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User-Interface Tips to Increase In-App Purchases. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Animation. Media. Entertainment. Woman Owned.

Game developers should do whatever they can to make their in-app purchases as appealing as possible. Whether it is faster resources, powerful items, or more chapters, the cash shop should make the game, even more, entertaining and addicting than it already is. Many developers don’t show much interest and effort to make the in-app purchases presentable. This is expected since developers want to make their gameplay as accurate as possible, but it will all be a total waste if you can’t get anyone to consider throwing a few bucks your way.

Look at the following user interface decisions that some of the top grossing game have made and inculcate them into your game too.

  1. Make Sure The Menus Are Easily Available: After all your hard work that you have put into the game, it would be very disappointing if players are not buying something from your cash shop only because they didn’t know how to buy them. Make sure that your UI is designed so well that the players can easily navigate the menus and accurately locate your in-app purchase screen. You can ask your playtesters to try and perform an in-app purchase. If your playtesters need to struggle to find the in-app purchase screen or if it is taking a long time for them to figure it out, it is time to make some changes.
  2. Make Buttons And Menus More Engaging: A UI expert knows how quickly people get attracted to flashing lights and colors. Casinos have used this strategy for years with gambling games that bombard passer-byes with glowing lights, bright UI screens, and even winning sounds. This is why many successful games apply more shaded areas and animated effects to improve the chance of players watching the promotion being offered. The main trick that UI designers use is blur test. This requires squinting your eyes to see if the UI elements are still clear and readable. The goal is to boost the contrast on the button advancing your cash shop so that it is brighter than other parts of the screen and thus grab more attention. While most would argue that this is getting too pushy, a full-screen promotion can also be very productive. Instead of irritating players by having it pop up after every level, only use full-screen advertisements when you’re offering discounts or introducing a special sale.
  3. Use Visuals and Language That Are Engaging and Familiar: For many developers, there’s a lot of satisfaction in making their game feel unique. While creativity and innovation are more than welcome when it comes to gameplay, players may be more willing to press that purchase button if it looks straightforward and familiar to them. That is why many top-grossing games, share a few similarities when it comes to their UI.
  4. Attractive Offers: Usage of badge icons to grab player’s direct attention to the offer they think is the best and engaging one is required. Make sure to add phrases like “New!,” “Best Deal!”, or “25% Off!,” so players can realize why the particular item or bundle is worth picking up at that very moment. Also, don’t forget to design the badges/icons, that contrast with the rest of the screen and can stand out.

What are the strategies you follow to increase your game’s in-app purchases? Let us know in the comments section or Tweet us @essjay_ent!



23 thoughts on “User-Interface Tips to Increase In-App Purchases

  1. micorobin says:

    This is a bad trend where in being flashy means everything . It even outweighs performance. I do not roll that way it takes more than flashy Icon to get my attention.

  2. The way I see it GUI should be user friendly I mean sure there are geeks out there but the thing is consumers have no time for complicated stuff. For example my grandma does not care about icons so yes.

  3. Nowadays with this tech centered environment GUI are now a center of attention. Although I am not into flashy stuff It has its draw on people.

  4. nightcrawlerxmen says:

    I always thought that the consumers must be put first before money. However, I understand that money talks in business.

  5. skydragonwendymarvell says:

    User Friendly!!! That is always a best bet. Not all consumers are into the tech stuff in particular the elderly.

  6. Simple does it best. And straightforward. No need for flashy or colorful buttons.

  7. This all boils down to one simple thing and that is effective communication. So I’d like to highlight the importance of #3. Always make sure that you get your message across clearly. Avoid ambiguous language or images!

  8. valine13 says:

    Personally, the offers are really a good strategy. You can have more eyes and purchases if you have something that can make them love the app.

  9. darkkvader says:

    I’m into this because I’m a designer. The look and feel of the visuals are very important.

  10. moondebi says:

    From a user point of view, if the menus are easily available then it makes the buying process easier. I would rather say that an easy user interface is the soul of any in-app which makes the gaming experience uncomplicated. An app with catchy UI would be a sure shot hit among the users. After all, buyers want entertainment without complexity.

  11. miakayuuki2012 says:

    I always prefer substance over form, I mwan as long it works and has function I do not care about Icons.

  12. alexsummers123 says:

    Even buttons are a scam? First time I heard that. However I know what you mean I prefer my buttons to be functional as suppose to just flair!!!

  13. Sometimes I look at those buttons and they look fishy. Like a scam LOL! Seriously, most of the time I dunno what they are for. So yeah, make them clear and straightforward.

  14. Two words: User friendly. If developers can make in-app purchases a pleasant experience, there’s a big chance us gamers will have no qualms shelling out more money just to progress through the game.

  15. Mau says:

    I think making the GUI user friendly is always a plus. I don’t know about flashing lights and colors– I assume for kids this is ok but for older consumers probably not.

  16. Rain Santos-Ocampo says:

    Yeah I’m a sucker for attractive deals. I just can’t help it. I’d buy if it was a good deal and I really think it’s a good strategy if the app is something I’m really using or into.

  17. Maury Cheskes says:

    Making it look presentable is very important. Also, finding a way to make your app look stand out will be very beneficiary.

  18. amaterasu123 says:

    Now I finally get it its improvement of GUI for apps he he. Well, as long as the app is good and working it is enough for me.

  19. Grecy Garcia says:

    I am attracted to offers. If I can get the best for the lowest price, I will get it. Also, I agree on the part that it should have an engaging features. I love good sounds and definitely colors will attract me. I love to see it everytime I play.

  20. kadoyatsukasa123 says:

    App purchases that is mew to me. I am familiar with online shopping but app purchases? As in purchasing an item via app? Or purchasing an app itself? I am confused.

  21. I’m not a game developer, so this will be from the point of view of a gamer. So far, the in-app purchase button in the games I’ve encountered are okay. I think it’s not in how it looks like or where it is placed. Developers should make the game engage so us gamers will be enticed to buy.

  22. It basically works just like marketing 101, the same thing that actually applies in the real world can be translated into the in-app purchase menu. That actually makes sense since the more easily-available they are the easier consumers are tempted to buy into it, of course, the visually attractive aspect also plays a factor specially to kids using apps.

  23. Kelvin Yu says:

    On the contrary, I would prefer non-intrusive and inconspicuous buttons. Flashy buttons distract me from the game.

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