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Ky's Korner #44: IT Expert Defeats The Wanna Cry Cyber Attack From Home... Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Animation. Media. Entertainment. Woman Owned.

Hello, again Friends!

I love hearing stories like this one… Stories where the average Joe saves the day… I say average but, this kid’s a super genius! Native Brit, Marcus Hutchins, who works for Kryptos Logic, based out of Los Angeles, so humbly says he’s no hero… I disagree. Hero’s come in all shapes and sizes and his super power just happens to be his brain! Works for me! 

Hutchins explains that he is no a hero simply because, he fights Malware because he knows “it’s the right thing to do.” Only a true hero says such things… LOL.

During his very first face-to-face interview, explained that on Monday, hundreds of computer experts banned together, worked through the entire weekend, focused on beating this virus that shut down computers in over 150 countries.

“I am not a hero,” he says. “I’m just someone doing my bit to stop botnets.” 

This “non-hero,” a 22-year-old computer genius living just South of the coast of England, discovered the “kill Switch” for the virus. This did not stop the virus from spreading but, it did slow it down enough, long enough of Friday for Marcus to fight the worm. He spent the next three days working on it until it was completely defeated. This virus had already taken its toll on Britain’s hospital system and he was determined to keep going until he broke the code.

This WannaCry virus, crippled mostly older versions of Microsoft Windows by encrypting files, sending a message stating that the user had to pay between $300-$600 just to be released from the virus, otherwise leaving all their files and data warped and destroyed beyond repair.

Can you believe this? Who in their right mind thinks they have the right to do this? Where was anonymous? I would think they would be the first to fight this. Thank goodness we have citizens in this world such as Marcus to help fight these nasty predators! Just makes me so mad… to me, it’s like… Why not take your talents and do some good with it? I hope they find those responsible and deal with them accordingly… they should not be allowed to just get away with this! Who’s with me??

Hutchins said in the interview that he just happened to come across this “kill switch” while investigating a sample of the malicious code, then he noticed it was linked to a specific unregistered web address. Quickly, he registered the domain, something he does regularly to put a stop to these cyber attacks and, luckily, that was able to stop the worm from spreading and were all lucky this took place before it even had a chance to hit the United States. From there, Salim Neino, CEO of Kryptos Logic, took over.

“Marcus, with the program he runs at Kryptos Logic, not only saves the United States but, also prevented further damage to the rest of the world. Within a few moments, we were able to validate there was indeed a kill switch. It was a very exciting moment, this is something Marcus validated himself.” Says, Neino.

Apparently, they found that, while they were unable to “Patient Zero” the first time around, which could have given researchers more information regarding the fight against the attack. Either way, this time they found that the virus was “poorly designed,” only patched together with a “sum of different parts,” with a very disorganized payment system.

Hutchin’s is a member of a large community composed of people just like him. spending their days fighting these online threats, often sharing his finds on Twitter under the handle “Malware Tech.” He now realizes that is the end for his long time anonymity, as he knows there will be retaliation on him and others within his organization.

Marcus has not been in touch with the FBI and is considering some new career options. “I don’t think I’m going back to the Malware Tech that everyone knew.” I don’t know about you but, I like the idea of this guy working on our behalf and the FBI. Sound to me like he’s more than ready to move onto bigger things, we could use someone like him for sure.

This computer fighting hero said his fame will be short lived, as that is not what it is about for him, and this is why he only agreed to do one interview and that’s it….

“I felt like I should agree to do one interview,” and I can see why. That one interview made this gentle soul so nervous that he even misspelled his own last name, leaving out the last “N.” If you happen to look up other related articles, you may notice the mishap, as most writers thought initially that they had the correct spelling of his name. Too funny and too cute! LOL

Here’s a video that shows Hutchin’s interview. He is so humble about it all. What a sweetheart he is! 

Thanks so much for stopping by Ky’s Korner today! Until next time my dear friends!

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33 thoughts on “Ky’s Korner #44: IT Expert Defeats The Wanna Cry Cyber Attack From Home…

  1. Big thanks to this guy! I also agree with the comment above, we must upgrade our systems. It may not be the latest OS or hardware, but it shouldn’t be like, 10+ years old!

  2. Good job bro! Keep up the good work and keep us out of those cyber villains. You’re a real hero to us!

  3. Miles Cutler says:

    Thank you Marcus! Yep, I’m sure the FBI, NSA or the MI6 will come knocking on your door pretty soon. Great work!

  4. Albeneth says:

    Wow! kuddos to this child for defeating the WannaCry cyberattack. This boy for me is hero. Imagine how the WannaCry cyberattack infected the thousands of files recently of businesses, hospitals across hundreds of countries around the world.

  5. I would’ve also cried if my computer was infected! But big thanks to this guy who saved a lot of people from trouble. Truly a modern-day hero. A REAL hero whose superpower is his brain.

  6. I wanna date him! 🙂 His shyness and intelligence are a sexy combination. Don’t you love geeky guys? 🙂

  7. revshine101 says:

    Thank god, finally, some brave soul has shown up to defeat this virus, I was too scared of it as I thought what if it hits my system. But luckily this humble and brave man had shown up to save our lives. Really inspirational and I like his humble personality the most. I was praying to god somehow this virus has to be defeated and yes, it is really awesome to know. Thanks for sharing.

  8. He’s a true superhero. I hope he and the rest of his team won’t rest on their laurels. Cyber attack is ever evolving and I reckon those who made this virus are developing a new one that’s more vicious and more crippling than the last.

    1. Ky Lynn says:

      Yep! No doubt about it! You are so right! This fight will continue….

  9. Awww what a lovely guy! You can never really tell by the person’s appearance, no? Looks like your average lad, but deep inside is a genius who saved the day! Good job!

  10. Kelvin Yu says:

    Thank you, Sir, for saving a lot of computers! Your quick thinking will surely be rewarded. I hope more and more IT experts would be like you instead of creating havoc and mayhem.

    1. Ky Lynn says:


  11. Lesson: Upgrade now. Why are still companies using Windows XP? Microsoft has even stopped supporting that OS.

    1. Ky Lynn says:

      Right! They use the old systems just save money by not buying all new ones… but really it would save them money in the long run. Considering so many business were effected by this. They have to realize it surely could and probably will happen again and it could be here next time. I mean if it wasn’t for Marcus it would have hit here this time… they need to be prepared!

  12. darkkvader says:

    Good thing I wasnt using old XPs and Vistas now since it is so old now and not supported. I felt bad when I heard that because of this virus that they suddenly provided support. good thing Marcus helped us!

  13. valine13 says:

    We’ve been affected by this virus as well. He is so skilled and he used his this to protect many countries. This guy deserves to be rewarded.

    1. Ky Lynn says:

      Yes! He deserves a medal!

  14. grayicemake says:

    Thankfully , my computer does not contain any world valuable data. The best thing that hackers will see are just games and photos.

    1. Ky Lynn says:

      Hahaha! Good call!

  15. Good job Marcus! Yeah I also wondered too why Anonymous has been silent about this. Where are they anyway? Despite this victory, I’m anticipating a bigger cyber attack. Of course villains won’t just sit back and admit defeat, right? I hope that Marcus and the rest of our cyber heroes are well-prepared when that time comes.

    1. Ky Lynn says:

      Very true! I am wondering what will happen next myself. But, your right at least we know Marcus and other like him are out there. And if need be anonymous should handle it.

  16. This guy ought to be rewarded! If one could imagine the scale of the wrath the virus has caused, Mr Hutchins is truly a modern day hero. And when the company president said Mr Hutchins saved the US, I thought, wow! He’s no different from Superman or Ironman or name-that-superhero who saved an American city. A city. But this humble guy saved a country!

    1. Ky Lynn says:

      Yes! Agreed friend! Were so lucky he saved us, your right just like a real life Superman… No doubt about it!!

  17. elaine says:

    ” Who in their right mind thinks they have the right to do this?” What I think that, sometimes, when we have positive mind of thinking, then we might go to achieve the tasks.

    1. Ky Lynn says:

      So true!

  18. I’m glad that this virus has been identified, i’ve never heard of this virus before though. At least it’s taken care of now though.

  19. Adrian says:

    Every public and private corporations especially those hold and do risky tasks should atleast upgrade their system. I am currently working on the government and their machines run on windows XP, which is a risky OS to run at this age. While we fear the impending war, being technologically aware may save us from such cyber attacks which may be used against us. Kudos to the expert who successfully stopped that virus. You are an inspiration to us!

  20. Grecy Garcia says:

    Woah, may God Bless him for what he did. I learned the devastating news at CNN and I never thought it will get resolve. Now it is, and thanks to this young guy, very techie and sincere, plus determined to solve the problem. Now, the people who spread virus will be thinking on how they can possible do it again for sure.

  21. Grecy Garcia says:

    Woah, may God Bless him for what he did. I learned the devastating news at CNN and I never thought it will get resolve. Now it is, and thanks to this young guy, very techie and sincere, plus determined to solve the problem. Now, the people who spread virus will be thinking on how they can possible do it again for sure.

    1. Ky Lynn says:


  22. bbestari says:

    this is all over the news. in my country now, it affected major hospital in several cities. however, they said it only infects windows with older version, I wonder those institution has been using the same OS version for ages and never update it, so than it becomes vulnerable.

  23. Mau says:

    I love reading stories like this– it sounds straight from a movie. Hutchins is a hero for me, too!

    1. Ky Lynn says:

      Me too!! I love when hackers are fighting on the right side! He def is a hero in my book too!

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