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3 Main Types of Stealths Found in Games. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Animation. Media. Entertainment.

If there’s one mechanic that has stood amazed in the test of time and exceeded genres, it’s stealth. Nowadays, Stealth elements can be seen in action-adventure titles, third person shooters, first person shooters and even 2D side-scrollers.

Stealth has been a captivating challenge and an important factor in a lot of games. To the inexperienced eye, stealth is same in every game—cheat around to kill people or finish a goal without being seen. But to game designers and stealth fans, there are various ways to look at stealth, covering newer mechanics and currently bringing innovation to the genre. Below are the three types of stealth found in games that are worth looking into.

Hiding To Avoid Visual Detection: This is the most basic one. Withdrawing visual detection means that the character is not found by an enemy, which is normally done by line-of-sight mechanics. Some enemies hardly see the player visually, while others can sense them or even sense them with fictional powers. The purpose of the player is to avoid detection by hiding above their line-of-sight, behind objects, in the shadows, etc.

For example, Metal Gear was the first title to have a line-of-sight mechanic where players need to avoid the guards’ front view detection. If they were seen, they had to fight the guards.

Players appreciate the more calculating approach that includes picking off enemies one by one.

Hiding Via A Disguise: Using masks or covers to blend into groups and not stand out has been prominently used in everything from classic novels to movies and television shows. This kind of stealth, which is also known as social stealth, normally uses a disguise and NPCs as its two main ingredients. To escape detection, players wear a particular costume that allows them to blend into a crowd of NPCs. By this, player fools the patrolling rebels into thinking that he is just another bystander, party guest, etc.

Most of the NPCs look like the player characters, which means you can walk randomly or join a group of them to fool your opponent. There are even techniques that change your look tentatively to have a better chance of mixing in.

Hiding To Hunt: On contrary to games where if you are detected by your enemy, it means losing the game or a tough combat battle, games with a hunter stealth element allow players to find and kill their targets. This mode enables players with a sense of dominance and control as they hit fear in the hearts of enemies while killing them down, one by one.

Players are mostly more than free to reach the enemies and beat them, but sometimes this isn’t the best strategy. Instead, players must move undiscovered through vents and on high-placed creatures to single out enemies. There’s nothing better than hearing the criminals panic as they notice more and more of their companions lying unconscious.

What are your favorite games that involve stealth elements? What stealth elements do you love? Tell us in the comments section or Tweet us @essjay_ent!



19 thoughts on “3 Main Types of Stealths Found in Games

  1. Hiding to Hunt, of course. It’s always loads and loads of fun that just shooting at random guys.

  2. chibimari1212 says:

    My type is ‘hiding for hunt’. It’s very satisfying to kill the enemies while making them confuse where are we hehe

  3. loveylucy says:

    I can feel the exciting part while watching my bro plays those stealth actions. He plays Alien

  4. kaka135 says:

    This is always my weak point when playing these games and using stealth is always challenging to me. I didn’t know all these techniques. Thank you for sharing this!

  5. kittyprydexmen says:

    I only use stealth unless I have to. I mean if it is a hunting game why hide if you can slug it out?

  6. Almost all games employ hiding via visual detection. But I rarely use it, I think it’s lame. Hiding to hunt is so much more exciting!

  7. Hiding to hunt isn’t very effective but it’s the easiest for me. Probably because most of the games I play are using it. I sometimes use disguises too.

  8. titanierza says:

    Stealth is almost a staple of shooting games. Over the years it has spread through other genres but still related to shooting

  9. grayicemake says:

    I am digging the new site layout. Anyway as much as I love the article my two cents on the topi? Stealth aplicationds are really dictated by game type. I mean could you imagine sonic hiding? we cannot right?

  10. The stealth mode that I like the most is disguise. It’s very low-key and quite easy to acquire. As per experience, I achieve a lot of things when I’m on disguise as compared to other stealths.

  11. Yes I played Splinter Cell too! Love that game. And the stealth mode is really awesome!

  12. zhangisiung says:

    Game with stealth mechanic usually falls down into 2 category imo : one that emphasize you to use stealth a lot to win and another one where you can choose whether to use stealth or just charge in. The first one tend to utilize the 3 hiding mechanic better i must say.

  13. I do not know if this count as STEALTH but adoes Batman games qualify? I Mean batman always takes his opponents by surprise after all.

  14. I really like stealth games. Shooting dudes can get old, so it’s nice to have options. 😀

  15. Grecy Garcia says:

    Tom Clancy Splinter Cell is one of the best game that is using Stealth elements. It reminds me of the movie Stealth during the days. What I only know is that it has a first shooter or target shooter. It is fun when you able to shoot what you aim or target.

  16. I generally like how gameplay restrictions foster strategy and creativity. So survival horror and ofcourse stealth are personal favorites. Playing stealth games is like the world is your toy. 😉

  17. micorobin says:

    I really believe that ” STEALTH” is really dependent on the type of game. I mean if it is war games like COD then yes it is a must but for something that is MARIO then it becomes irrelevant.

  18. darkkvader says:

    For me, this is also challenging.Though stealth is something mostly players would like to do it also requires a lot of strategy.

  19. valine13 says:

    I realized that these were the things I like to do when I was still playing. It’s kind of funny that I like to play around and doing something so I will not be found out.

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