Saljack Enterprises

Saljack Enterprises is a woman owned digital entertainment company. We are engaged in partnerships with innovative and creative talent around the world.

From the team at Saljack Enterprises, we’d like to wish all our fans a very Happy and Joyful Easter!



9 thoughts on “Happy Easter To All Our Fans From Everyone At Saljack Enterprises!

  1. kadoyatsukasa123 says:

    Happy Easter too the SE team. Perhaps Easter egg hunts are in order ha ha.


  2. skydragonwendymarvell says:

    Thank fpr the heads up SE team. I have a new PS and Xbox now. Keep up the good work. Happy Easter.


  3. chibimari1212 says:

    Happy Easter Saljack Enterprise! Keep being cool and awesome for every single project ahead ^^


  4. loveylucy says:

    Wow the video is really colorful and resembles how Saljack Enterprise is. Happy Easter Day too !!!


  5. valine13 says:

    Happy Easter SLE! Cool Video!


  6. darkkvader says:

    I like the colorful eggs every easter. It’s so fun to have it also in here.


  7. Miles Cutler says:

    Happy Easter SJE! Are there Easter eggs somewhere in this website? LOL ­čÖé


  8. Love the video! Happy Easter to SJE and to all gamers!


  9. marchaching says:

    Happy Easter people! Will go egg hunting with friends. Who says egg hunting is just for kids? Lol!


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