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Streaming games have become hugely successful in recent years. It allows streamers to broadcast themselves playing; viewers tune in to view the game and to socialize with others. Users who visit similar channels often form communities. Commitment is naturally high on these platforms, and it’s common for users to spend many hours in any given session.

Top 4 streaming platforms with no particular ranking:
1.) Twitch
2.) HitBox
3.) YouTube Gaming

The biggest advantage of game streaming services is the chance to interact with others. The stream consists of a window showing the game being played and another window of the streamer playing. There is also a chat window where all viewers can interact. People converse with each other about aspects of life or how the streamer may play better.

The new streaming trend shows how the power has shifted to consumers. In the past, the consumers used to rely solely on game trailers to purchase games. The suppliers were in control and could make the trailer look super awesome even though the game was mediocre. Now, the consumer can watch the entire game played on a stream before deciding if it’s the right game for them to purchase.

Of course, all of this wouldn’t be possible without an efficient latency. Viewers now demand an experience as close to real time as possible, and if there’s an annoying delay (what is also known as lagging) in the stream, the streamer loses control of the game and their viewership, which is the source or revenue for streamers and the platforms too.

Many streamers do decently, and some actually end up with great salaries ranging anywhere between $5,000 to $8,000 a month through paid viewer subscriptions and donations. Then there are an elite few, the creme de la creme, who make over $100,000 annually, with sponsorship making a huge chunk of their revenue.

All of this wouldn’t be possible if the streamers weren’t able to effectively and efficiently entertain and communicate with their audience in realtime. Latency problems mean fewer subscriptions, sponsorships, and donations which in turn means less money in the streamer’s and the platform’s pockets. Thus, it is essential that gaming platforms provide high quality and low latency in their video experience for their communities.

When there are constant competition and technology is ever evolving, how will the platforms, old and new, accommodate and continue to innovate?

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22 thoughts on “Streaming Games and Latency

  1. TG says:

    Especially for a person who is “new” in the gaming community, Twitch is perfect to get an impression what is even possible. Still it is crazy that you can earn so much money by playing a game. Would you guys mind to check out my two articles about the interaction?

  2. I think this will be my next beermoney site! I didn’t know gamers are paid to stream!

  3. nadz says:

    Wow that’s a lot of money! I think in the next decade others will dominate the streaming games industry.

  4. I know one friend that he earns so much in Twitch! I always watch him play battlegrounds there 😀

  5. Cassiopeia Vitt says:

    Imma big Twitch fan. Before I go buy a game I check it out at Twitch first. I guess this is one of the most important thing streaming has done to us gamers. It helps us decide.

  6. MADM says:

    video streams now a days really helped online or offline gamers (like me). unlike before after you bought the game because of is beautiful cover then realizing you playing a poor game. waste of money for same say. now with the help of video streamers you can actually search for the game and see the walkthrough to see if the graphics is good, what system is required, and more.

  7. “When there are constant competition and technology is ever evolving, how will the platforms, old and new, accommodate and continue to innovate?”

    Thank you for that wonderful question. With technology moving at breakneck speed, tech companies, both hardware and software, cannot afford to be release products with last year’s specs. I foresee games to be available across all platforms at all times. Exclusivity is a novelty and not a good business move.

  8. I checked Youtube for these video game streams after reading this article. And all I can say is, wow, they earn that much just playing games? It amazes me what technology can do.

  9. xiaoran0095 says:

    I want to earn as a streamer too but I don’t know how. This is a very interesting game by the way

  10. Mau says:

    It’s mindblowing how gaming has evolved. So much people (and not just a company’s marketing team) are involved in the marketing of a game nowadays!

  11. valine13 says:

    I agree to that. With the VR it could be a little difficult. Video games are still the best. You can have many reviews.

  12. darkkvader says:

    watching games streamed are really of advantage to many players out there.

  13. VR/AR is the future. Despite the media hype and integration to the mobile phone industry, VR isn’t that mainstream yet. But once it latches itself into the gaming industry, VR will the”in” thing in the coming years.

  14. I’m addicted to Twitch! But I didn’t know these streamers are paid this much. I’m flabbergasted!

  15. Mac says:

    With the rise of VR technology I wonder how that would fit into streaming.still a great interactive feature

  16. Before when we say streaming, only teenagers and gamers understand how it works but nowadays even the older people are now aware of what streaming really is. Great job for posting this! This will give better understanding of how amazing technology is. It’s also good that all the platforms will be user friendly.

  17. Technology has created “jobs” we never thought before. When I was little, one of my friends would ask me to go over their house and watch him play Gameboy. She would get mad at me when I point out her wrong moves LOL! Fast forward to today, money is very much involved. I can’t imagine what possibilities will happen in the future, but I reckon platforms will be blurred.

  18. Kelvin Yu says:

    Streamers earn that much? Woah! I think the number 1 requirement is that you have to be famous. No followers mean no money, right?

  19. roisterous says:

    Watching others play the same game you mean to play would definitely give the viewer some useful tips and strategies for the game play. The fact that some people are able to earn a living entirely from playing video games is honestly quite astounding.

  20. Grecy Garcia says:

    Streaming games are of great advantage because the gamers will have the feels on how to play the game, what are the prons and cons are easy to get detected. If they are watching with lots of gamers as well, that include interactions and different ideas and opinions are given to give you the best decision if you want to play it or not.

  21. Lee Ann says:

    Helpful post I am glad you mentioned some other platforms. I already knew about Twitch and Youtube but never heard of or Hitbox. I have been wanting to make gaming videos again but need to find the time commitment. I don’t have experience though on platforms outside of Youtube so trying some new ones would be nice. Do you have a favorite platform for steaming?

  22. chibimari1212 says:

    I really enjoy your game play, Ky. You will be the next successfull streamer

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