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BOOK 4, P6: Odious Optimism - Meet The Family. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Animation. Media. Entertainment. Woman Owned.

The now alert group of eight gasped at the hideousness of The Hasenpfeffer as he leaped from the rafters of the ceiling and landed without a sound on the floor.

Today we continue with part six of book 4. Hope you enjoy!

“Well, well, well,” the Professor said as he peered through his glasses at Dr. Zu and put down the newspaper he had been reading.

The front page of the paper on the boardroom table in the worn down old warehouse read, “Champions Save City: Citizens Have a New Hope.”

“It seems that there is a new team of do-gooders in town,” he said with a scowl “and to top it off they call themselves The Champions! Little cocky don’t you think my dear?”

Dr. Zu flashed the professor her sexiest smile, “You are just jealous you didn’t think of it first for your gang of psychos.”
“Not at all, in fact, I would never undermine my group of killers with such a name. Actions speak far louder than monikers. We shall see which of us will be truly called champions in the end” the Professor replied with an impish grin. “Let the games begin.”

He then turned his evil smile towards Has, “Has my dear boy, it’s time we messed with our new family. Are you ready?”

The Hassenpfeffer just nodded and ran off to the back room.

The Professor and Dr. Zu headed from their interior strategy room into the vast expanse of the abandoned port side building.

In front of them sat eight psychopaths still groggy from a sedative designed to attack their DNA and leave distinct markers for future use. Each one seated on a metal chair hands shackled to a chain attached to the concrete floor.

As The Villains’ heads began to rise one by one and come to terms with their disorientation, The Professor began to speak.

“Good morning my lovelies, well afternoon actually but nevertheless, welcome to my humble abode, I have big plans for you. You have all been chosen to assist me in the most important thing you will do in your miserable lives. Yes, yes I know it’s incredibly cliché, world domination yadda yadda, but I am doing it differently, and you will play a fundamental role in my success. Every super villain inevitably fails. In every movie, every game and every story they always lose. Why is that you would ask if you were not still suffering the effects of my designer dehabilitator? Well, I shall tell you. Every super villain has a weakness, a penchant for the mushier gushy aspects of this mortal coil. They always attain their billions then use their money to kill off the people who they perceive to have done them wrong. When they achieve their goal, they will force the right people of the world to bow to them and acknowledge their greatness. Predictable. Boring. I have no such weakness. I don’t even like humans; I think you are a waste of this planet’s resources. Quite simply I want to kill all of you and replace you with a better version of the citizen, like Has here.”

The now alert group of eight gasped at the hideousness of The Hasenpfeffer as he leaped from the rafters of the ceiling and landed without a sound on the floor. The hairy half man half rabbit half….something stared at them and smiled baring his jagged and razor sharp teeth. He then raised his arms over his head and thrust them forward violently causing the chairs the Villains sat on to go careening and clanking across the floor behind them.

Now that he had their full attention The Professor continued his soliloquy.

“You are all bad, bad people. I know I’ve been watching you. You are also very, very good at what you do, so I am going to use you to achieve my goals. First a few introductions. Mike this is Karl, he killed your father I am sure you two will have a lot to talk about. Mike, Hooligan, and Karl this is Suzy. She will kill both of you simply because you are men after she seduces you of course. Suzy, Karl, Mike and Hooligan this is Lady Tarragon. She will kill all of you simply because she really, really enjoys killing people and you happen to be in her relative proximity” he egged them on.

“Now, this fantastic specimen of beauty is the notorious Dr. Zu. My wife and way, way worse than the legend you may have heard. She is happy to not only kill you but she enjoys rearranging your corpse afterwards. You should see her work it really is stunning” The Professor went on, “and this is Has, I made him and he is way better than you.”

At that moment The Hasenpfeffer raised his arms, and the group of villains rose into the air their hand still shackled to the floor. As they hung upside down, their arms straining from the effects of reverse gravity the Professor approached each one a mere inch from their faces.

“And I am the Professor. I can and will kill all of you. You now work for me. As for your ill will towards your fellow pychos, myself, Dr. Zu and of course Has here that will have to wait. Thanks to me and my genius you physically cannot harm any member of the team” he said with an eerie laugh.

Perhaps it was the blood racing to their heads, but the Villains somehow believed that the weird little man was telling the truth.

“Put them down now Has and let them try to take their shots, unshackle them.” He said as he and Dr. Zu walked out of the building.

The Has threw his arms in a downward motion, and the group of eight came crashing to the floor. Has then made a slashing motion at each of their chains and the chains broke in two. He then left out the same door as his creator.

Lucas looked on from his hiding place and finding it hard to control his laughter ran out the back door to join his new family.

(To be continued…)

That’s it for now! The next story will be published soon. We will keep posting stories every week leading up to the anticipated Project-X announcement.

If you’re interested in reading the individual background life summaries or viewing updated artwork of our Champions and Villains, then please follow the links here: Champions and Villains. The main story that ties all the characters together in Project-X will be updated at the following link as stories are published: Story-line.

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18 thoughts on “BOOK 4, P6: Odious Optimism – Meet The Family

  1. Miles Cutler says:

    It’s the villains’ turn! Let’s see them in action, shall we? Just like the others here, I wanna know what Lucas’ powers are. And that half-rabbit! I wanna see how powerful he is when fighting the Champions!

  2. I second your opinion, Margherita. That’s what I suspected after reading that part in the story. The Professor is drugging them so they can do whatever he wants. But what about Lucas? I think he is a true hybrid and is not drugged by the professor but is bad anyway.

  3. I think it’s more than just a sedative that the Professor has injected in them. I reckon it’s like a drug to enhance their capabilities, but at the same time, the Professor can control or manipulate them. Genius.

  4. Hey I’m also curious as to what this announcement will be. Is it a grand launch? Are you gonna launch Project X on several platforms? That would be cool tho. But for now we need to hurry up on the story LOL!

  5. So I just read the footnote after the story. When is the Project X announcement? I’m surprised. What sort of announcement would it be? I wish you’d hurry up on these stories so we can get to that part already!

  6. I wonder what evil plan they are hatching?!?!? That half-man half-rabbit looks really angry and will kill anyone that crosses its path. What is Lucas’s power?

  7. micorobin says:

    I second that Kelvin. THis is why I say that the teams are unfair. They were unbalance to start with now Lucas comes along.

  8. Kelvin Yu says:

    Yes Yusuf, I also reckon Lucas is Dylan’s foe. As with the other members of this team, they have their own counterpart with the Champions. But what about the Hasenpfeffer? The Champions don’t have a hybrid.

  9. So Lucas is with them. I think he will be Dylan’s counterpart. I’m curious as to what his powers are.

  10. Grecy Garcia says:

    Who is Lucas in the drawing ? Did I missed something? I realized it takes longer before this one’s update because I no longer remember the first episode about this. i was lost that I have to read it again and again to refresh my brain. Kudos.

  11. miakayuuki2012 says:

    Who the heck is Lucas? Is he a new character? Timr to go back to the drawing boards on this one. Where do I start?

  12. darkkvader says:

    Ohh the villian really looks scary! I want him to be drawn facing us next time! He’s so huge

  13. valine13 says:

    Thanks for another update. it’s been long but it’s okay.

  14. Mau says:

    This is a fun read, I enjoyed reading the villains’ story more than the champions. Hopefully the Professor will be able to control his gang. Kinda hard to work together if you don’t trust each other…

  15. Sweet detail. I like that this villain’s got a whole new outlook on going about his business. He also looks like he can dish out a wicked beating to anyone who crosses him. Thanks for the read!

  16. Albeneth says:

    Thanks for updating the Project X story, I had fun reading it. I feel so excited for the next story update. Keep posting!

  17. This one took a long time. I thought you guys already forgot about Project X! I want to see this group in action too. Next part please!

  18. Ah finally! So it’s the villain’s turn this time. Wait, who’s Lucas again? I forgot his back story.

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