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BOOK 4, P5: Odious Optimism - The Day is Upon Us, Part 4. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Animation. Media. Entertainment.

Slowly and methodically Dylan began to move the upturned and burnt out cars from the street and began to heap them on top of one another in front of the storefront windows using only his powers of telekinesis.

Today we continue with part five of book 4. Hope you enjoy!

Analia and Iurasia stood in the lobby of the Crowne Plaza and caught their breath. Several people had filled the lobby in an attempt to flee the chaos outside, and the interior of the hall resembled pictures they had seen of people huddled in the Astrodome during Hurricane Katrina.  Families gathered in fear, men yelled and shoved each other and the hotel security guards kept their eyes on four doors that fed the lobby waiting for the next barrage.

Since the news of the city’s bankruptcy had spread through New York, the hotel had been the target of several attempted lootings and also one of the only harbors of safety for those seeking refuge. The hotel staff and the security guards had banded together to stave off the never ending onslaught. While they had managed to fend off scores of individual looters the worried looks on their faces had Analia and Iurasia worried.

The hotel had a relatively narrow front entrance but what made it difficult to defend was the fact that the two adjoining stores had direct access the sprawling lobby. The four guards had positioned themselves at each of the four doors to the hall and had managed to keep the people in the hotel safe from the looting hoards that had been ransacking the stores and trying to gain entry to the hotel. Accompanying each guard was a small assortment of hotel staff and brave New Yorkers armed with whatever they could find. Each group reminded the two Champions of a lynch mob like the one that went to capture Frankenstein’ s monster armed with knives and pans and broom handles, the only thing missing were the pitchforks.

Analia and Iurasia approached the security mob at the front door and spoke to the guard.

“Hi, we are here to help. You have done a beautiful thing here, you should be proud, but you look worried. What can we do to help?” said Iurasia trying to catch the guard’s gaze as his eyes fluttered back and forth between her and the front door.

“My men and I are running out of bullets” the guard responded “we always carry an extra clip, but we have already expended the majority of our ammo. Had I known all hell was going to break lose today I would have made sure that my team came prepared… or stayed at home. What we’re going to do, four bullets from, you know when we are out? Pots and pans are great but this is New York, and guns are plentiful. I fear we won’t be able to hold out much longer and will have to make a run for it.”

Analia quickly got on her com and called Mr. Smith. “Mr. Smith, this is Analia we have a bit of a situation here, and I need some help.” After explaining the situation, Mr. Smith informed her that he had contacted the rest of the Champions and they were headed to the hotel and to hold on. “Iurasia, you run point on communications and strategy for the next twenty minutes and keep me updated. I have to get someone.”

Iurasia agreed and took control. She gave each Champion a particular task and told them to radio in when they were in position.

The first team to make it to the lobby was Travour and Jonni. After fighting their way through the adjoining chocolate store, they made it to the lobby door and met the barrel of a Glock nine being held by a terrified security guard. CLICK. Then two more, CLICK, CLICK.

Travour took the man’s gun. “Are you out of bullets bud? Here use this one. The former owner won’t be needing it anymore.”

Jonni pulled the gun out of his pocket and handed it to the guard. “I have no concept on how to use this, it’s all yours. We will stay with you and help hold the door.” The guard quickly checked the clip and breathed a sigh of relief, “You two sure are funny looking angels, but hey I will take what I can get!”

“We’re in” Jonni radioed into Iurasia.

“We are joining the party as well over here at the clothing store entrance” Shailan’s voice came over the com “we have brought along another gun, two baseball bats and a switchblade that we liberated from a pair of dolts on the subway. This guard is re-ammoed. Braj and I gave the bats to a couple AA baseball players who happened to be helping over here, seemed like a good idea. The switch blade we gave to a middle-aged housekeeper. Don’t know if she knows how to use it but she sure looks like she wants to. We are good here for a bit.”

Analia almost laughed. She had been tasked with keeping the people in the lobby calm, and the humor was a welcome intrusion from the constant fear and confusion.

Reisha and Briiana were next to call in. “Back door is secure, and the guard has three bullets left in case he needs them. What’s the plan?”

Mr. Smith’s voice took over.

“Good job everyone. Now that everyone is in position, we are going to drive the looters directly to you.”

“Umm. Great idea boss” Brajiit muttered under his breath.

“It’s a box canyon. As it stands everyone wants into that hotel, and there is no end to some people that you have to defend against. Dylan and I are going to seal off the entry points into the stores creating a finite amount of people to contend with. They shouldn’t be able to get back out the windows they broke to get in, so they have to come through you. I have faith in you Champions.”

Almost all at the same time the Champions responded, “Wait. What? Dylan is here? WHY? What are you doing? How are you going to seal off the store windows, they are massive?”

“Get prepared to have everyone running towards you. It is your responsibility to ensure they don’t make it into the lobby. Okay, Dylan do your thing.” Mr. Smith said matter of factly.

Dylan peered down at the street from the helicopter.

“Remember, this serves two purposes. Seal the windows and empty the road for the HERC. You can do this Dylan; the Champions need you as much as you need them. We are going to save a heck of a lot of people today.” Mr. Smith smiled down at him.

First one, then two, then six rows of cars stacked five cars high until the windows had been completely covered.

“Sort of like a colossal game of Tetris,, ” he said smiling at Mr. Smith as he finished.

“Splendid Dylan and the street is clear. Want to watch everyone get rescued?” Mr. Smith responded.

“Yes, please.”

As the Black Hawk attack helicopter stood guard from above a modified Hercules aircraft with amped up Harrier hover jet technology floated down vertically onto Broadway, its cargo doors aligned with the main entrance of the Crown Plaza.

“Load everyone still breathing Simon and take them to our private airstrip. La Guardia is under lock down. From there make sure everyone inside gets home safely. Champions when you are done smacking bad guys around meet me on the roof. You have done good work today, and it’s time to go home.” Mr. Smith instructed.

As the last of the citizens were loaded onto the HERC and the Champions had clambered into the chopper Mr. Smith thought to himself as he headed back to Plum Island. “They say this is the city that never sleeps. Tonight they are right.”

(To be continued…)

That’s it for now! The next story will be published soon. We will keep posting stories every week leading up to the anticipated Project-X announcement.

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27 thoughts on “BOOK 4, P5: Odious Optimism – The Day is Upon Us, Part 4

  1. luffyzorro2012 says:

    Is this a team vs team battle or them all together against opponents? I am not sure they touch on that yet. I could be wrong.

  2. kadoyatsukasa123 says:

    Too bad Brajit is on the other team at least I assumed so… Now that I think about it bringing that kid along was not a bad idea. I Hope they switch to the other side next week.

  3. I hope the plan will work. Trapping the attackers in the building seems like a good idea but risky. Good thing they brought Dylan with them.

  4. Ok so we’re now about to witness some honest-to-goodness action! Bring it on champions! I hope you will feature Jonni and Travour next.

  5. I like Team ShaBra! They’re fun! But I also hope you feature the others. I wanna read how they interact with each other.

  6. Yay! Finally some action! I like their pairings. Theirs skills complement each other.

  7. titanierza says:

    What about the other team? What are they doing? I hope we get to see them. By the way, that kid is unfair. I mean telepath really?

  8. nightcrawlerxmen says:

    Is it safe to assume that this is a team thing> If it is then its Jonni, Analia, Shailan and Dylan against the rest? It is quiet unbalance for one Dylan is overpowered.

  9. skydragonwendymarvell says:

    When is the training wheels coming off? Please make a long story next time. We need it badly.

  10. grayicemake says:

    The episodes are so far and between that the build up fizzles out. Sorry to be honest but this is not the pacing that I hope to see.

  11. Grecy Garcia says:

    I am going to watch out for the next episode of this one. I love the humor. Makes me want something more. Right now I am getting to know every characters little by little.

  12. TyrsMwaura says:

    Interesting tale of how chaos can be averted by common day people, making them fit into the role of super heroes.

  13. alexsummers123 says:

    Is that kid a trump card or what? I think he is out of place in the verse. I mean he could turn the lore upside down if the creators are not careful.

  14. amaterasu123 says:

    How was Dylan rescued? I am not too sure if I Caught that but good for him. I wish it did not happen off screen.

  15. Mau says:

    Gosh, Dylan is so powerful. Glad to see some action happening.

  16. Kelvin Yu says:

    Why do I feel like this one is late? I mean it took a while before this was released. Does this happen once a week only? I wish you could release it more frequently.

  17. i wish there were more pics, just like in a comics strip. But I like this part, lots of action going on. And Dylan showing off his awesome skills!

  18. xiaoran0095 says:

    such a good plot! I love the power as well. Amazing imagination

  19. bbestari says:

    what a plot! it’s more like a fiction now, interesting


  20. darkkvader says:

    Here are the Champions! Looks like theyre enjoying a lot they all participated!

  21. valine13 says:

    Cool! Exciting plot when they are all going to be on their positions for some feasty fight.

  22. micorobin says:

    So the training begins. IT is definitely a step forward. Howeverhow about the other side? Is it safe to assume that we are on men vs. women team ups?

  23. miakayuuki2012 says:

    Where is this island? I hope they elaborate on it in time because exposition is important on this. Slow pace as usual but oh well.

  24. Go Champions! Looks like they’re surrounded by zombies LOL! Would be good to watch this in a movie, no? It would be very exciting.

  25. It looks like they’re having fun. Even Shailan’s humor is still present. Excited for the next part!

  26. chrisdan1 says:

    Who doesn’t want the power of telekinesis? It is just so amazing to know that there are people out there that has this special skill or power or however you want to call it.

  27. Animate Christian says:

    I couldn’t imagine myself being in a very chaotic city just the like the city pictured in this story. I could definitely use some help from super powers. I’d love to have one of super powers of these super heroes that they use to crush villains and bad guys.

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