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Ky's Korner #39: Gaming Is My Favorite Stress Reliever... What's Yours?? Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Animation. Media. Entertainment. Woman Owned.

Hello my darlings!

Today, I have decided to take a day off from life from all the hustle and bustle… Today, I am on a gamer binge. Sometimes, we just need a moment to escape and just forget all the stress that life can put us through. To me, the best medicine is a game that I cannot get enough of, a game that allows me to get lost in another world, someone else’s story. I love that I can pretend to be someone else for just a little bit. Now, that’s not to say that I don’t love who I am because trust me, I love my life and wouldn’t change a thing but, putting yourself in the shoes of your favorite character can be an awesome thing! Who’s with me here??

Do you ever feel like you use gaming to simply get away? I suppose some people prefer to take a vacation these things but, let’s face it, not everyone has the funds nor the time. There’s nothing easier than popping in a game and letting your creativity take over. I am an artist so, creating art is another way for me “get away” without actually “getting away.” I can get lost in drawing a portrait or in a painting for hours but, today I felt like getting lost in a game instead… I’m sure plenty of you can relate.

I love that I can get so into a game that I don’t even notice that I’ve been playing it for hours. I think we all need that at times… we all need to just let it all go and submerge our brain in something that has our full attention. Gaming really is to me, a sense of therapy. How many of you agree? Do you feel like gaming is a good stress reliever? I know I do, for sure. I mean… there are those times that your brain just won’t stop… you know those nights when you lie there in bed exhausted, and you’re flooded with thoughts of what went wrong that day or what you need to do tomorrow. Sometimes we just need something to keep all these thoughts at bay for a minute and gaming, in my opinion, is perfect for that… I know many of you would have to agree.

Honestly, I think more people should game as a way of relieving stress. Not that I think everyone has to be a “gamer” but, even games like Candy Crush or Bubble Witch, both games I actually love myself. I’m even quite the champion on my UNO game… LOL. I use those daily as a way of escaping even if it’s only for a few minutes at a time. I think anything that gives you that release is a good thing. Gaming is my absolute favorite stress reliever as I mentioned in the title but, it’s my only way of finding some much-needed relaxation…  I even love losing myself in a good book from time to time. Truth be told… it best be a really good book to hold my attention until the end… My imagination can seem very real sometimes and I love it when a good book allows me to create images of a character or a scene in my mind… I’m super lucky to have a good friend, Didi(a name I actually gave her in kindergarten and it just kinda stuck, yeah we’ve been friends for a long time!)…But, she happens to be an avid reader and she reads all the time, so she is my go-to girl when I’m in need of a good read. Close friends are great for these things. Our taste is very similar so, I know if she loves a book I will too. She’s also my Netflix junkie twin, for lack of better words, but..that actually really does sum it up pretty well!

I have to admit days like today are my absolute favorite. I can be whoever I want in a game and actually pretend to be as hardcore as I feel I am in real life… LOL. You just can’t beat that! I can fight off a hoard of zombies or play as my favorite superhero’s… yeah, I’m a nerd like that way and I am so okay with that! Life can be so overwhelming at times, I don’t know about y’all but, I need days like today. I can sit in my room and hide away from the world and explore places and stories that I may never have been able to otherwise.

What are some of your favorite ways of relieving the stress of daily life? Do we have similar ways of de-stressing? Maybe it’s Yoga or working out… whatever it may be… let me know. This gal is always up for trying new things! I will surely take your advice to heart… I promise!

As always… I am OH SO HAPPY you decided to stop by Ky’s Korner today! Let’s chat again very soon my friends!!

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38 thoughts on “Ky’s Korner #41: Gaming Is My Favorite Stress Reliever… What’s Yours??

  1. grayicemake says:

    I always take time to release whatever it is that that stresses me. I go beast mode because sometimes facing things that upset you helps.

  2. I find playing games such as Cookie Jam and Candy Crush are great stress relievers for me. I also work jigsaw puzzles and read books. If I am really stressed and need to work something out or just need a breather I can do one of these activities and get lost in them for hours.

  3. What kind of books do you like to read Ky? Aside from gaming, I de-stress by walking outside. It’s very refreshing and gives a new perspective on things that bother you. Try it guys!

    1. Ky Lynn says:

      Well, I like all kinds of books, sometimes a sappy romance, Ill admit it lol… but sometimes I just want to read a good story you know? Pretty much anything that inspires me. I like a good story about overcoming lifes challenges, and being all the better for it. Like “Tuesdays With Morrie.” Oh man, that one got me right in the feels!! Had me balling like a baby! If anyone out there has not read that book… you need too…. It’ll change your life!

  4. I get lost in booklandia! Oh I love the scenarios I create in my mind everytime I read a book. I love historical fiction — Dan Brown, Steve Berry, and the like. I am intrigued as to how they meld truth and fantasy.

  5. Kelvin Yu says:

    Gaming is my ultimate stress reliever. But I would allot hours for gaming! For a quick stress relief, I take a nap. A power nap when I’m in the office LOL!

  6. I can literally answer this at a million ways since we all have various ways to cope with stress. It all boils down to doing what makes you happy whatever that is. Me at times life gets me I am not ashamed to admit that.

    1. Ky Lynn says:

      Life gets us all down from time to time… were human, its happens to us all, you are right about that!

  7. I knit! It sounds very old school but I know how to knit since I was eight years old. I knit scarves most of the time. Comes in handy during the winter season.

    1. Ky Lynn says:

      Oh wow, I truly think knitting is such an art… I can def see how it could be relaxing. It takes such skill, precision, and patience. Your awesome!

  8. Heyy Oladipo…I’m waiting for the new Zelda too! Besides gaming, I play basketball to relieve stress. It’s my favorite sport and it gives me a different high when I play ball.

  9. I think we share a lot in common. Game is a huge miracle to me. If you don’t play games, you’re not just missing out, you’re wilfully ignoring the most rapidly evolving creative medium in human history. School’s on session, books are stealing me away from the very love of my childhood. I;m sure I’ll lay my hands on House of Zelda:Breadth of the Wild soon.

    1. Ky Lynn says:

      You are so right! You are doing great things though, once all that hard work pays off you will have time for gaming again. You inspire me! Keep up the great work!

  10. I also wanna get lost in gaming for a day. Unfortunately I can’t afford that luxury anymore. My “me time” has been getting less lately. I need a break!

    1. Ky Lynn says:

      Awww friend… find some time for yourself… I know its hard but, you deserve it!

  11. I’m a bookworm too! So does this prove that gamers are truly geeks? LOL! I read thriller…just like my games I also love survival/thriller ones.

    1. Ky Lynn says:

      Well, if gamers are geeks,,, I’m so proud to be one! This just means geeks are the coolest ever!!

  12. Grecy Garcia says:

    Right now, my stress reliever if my favorite celebrity. I have a big crush on him. He is like the millennial version of Superman. I am honest, I am getting addicted to this amazing person. But, when I am not busy stalking him, I watch korean series and read ebook, fictions.

  13. Anime is my way of letting loose. I know some think of it as kid stuff but never to me. It help me alot in tough spots of my life.

    1. Ky Lynn says:

      Good! I can see that… Anime is cool…glad you have something that takes your mind off things from time to time…we all need that!

  14. alexsummers123 says:

    I would love to have a long sleep too. Over the years I have been plague with insomnia so, I cannot do it. I am open for advice though.

  15. Miles Cutler says:

    Sleep is the best escape. But before I sleep, whenever I have the chance, I get a good massage. It relaxes and relieves the stresses of my muscles from the daily 9-5 grind.

  16. Guess what? My favorite stress reliever is…gardening! Aside from gaming, of course. It relaxes and soothes me to be with plants and flowers.

    1. Ky Lynn says:

      I can see that… Id try it if only I had a green thumb like you!

  17. Revathy says:

    Wow, such an amazing post and I can understand your feeling about stress relieving while playing games. Yeah, I too do the same whenever I feel stressed and so depressed because of my work. It regains my energy immediately and I feel refreshed while playing games. And I often play games whenever I get free time in office and I love to play games.

    1. Ky Lynn says:

      Thanks friend… thanks for reading,,,so glad you can relate!

  18. zhangisiung says:

    My stress reliever is 2G ; gaming and gym. Especially after having a tough day at office.

  19. Mau says:

    Reading is definitely my stress reliever. Aside from that, I like doing cartoons and just plain walking is soothing.

  20. Mumarticles says:

    Well, I only play mobile games to destress and I would have to agree that it’s a good way to relax. It transports you to a place where thinking is not such a task and just enjoy. Another thing I do is turn on netflix and watch one episode of any series.

  21. darkkvader says:

    Games are really good in giving yourself a pleasure. It’s really nice.

  22. valine13 says:

    Yes games are really a form of stress reliever. I really enjoy playing when I downloaded a game and i didnt know I was playing the whole day.

  23. luffyzorro2012 says:

    I agree Miaka that is definitely not healthy lol. For me I either cry it out or sleep it out. Yes guys boys do not cry but real men do.

  24. miakayuuki2012 says:

    A sign if I want to let off some steam. I either sleep or eat a lot. It is not healthy but I just do/.

  25. Isnilon Tapilon says:

    I love reading a good book too. Before gaming, reading has been my favorite escape when I still a student. I love how I can create characters in my head, beautiful landscapes, etc. The downside of this is that when a book that I read becomes a movie, the movie always falls short of my expectations!

    1. Ky Lynn says:

      So true! The movie is never as good as the book. I totally agree!

  26. Aside from gaming, my favorite stress reliever is a movie marathon! Especially movies that don’t make you think a lot (no Inception please!). I prefer rom-coms or just plain comedy. If I want relief from stress then I need a good laugh. Hey, Honest K, sprechen Sie Deutsch?

  27. Honest K says:

    Auch, I would love a binge gaming/boxset day! I don’t get to play games as much as I like to have hours of play to really immerse myself. And by immerse I mean aimlessly walk about looking for items. I’ll put my hands up to being one of those gamers that racks up 100 hours in a game without actually doing anything. I can hunt for treasure in Fable for hours 🙂 I find it great for stress relief.

    1. Ky Lynn says:

      Haha well Fable is great for doing that.. looking for items and such. Totally know what you mean!

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