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Tips to Get Your Games Greenlight On Steam. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Animation. Media. Entertainment.

The Steam Greenlight process had improved a lot since its launch a few years ago. In its early stages, developers saw the system as a bottleneck. The number of games that were approved by Valve was very less when compared to the number of games submitted. But now, getting your game Greenlight on Steam is much easier. Now, you don’t need 30K votes, all you need is to meet a minimum of 2K. They are also now supported in a steady stream instead of batches. But still, there are plenty of games that do not meet the vote requirements to get the Greenlight.

To avoid being one of these discontented developers, check out these tips that will help you see your game Greenlight on Steam:

  1. Make Sure Your Trailer Is Amazing: The only one way that guarantees you would not fail on a Steam Greenlight adventure is by having an unusual and appealing trailer. Most of the people that come to your game’s page would watch your video for about 30 seconds. Their voting for you solely relies on how much you have succeeded to impress them. This means you should do your best to create an informative, polished and entertaining trailer. People don’t love to see logos or you talking about the game for five minutes. They want to check out the game, so make it look impressive in the trailer!
  2. Make Sure Your Visuals Don’t Stink: Whether your game is a retro 2D or a 3D platformer, make sure it doesn’t look odd. Keep in mind that people will check out your trailer only for a few seconds, and maybe then they would quickly scan your page, you could earn a notable number of votes only due to good visuals. The best way to turn people to your page right away is to use placeholder graphics for your trailer or page.
  3. Make Sure The Audio Quality Is Excellent: Even if your game’s gameplay and graphics look unusual in the trailer, poor audio quality will surely result in lost votes. Even if you clearly mention that the sound and the music for your game is missing and it will feature in the final version, people will start reacting negatively to rough music, scratchy sounds, etc. Great audio means your game will come off as professional instead of the incompetent.
  4. Make The Description Enthralling: Providing long texts, explaining every feature of your game is not cool at all. People tend to spend less than 30 secs on a Greenlight page, strive for a description that they can read in small time frame. The descriptions should be gripping as well. Also, make sure to list informational and popular gameplay features that will grab a viewer’s attention.

Does your game have a green light on Stream? What are the ways that help you achieve the green light? Let us know in the comments section or Tweet us @essjay_ent!



27 thoughts on “Tips to Get Your Games Greenlight On Steam

  1. Bad trailer is a dead giveaway that the makers aren’t prepared. Or that it’s half-baked plan. If they can’t make a proper trailer, I expect the game will have issues as well.

  2. I don’t really judge a game right away based on its trailer or description. But if a combination of things like bad graphics, sub-par audio, and way to many narratives, really irks me! I mean, we have the latest tech yet you still let all these things happen? It’s unacceptable.

  3. titanierza says:

    This maybe a dumb question but what is STEAM/? I know it is a game venue but is it that vital? I mean you do not see big names begging to be in it. ON the contrary it is the other way around.

  4. skydragonwendymarvell says:

    Enthralling? That is a term I never heard or encounter before. What does that mean?Anyway, Steam guidelines are not as easy as I imagine it would be.

  5. luffyzorro2012 says:

    I do not know what the Steam guidelines are. However, with this list a game will pass not only for steam but for other systems as well.

  6. grayicemake says:

    Ouality as well as content is an edge. A gew glitches well patch updates can fix that.

  7. darkvader says:

    Yeah, you got that right. Gamers don’t like reading or learning new games by reading instructions. Gamers would tend to just try a game out right away instead of reading the how-to’s. I guess that’s the most helpful tip in there.

  8. Alexa1 says:

    These tips are very helpful specially for beginners, for new guys who are starting their hands on this. It’s a always challenging though to get a new game approved. It would definitely help if a very catchy and easy to understand trailer for your game.

  9. alexsummers123 says:

    I am fond of editing and recording story game modes as well as collecting them. Metal gear , Batman games, GOW are my favorites and it does not end there. I am constantly searching for new games to follow.

  10. amaterasu123 says:

    It is not a movie yes but it can become a movie!!! Hell it is even better than a movie. Think about it I enjoyed GOW story mode I can watch it if movies suck on T.V

  11. Yeah I don’t like trailers with people talking about their unfinished/soon to be released game. Like, hello, can’t you just show it to us? Obviously their game isn’t finished yet. They can’t even show some decent footage!

  12. Miles Cutler says:

    Aside from long texts on the trailer, I also don’t like very long narrations and dialogue. They’re boring. Show us some action! It’s a game, not a movie!

  13. kittyprydexmen says:

    The way I see it , It goes both ways sometimes the trailer and story is not what we see. You cannot really juge a game unless you play it.

  14. nightcrawlerxmen says:

    Visuals are important but it has to be back up by its lore otherwise it is not going to make it long term at least. Take for example the DMC Reboot the visuals are good but due to its crappy lore it sucked bad.

  15. Grecy Garcia says:

    I have to agree on all of the lists of qualities you had mentioned. For me all are important. I get hooked by the trailer first, then on the graphics and the sound. Some of the amazing description will lead me wanting more too. Everything from you lists matters that is why all should be consider to be great.

  16. Yeah I agree with the commenters above. Trailers can be deceiving! I would look for sample gameplay videos. Although I must say that trailers are good if you wanna know the storyline. But sometimes developers go over the top with their trailers and it doesn’t match with the actual game itself.

  17. I’m very particular with graphics. C’mon guys…we have tons of applications and software lying around waiting for you to use them to improve your game and you ain’t using them? Visuals is big in gaming.

  18. zhangisiung says:

    Amazing trailer is good, and also gameplay of the game itself. Lots of trailers now days only show good graphic but lack the gameplay.

  19. micorobin says:

    If you get me on just the trailer then we are good. I mean sure a trailer is not everything even flat out misleading at times. However, as they say first impression is everything.

  20. miakayuuki2012 says:

    It all boils down to quality. I do not use STEAM but regardless of company if a game is quality. Chances are it will get somewhere.

  21. I like the term “enthralling” LOL 🙂 Not many people use it. And it’s precisely that rarity that I will vote for a game on Steam. It has to have an X-factor, all elements (graphics, audio, description, etc) working together to create a rich, visual treat of a trailer. If I notice that one factor is off, then I lose interest immediately.

  22. I don’t even last 30 sec when watching a bad trailer. The first 10 sec is crucial for me because that’s when I decide if the graphics and audio are ok, then the remaining seconds, I try to take in the storyline if it is interesting enough. So if a game has a bad audio or graphics, then it’s a no-no for me!

  23. xiaoran0095 says:

    An amazing trailer is a must for me when I judge a film or a game so I agree with that tip so much. Amazing post by the way!

  24. T_Rav says:

    Thanks for the advice! I’ve been trying to think of the best way to get started on steam and this has helped me a lot. I made a video the other day that lasted about 2 and half minutes but maybe it was to long. Now I am thinking I shorten it and take the best parts possible to catch the eye of the people watching. Thanks again

  25. bbestari says:

    First impression is everything to make it a catchy trailer. This should be articulated into a imaginative fantasy that’ll grab everyone eyes on the very first second. High level creativity would be on demand then.

  26. darkkvader says:

    Gamers would love to see an HD or high quality kind of creation. I would love to see those kinds too because it captivates me even if it still a trailer and yet to be released.

  27. valine13 says:

    It’s all about skill and creativity. The only way for you to get noticed in this game industry is to be unique in your own way.

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