’t wait for the next chapter already. I can’t wait to see if Travour is going to do anything special to get Analia’s attention or you know, some love from her haha.

  4. micorobin says:

    As for me I will just have to roll with it I guess!!!Who knows we may get a narrative later on explaining things. Not a flashback but a statement or implied dialogue.

  5. One problem Erza THIS IS NOT TV BUT A BOOK!!! Flashbacks are harder in written form so SE definitely dropped the ball on this one.

  6. titanierza says:

    Just roll with it guys. For all we know Flashbacks are there in the books. It can solve this seemingly gaps in the story.

  7. grayicemake says:

    I agree DV. It is like a lot of happen off screen!!! I mean how do they even knew that the villains are there. I did not read that previously.

  8. darkkvader says:

    Nice story even though i feel like I missed some of the chapters 🙁

  9. valine13 says:

    They make a good team. Honestly I think it’s the first time ever hearing Analia. Good character

  10. amaterasu123 says:

    Yeah I know what you mean because that bunny is a chimera so without saying it has to be super human. Good chapter regardless.

  11. alexsummers123 says:

    Briiana huh? I am happy to see that she is finally in the lime light. How will they beat them though? For one the bunny hybrid I take it is at SUPERHUMAN levels while on their end the champions are never implied as such.

  12. This is a good story line, I will probably get the previous books. Where can I find the previous books?

    1. Hi HebrewIsraelitesBlog, you can find the previous books at this link:

  13. sansnomph says:

    I’m rooting for Brianna. Where are the next chapters? I can’t wait!

  14. “Reckon my ass”, Brianna is cool man! waiting for its next part.

  15. Mau says:

    Maybe the champions shouldn’t use the chopper all the time, it’s basically announcing “we are here” and could lead them to more trouble than not. And Has… I would have expected that he smelled Briiana and Analia right away.

  16. We are hear already? Last time I remember these guys are in training so what? Unless a lot happened off screen!!!

  17. I think Briiana and Analia make a good team. It’s just a little annoying that Briiana has to tell Analia what to do to make sure they are safe. Analia needs to step up.

  18. Where can I find the previous chapters? Where does this start off exactly? It is weird reading ANALIA x Travour then this.

  19. unvrso says:

    Good extract from the book. I follow the story from start to end. It kept me mesmerized, The thought of encountering a similar creature in real life is scary, but sometimes one does

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