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BOOK 4, P4: Odious Optimism - The Day is Upon Us, Part 3. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media. Entertainment.

“Briiana!” Reisha was yelling at her. “Briiana, please wake up girl we have to get someplace safe” she pleaded as she held Briiana in her arms crouched down behind an overturned vehicle in the middle of 5th Avenue.

Today we continue with part four of book 4. Hope you enjoy!

As she began to open her eyes, the burning pain made her close them again tightly. She felt as if someone had seared her neck with a red hot branding iron. Slowly the chaotic sounds of Times Square began to overtake her senses, and she opened her eyes.

“Briiana!” Reisha was yelling at her. “Briiana, please wake up girl we have to get someplace safe” she pleaded as she held Briiana in her arms crouched down behind an overturned vehicle in the middle of 5th Avenue.

Slowly the realization of what had just happened began to materialize in her mind. As she and Reisha had jumped from the helicopter and headed west a sharp and stinging pain raced through her body, and she dropped to the asphalt banging her head against the hard concrete curb.

“Briiana! Please, we have to move!” Reisha once again begged her.

Briiana slowly turned her head towards Reisha and smiled, “Alright, alright stop yelling at me you sound like my Mom” she said as she sat upright and scrambled to her feet.

“Wow, I thought you were never going to get up. I was so scared. Are you okay sweetheart?” Reisha asked.

“Hey, I am a Champion now, that’s what we do. We get up even when we can’t right?” Briiana said as she pointed to the broken window of an electronics shop. “There, let’s get in there.”

The two women kept their heads down as they scurried through the shop’s window only to come face to face with the business end of a shotgun held by a small and frightened man.

“It’s okay sir. We are not here to hurt you or rob you or anything else. We came to help but as you can see my friend here has been hurt. Please, lower your gun?” Reisha asked the man in the calmest voice she could muster under the circumstances.

At the back of the store, a woman’s face peered around the corner of a display case. “Oh for God sakes Wilfred put that stupid gun down you probably will only end up shooting yourself anyway, you idiot. Besides can’t you see the poor girl is hurt?”

“Yes dear, your right. Please accept my apologies ladies. Quickly get to the back of the store, and my wife will get the first aid kit” said the shop owner with a slightly reddened face.

Reisha and Briiana made their way to the back of the store climbing over upended product shelving as they went. When they had reached the man’s wife, she was already waiting with the first aid kit.

“That idiot husband of mine just won’t let this junk go. I told him it’s all just stupid replaceable stuff and insurance will cover it, but nooo that moron has to go and pretend he is Rambo or some forsaken thing and act all tough” she rambled as she applied some gauze and bandages to Briiana’s neck.

“So, Doc am I going to live?” Briiana asked the woman.

“How the hell should I know? I’m as much a Doctor as an idiot over there is Dwayne Johnson. You got shot girl” the woman replied without any hesitation. “It looks like it was just a graze though you are a lucky little one.  What’s with your outfits? I mean hey, whatever you young folks want to wear these days is your business but, seriously where do you keep your phone? I mean, really what are you two supposed to be? If you are in some kind of gang or something, you are really terrible at it. One of you is shot, and the other one hasn’t even tried to steal anything from us yet.”

Reisha just smiled as she listened to the lady. She reminded her of her own grandmother. As the woman finished up with Briiana’s neck, Reisha went over and hugged her tightly, and for the first time since they entered the store the woman stopped talking

“Thank you, ma’am, my name is Reisha, and the shot one is Briiana. We are actually lucky that you and your husband were here and we are forever in your debt.”

“Don’t call me ma’am, I hate that. My name is Moira, that idiot over there is Wilfred, and you’re welcome. Just don’t go hugging me again or anything” the woman replied.

As Wilfred started to make his way to the back of the store three men smashed what was left of the front window and leaped inside knocking him to the ground.

“WILFRED!” Moira screamed as Briiana pushed her back behind the display case.

“Stay here and don’t move” Briiana instructed. Moira nodded and for only the second time stopped talking.

Reisha calmly stood up and faced the three men as Briiana made her way towards Wilfred.

“Well, boys, doing a little shopping are we? I assume that you will be paying for any goods before you leave the store this afternoon” Reisha cajoled the thugs.

One of the three men raised a gun and pointed it directly at Reisha, and the trio headed towards her as Briiana safely pulled Wilfred under a large steel shelving unit that had fallen against the front window frame.

“Come on now. What’s the matter, boys? What’s with the gun? Scared that a woman is going to kick your ass?” Reisha continued to egg them on as she jumped over a stack of big screen TV boxes and swiftly kicked the gun out of the man’s hand.

“You should be” she smirked.

Reisha landed a back fist on the side of the man’s face, and he fell to the floor. Jumping on top of him she pulled his right arm behind his back and yanked it upwards toward his neck popping out his shoulder. Another man jumped on top of her and tried to pull her off but suddenly began convulsing uncontrollably and fell to one side. Behind him stood Briiana with a huge grin on her face and a Taser that Wilfred had given her.

“I really need to get one of these. That was awesome” Briiana said looking at Reisha as the last man walked up behind her.

As Reisha opened her mouth to warn Briiana a computer tower whizzed by their heads and hit the man square in his face knocking him backward through the broken window. Both women turned to Moira.

“Idiots. Wilfred, get your ass out of hiding and help me start to clean up” she said shaking her head in disgust “Thank you, ladies. Your debt has been paid in full, and you can keep the Taser.”

Reisha and Briiana almost laughed at the strength of the elderly woman. “If you don’t mind we would like to stick around and help you get things tidied up a bit, ” Briiana said.

Moira looked at the two women and only said, “Whatever, suit yourselves, but I’m not paying you.”

Wilfred just smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

(To be continued…)

That’s it for now! The next story will be published soon. We will keep posting stories every week leading up to the anticipated Project-X announcement.

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20 thoughts on “BOOK 4, P4: Odious Optimism – The Day is Upon Us, Part 3

  1. Donald Colby says:

    Your blog has nice information, I have good ideas from this amazing blog.

  2. Anna says:

    Good thing Reisha and Briiana weren’t hurt that much. Well, main characters are not really killed in batle, they almost indestructible.

  3. Polly says:

    The old woman somehow stole my attention. She is such a character, although she must just be a passerby in the whole thing.

  4. Arvin says:

    Moms are great and scarry! Reisha and Briiana have good teamwork.

  5. Aven says:

    The story is getting fun. I hope to see more action from the team. The older woman caught my attention though. She’s cool!

  6. My girls in action! I love this tandem. They know each other’s moves very well. I wanna see this on the big screen!

  7. Girl power at its finest! I think, this is the best action story in this chapter. But I’m still waiting for the rest. I hope they top this one.

  8. kadoyatsukasa123 says:

    Here I thought that this was Brajit and Briiana my bad ha ha. This is suppose to be training right so how come one of them is down already?

  9. Thank you! I’ve waited a long time for this and you did not disappoint. I could imagine the action sequences like they’re in a movie.

  10. This is great! After ShaBra, we now have these two girls in action. I wonder who’s next? I hope we won’t wait for long.

  11. I love how the story flows. You should become an author! 🙂

  12. Ciriaca Antolijao says:

    Reiiana? I think it should be Brisha. So much easier to remember. Short and sweet. Just like their tandem…quick to respond and gets the job done.

  13. Kelvin Yu says:

    I love the old couple! There’s always one in every action movie, right? And I like this part too. So full of action!

  14. Esperanza Khan says:

    Reisha and Briiana are beautiful! I love this! Can’t wait for more

  15. Mau says:

    I always love the artwork. Kinda wish the story comes much faster… sometimes I have to backtrack to refresh myself with what happened before.

  16. valine13 says:

    Love the action scenes so much. Awesome!

  17. darkkvader says:

    This story is cool! Next please…

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    I’m glad that Briiana can open her eyes again! I want to read the next storryyy

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