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Ky's Korner #39: 10 Things Every Gamer Should Know... Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Animation. Media. Entertainment. Woman Owned.

Howdy Gamerz!!

Recently, I had a good amount of time on my hands… While sitting with nothing much to do… I had a million thoughts run through my head. You know how it is… You’re supposed to be resting & relaxing but you can’t simply because your mind just refuses to stop wondering. Yeah, so I began to jot down a few ideas. Since I absolutely love giving you guys the inside scoop on various gaming topics, I thought, why not discuss some key points I find important for all gamers?? My result was this list I have put together, a list of 10 things I think every serious gamer should know. Let’s dive right in… Shall we!?

  1. I know you’ve heard that saying, “Never judge a book by its cover,” right? Well, the same goes for games. I find it is important to never judge a game by it’s cover either. Just as with a book, it is so very difficult to know if the content is of interest to you without doing a bit of research. SO… My number one is always doing your best to find out anything and everything you can regarding a game before you make your purchase! Watch video’s… are the graphics good enough to keep you interested? Read up on what the game is about, will you enjoy the story etc. Look for reviews on the game… Preferably, Saljack’s “Let’s Review videos” featuring me…LOL.. But seriously there is a lot of info out there and all you have to do is look… games aren’t cheap, make sure the game is for you before you find yourself disappointed!
  2. While gaming it’s important to remember to save and save often. It totally sucks when you forget to save and then you die and have to start a level all over again! If you are playing a game that saves for you and it automatically has save spots, make sure you make it to one before you stop playing. No one likes getting back to their game only to find they have to repeat levels just because they had a brain fart and forgot to save, or they did not reach the save point. Keep your progress friends!!
  3. Head Shots!! Always aim for the head… this helps you not only upgrade faster but, it also helps you gain achievements and… it also takes out your enemy no problem and that is always a good thing! If you are playing a stealth game it surely helps to keep you undetected…really, staying undetected is always good in any game with multiple enemies.
  4. While playing online games… Please do not be the one that waits for people to respawn so you can kill them over and over just to multiply your kills. DO NOT BE THAT GUY!! Not only will this cause other players not like you because it is SO VERY ANNOYING… they will kick you out and block you from future games. We should all have proper gaming etiquette!! If you are a true gamer there is no need to cheat and we all know this is true!
  5. Also, while online gaming… Be sure to stay focused on your goal. If you are running around aimlessly, you are no help to the team and you might as well not be playing on a team, to begin with. There’s no need to bring down your team just because you have no interest in winning. Some of us are super serious and winning is a big deal. So, if that does not interest you… keep playing in story mode and that’s it! Not to sound harsh but, it is what it is…
  6. You don’t always have to buy a game brand new…  you can always find a ton of awesome deals on previously owned games. If you are a gamer low on cash you can certainly go this route…. However, always check your disk before leaving the store just to be sure you are getting a copy that isn’t all out of whack… That way you don’t find out by getting that error that says…”cannot play disk”.. that is never fun! In fact, always check your disks new or not, just to be safe! I have actually bought new games and got in my car to check them and realized there was no disk at all. Always check your games before you leave the store!!!
  7. Handle your games with the utmost of care… have a safe place to store them and always handle the disk properly… This means to try and hold it on the outer edges always to prevent smudging and scratching. You are making an investment by purchasing your games so treat them as such.
  8. Know your controls… every game is different and so are the controls. Of course, you can be the gamer that learns as they play but, you can also just take a minute to explore your game before you start… This will give you a great head start and it will help you to start kicking butt from the very beginning.
  9. While a good gamer is always out to help a friend, sometimes while gaming online the best choice is to keep moving if you are in danger of dying yourself. Unfortunately, it can be best to let a team member simply take one for the team… That is not to say that you should never help your online buddies but, do it wisely. It’s better for the other team to have one kill instead of two… no need to help the enemy win.
  10. Play various types of games… To me, playing all types of games makes you a better player in general. Every game is different and it’s important to keep your options open, never focusing solely on one game will keep you current with all gaming trends… a well-rounded gamer is dangerous, and you want to be dangerous!

Well, my friends, I hope you have found this list useful, from one hardcore gamer to another… Any ideas or advice you may have is welcome, so let me hear it, friends!

Thanks so much for stopping by Ky’s Korner…. Let’s chat again soon!

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30 thoughts on “Ky’s Korner #39: 10 Things Every Gamer Should Know…

  1. There is alternatives to gaming addiction.

  2. lovet says:

    Point #10 is very important. The gaming world is vast and the best way to enjoy it is to explore it to the fullest. True, not every gamer will play every game but playing as many different types as possible is the best way to go.

  3. Headshots are always perfect shots! LOL! I do them whenever I can. In any game. But I play all types of games too so I can learn different types of shots and in other genres headshots don’t always come up the best.

  4. I agree with Balbina. It is not a must know but If you can get your games cheap do it. Of course it takes a nit of holding back and patience.

  5. Don’t buy brand new as much as possible! I don’t buy on release date either. I give it a few weeks after release and the price drops significantly (that is, if I decide to buy brand new, which is rare). And then there are sites that sell pre-loved games…that still look and feel brand new.

  6. I agree with number 10. It can be dull and boring if you play the same genre over and over again (even if it is your favorite, c’mon!). There’s tons of games out there willing to be explored which can improve your skills!

  7. Second-hand games are fun! I mean, I don’t buy big titles second hand. But sometimes there’s a game that you’re really curious about but not totally interested in. This is how I choose titles when buying second hand.

  8. Miles Cutler says:

    I have a special box for my games. I make sure they’re dust- and moist-free. Games are investment you know, so you should take care of them too!

  9. I like survival/horror games a lot. When I have a free weekend I just sit and play for as long as I want. But there are times that I get curious with other genres too. And yes, I agree with Ky, going out of your comfort zone totally improves your skills!

  10. I also get annoyed with guys who wait for other people to respawn! Ugh! I sometimes wanna kill them myself. Not very good team members!

  11. zhangisiung says:

    Diversifying by playing too much type of game can lead you to be a jack of all trades, master of none kind of gamer if you don’t have that much of a spare time thou. So if you have limited time better focus on a few games imho.

    1. Don;t you feel isolated by hours online gaming, while other people actually are busy with productive living. Everyone seem to ignore the reality of the danger of gaming addiction.

  12. luffyzorro2012 says:

    Head shots are definitely a rush, that is until you receive one of those yourself. That happened to me in CS and it does not feel good.

  13. Wow If I was your team mate I will be upset too. More than dying, my goal is to win and in a team battle you do not let people die. You need them lol.

  14. My friends say I’m not a good team member because I sometimes let them die. Hey, my first rule is save yourself! If I am in danger if I save you, I might as well move forward man. I’m no hero LOL!

  15. Yup head shots always works! Achievements and camou are the best thing you can get when you hit the head. So aim for it guys!

  16. Emison says:

    A well-rounded gamer is very dangerous. That holds true in almost everything. Those that are not scared to try, fail, and try something else new has the biggest advantage. If you are well rounded and well experienced you will be difficult to beat

  17. Emison says:

    A well rounded gamer is dangerous. Much like anything else, a person who is not scared to try, fail and try again are the most dangerous ones. If you are well experienced and well rounded, that would reflect in everything you do. That applies to being a gamer too.

  18. Clay says:

    You got it all covered girl. Talking like a pro-gamer who wants to share to everyone what it takes to be a gamer. Not just to be a gamer but to win battles online. Headshot your opponent. That’s the best way to slay it.

  19. darkkvader says:

    I believe these are all from your experiences! Thanks for sharing these tips with us ms. ky!

  20. valine13 says:

    Nice tips ms. Ky. I like no.10 that as we play it’s better to be a flexible one, ready to take risks to play other kinds of games as well. After all, these are all enjoyable! There’s no harm in trying!

  21. revshine says:

    Awesome article and you have just said the right things every gamer should have in mind. I used to play online games but whenever I see someone die I feel sad and feel like helping them but I have to save myself first, right? LOL. Now when I think about that I feel kinda funny. Anyways I am always open to trying new games and also keep my shelf of games clean. Please don’t ask about the rest of the places in my room lol. Thanks for this great article.

  22. Kelvin Yu says:

    I think you had a previous article on #6. There are tons of sites that lets you swap games with fellow gamers. It saves you a lot of money!

  23. I’m guilty with #1. Sometimes I just go to the store on a whim and browse. Then I pick out a game that looks very interesting. So yes, I’ve had quite a few surprises and disappointments.

  24. Grecy Garcia says:

    You know what I checked your tips and I feel you are a very passionate gamer for sharing those tips to us. Also, I think you share an advise there that we can apply in life in general, like being in a team or because you are not interested in winning, you will let your team down. I bookmarked this one because I know it will help me in the future.

  25. loveylucy says:

    Ohoho I’m officially agree with point number 1. that’s why I keep watching your review Ky.

  26. chibimari1212 says:

    wow, Ky! No wonder why you are so cool. you have the points those regular gamer doesn’t even care. keep spreading your positive spirit as true gamer!1

  27. titanierza says:

    I cannot believe headshots made it here lol. However, I get what she is saying. Not to mention can and will save you even win you games if the genre is shooting like COD.

  28. Mau says:

    Points 1 and 2 are too true. I learned that those games which I didn’t like at first glance were the ones I enjoyed the most. That’s always a nice surprise. And of course, I’m starting to think you can never save too much. 🙂

  29. nightcrawlerxmen says:

    I agree with gamers who plays diverse of games. Diversity is a part of life after all. However, as a guy I have somewhat an affinity to man themes like fight cars, tech etc. This is just me.

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