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On this most solemn Memorial Day, we remember those that gave the ultimate sacrifice and we thank you immensely for your service.


9 thoughts on “Honoring Memorial Day 2017

  1. A big thank you to all the men and women who died defending this great country. You are the reason why we’re still here. And that will never be forgotten.

  2. We honor your sacrifice for our country. We are forever grateful. Thank you very much,

  3. Grecy Garcia says:

    We always needs to commemorate our heroes, who served us and defend us from all the attacks and enemies. Here in our country, we always do that. Serving the country by defending them against enemies that wants to ruin it is a very tough job. They are protecting our country.

  4. darkkvader says:

    I hope terrorism will one day vanish and only good heroes like these are the ones changing the world. Thank you guys!

  5. valine13 says:

    There are still a lot of good people in the world. I salute these heroes for serving their country.

  6. revshine101 says:

    Yeah, We should be proud of our nation as well as the heroes those who are served our nation. They are the real heroes of our country. Always there is a huge confidence required to sacrifice ourselves to the country. My heartful thanks and salute to the heroes our nation as well as their ultimate service to the country.

  7. A big thanks to our heroes! We are very grateful to those who laid their lives for our country.

  8. I salute our heroes! We owe the life that we have today to your sacrifice. Thank you!

  9. Mau says:

    Serving one’s country is an honorable way to live. It is a courageous decision– I doubt I will do it.

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