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Ky's Korner #25: How To Become A Video Game Voice Actor. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media. Entertainment.

Hello, Friends… Welcome back!

How many of you would love an excellent job in gaming?? I’m a freelancer by nature so, I’m used to looking for gigs a bit outside the box. In fact, that’s how I found this incredible opportunity with Saljack Enterprises!

Big thanks to Saljack for believing in me! Teamwork makes the dream work!

Recently, I have come across some gigs for voice actors. So I thought I’d share the info I have discovered and let you in on some of my secrets for success. I’m hoping this helps those of you that are interested in working in the gaming industry… I’m here for you friends! A super way to break into the gaming scene is to become a voice actor. Yes, this job is real, and voice actors are actually in high demand. Here’s my advice for beginning your search and finding the best opportunities out there…

Games these days are more realistic than ever. Characters are loaded with personality and have some very real dialogue… that being said.. voice actors are essential. A voice actor has the chance to bring character’s to life, making them feel all the more real to us. Some games even use facial recognition so that the emotions of the character are genuine.

The first thing you want to think about before diving into the voice actor scene is… Do you really have the right voice for it? We must all be honest with ourselves from the get go… Having goals is important but so is being realistic. Second thing… Can you act? Voice acting is still acting. You’ve still gotta have the chops for it. No doubt. Maybe even more so… we can say a lot with our facial expressions but, one would think it may be harder if your work is based on your voice alone. That dialogue must be full of feeling and emotion to get your point across to your audience so keep that in mind and practice… practice… practice! We are never done learning or perfecting our craft.. we must keep evolving and growing no matter what we do.

Next, you must create a demo! When applying for these jobs, you need a different sort of resume. They will want to see what you’ve got right from the get-go. If you have what they are looking for, they will be able to tell right away based off your demo. This also shows professionalism, which is what they look for when hiring. A little sample of what you have to offer is always good, and it also lets them know you’re serious.

Now, you may be wondering if you need an agent. The truth is… an agent may bring you more opportunities but, you are what seals the deal. You can do this on your own even without paying an agent.. it is very possible, you just need to know where to look for these types of gigs. No need to pay someone to do a job you can do yourself.  Now, maybe after landing a gig or two you might want to find representation but, you can surely start out on your own. is a great place to look for gigs. There are a ton of freelancer sites that strictly post jobs just like this.  Believe it or not. is another great way to find out of the ordinary kind of employment. Or simply Google it, you’d be surprised what jobs will come up…. And, no matter what you do or what site you look on, make sure the gig is legit. Make sure the gig really is what you’re looking for. This is life, my friends… always keep your guard up but, this is the freelancer’s way. Eventually, you will be able to sniff out a scam from a mile away… no problem. It takes time but, you’ll get the hang of things. No worries!

Before even looking for gigs make sure you have all the right equipment… first thing you will need is a good microphone. The first video found below talks explains more about the equipment needed and the best buys for beginners…


This video features Jason McCoy, and this is the first of 5 videos he has made on the topic… So be sure to follow all 5 for all his tips and tricks for breaking into the industry…

Big Thanks to Jason for making such informative videos… Nothing like getting advice from a pro. Getting all the information from someone who is in the biz already is so useful!!

Well, friends…

I hope this blog finds those that are looking to get into voice acting but weren’t quite sure how to do it. Let me know your thoughts… I love your feedback!

Thanks so much for stopping by Ky’s Korner today… don’t forget to check back in tomorrow!

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30 thoughts on “Ky’s Korner #25: How To Become A Video Game Voice Actor

  1. That’s really interesting thanks

  2. How much is the pay? I wanna try this out. Looks simple enough to do.

  3. Thank you for the information. I wanna try this on the side because I have a regular job. But I wanna know how this thing goes because I’m a gamer too.

  4. cool voice acting something i thought about doing the other day cool stuff

  5. marchaching says:

    Ky, lovely as always. I agree it is really hard to find a job online especially that there are a lot of scam going on out there, and yes it definitely takes time but is worth it.

  6. Super! Thanks for the tips and info guys. This is good for a part-time in case you are not so stressed with your 9-5 job. Or maybe I can make a career out of it.

  7. Looks easy on paper, but hard to do. Thanks to Jason’s informative videos. I mean, no work is easy in general. But when you say voice acting, people think it’s just going to a studio and record. But a lot goes into that, right?

  8. These are really useful tips. Thanks for posting them! To make a demo, one still has to invest in the equipment though. But what can I say, you have to spend money to make money. Seriously though, how much does voice work for video games pay anyway?

  9. Do you make the recording before or after the game is made? I mean, like for foreign films where American actors who dub it has to make sure their dialogues match the opening and closing of the mouth of the character they’re portraying. Or is it something like animated films where voice actors record their lines first then the animators would work on their drawings to match the dialogue.

  10. Kelvin Yu says:

    Hey that guy looks like Jony Ive! 🙂 Would be very awesome to have bragging rights to some cool video games, eh? I’d be totally down for this even if I will only have a line or two.

  11. Oh you look different Ky! I never thought it was very straightforward when applying to become a voice talent for games. Thanks for the info!

  12. Thank you for this opportunity Ky! I will definitely consider this. You guys are the best!

  13. Shayne says:

    This is awesome! I really dream to be a voice talent yet I’ve no idea how to start this kind of profession. After reading the article, I gain confidence to pursue my dream. Thanks a lot!

  14. Grecy Garcia says:

    I think I have the talent because I can even have the voice of Spongebob Squarepants. Really, there is lists of job at Upwork? I have an account there. Thanks for Jason’s videos now I totally understand how it works and it is the kind of job that needs focus, determination and passion. I think this is the kind of job I would love to have. Teamwork makes the dream work, I believe.

    1. Ky Lynn says:

      I believe in you too! You can do anything you put your mind too!!

  15. Esperanza Khan says:

    I’ve always wondered what the process is. This is a really informative article

  16. zhangisiung says:

    I’ve seen some video of good actors who does multiple roles in one game, and I can’t even recognize the voice when the actor play another character. Now that’s good skill.

  17. rage87 says:

    Great tips Ky Lynn! I only knew such jobs when making animated movies or shows. Only I realized that we could also be a voice actor in video games that we played. lol. I’d never thought of that until I read this. Its seems like dream job to me as I don’t have any talents in doing so.

  18. Mau says:

    It sounds like a fun job but probably more grueling than I think. But just thinking my voice being immortalized in video games is enough to give me butterflies in my stomach!

    1. Ky Lynn says:

      Haha exactly!! How awesome is that! You can do it … I know it!

  19. I must say that being a voice actor is never been easy. You must dedicate your time and effort on this and I salute the voice actors how they are dedicated in their jobs!

  20. loveylucy says:

    I’ve been using audacity for making cover of any song but nothing for serious thing. After reading this article, you give me idea of a job opportunity for me

    1. Ky Lynn says:

      Awesome! You can do it!!

  21. chibimari1212 says:

    You are such a cool freelancer, Ky! I have never thought something as cool as this. Thanks for the tips!

    1. Ky Lynn says:

      Thanks so much!! And you are so welcome my friend!

  22. revshine101 says:

    These are some really good and cool tips for someone like me who is thinking of getting my hands wet in the field of voice acting. I was wondering where to start just yesterday and again KY has been my savior to save my day. Thanks for the very detailed and very informative post. I will decide my budget and look for the gadgets mentioned and start my practicing immediately.

    1. Ky Lynn says:

      Awww you are I’m so glad I could friend!! I’m here for you!

  23. darkkvader says:

    Thanks for the tips Ky. This is really helpful.

  24. valine13 says:

    Ky’s look is very different here. Nice tips as well. Being a voice actor i think is very enjoyable as this is my dream since but in games though.

  25. Ky’s tips are really helpful especially when you are starting to find a decent job. There are lots of talents that we can use and the most in demand is our voice. Some may not notice it but they can try this voice acting gig. Since most young people are into online gaming, I think it would be a fresher if they would also try this kind of job. Not only they know how to play the game but also earn money from it. Start from creating demos! It would be a good way to know if you have a passion for voice acting or not.

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