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BOOK 4, P3: Odious Optimism - The Day is Upon Us Part 2. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media. Entertainment.

Shailan and Brajjit sprinted towards a subway entrance as the sound of gunfire chased them.

Today we continue with part three of book 4. Hope you enjoy!

Shailan and Brajjit sprinted towards a subway entrance as the sound of gunfire chased them. As they reached the entrance both instinctively slid down the handrails and landed on the station floor. The sound of gunfire had strangely stopped and although they were perplexed by its sudden departure they were equally relieved.

“Just like old times dude!” Brajjit laughed as he smacked Shailan on the back.

“Sure kind of I guess, I mean without the boozed up bikers and ashtrays hurtling at our heads” Shailan replied.

“So you’re an uber spy type dude, what do we do now?” asked Brajjit.

“Well, if I know one thing for sure, trouble usually finds us. We don’t have to look for it so why don’t we just stand here a second and see what happens?” Shailan said sarcastically.

Almost on cue a woman came running down the platform and jumped the turnstile screaming for help almost knocking Brajjit down. Shailan reached over and put his hands on each of the woman’s shoulders in an attempt to get her to calm down and focus on him.

“We are the good guys, it’s okay. Who are you running from?” he asked.

“Two men…the train…it stopped in the tunnel. The power went out, they… they’re taking everything from everyone. My mother’s necklace…a man pushed me out the door and I ran” she stammered.

Brajjit looked down at the frightened woman and caught her gaze. “It’s okay ma’am, we are here to help. Here, go inside the booth and lock the door my buddy and I will see what we can do. Don’t unlock this door until we get back.”

“Okay, Team ShaBra has a mission” Brajjit quipped as they jumped down onto the tracks and headed down the tunnel.

“Dude” Shailan replied, “That is the worst name I have ever heard!”

“What? I thought it was pretty cool. Do you have a better one?” Brajjit replied feigning hurt in his voice.

Shailan looked at his friend, “Perhaps, but there is the train, time to get your game face on.”

The two friends headed towards the darkened subway car and the sounds of screaming passengers filled the cavernous tunnel.

Brajjit put his arm around his friend’s shoulder, “Okay super spy guy, you’re the one with some sort of experience. What’s the game plan?”

“Well dude, I think the best way to approach a potential hostage situation is to flank them. I will release the locking mechanism to the conductor’s cabin and we will free him first. You will enter the cabin and turn on the intercom system. While you distract them I will make my way to the back of the train and let myself in.” replied Shailan.

“Wow, you are actually good at this man” Brajjit replied half sarcastically “but how am I supposed to distract them?”

Shailan looked at him and simply said, “You like to talk, so talk”.

As they reached the first car Shailan reached under the carriage and pushed the lock to the open position. As they opened the door the conductor cowered in the corner. “It’s okay man we are here to help,” Brajjit said as they helped the man out of the train and sent him down the tunnel.

Brajjit picked up the intercom headset and began to talk as Shailan made his way to the rear of the train.

“Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking. It seems as we have been experiencing a bit of turbulence on our trip today due to all of the hot air surrounding the train. This is an extremely rare occurrence and we are currently attempting to rectify the situation. In our initial analysis, we have determined that the source of the hot air seems to be the mouths of two moronic thugs. If Thug 1 or Thug 2 would like to make his way to the conductor’s cabin I would be happy to shove my foot in their mouths to prevent any more hot air from escaping and thus allow the train to continue on its journey. The power should be restored momentarily as well so when you see these hideous losers please point them in the direction of the first car as they probably have no idea where the conductor’s cabin is. Thank you for your patience and we should be underway shortly. And just a quick reminder to the Thug 1 and Thug 2, my foot is waiting”

Brajjit hung up the intercom and half smiled to himself, “That should get their attention”.

Shailan had entered the last car and was making his way towards the front as he saw two men rushing towards the conductor’s cabin swearing as they went. Trailing a car behind he quietly ushered all the passengers to the open door on the last car and told them to walk the 100 yards or so through the tunnel to the last stop they made before the train stopped and wait for him there.

One by one the train cars emptied as the thugs made their way to Brajjit as his voice came over the intercom again.

“It’s your captain speaking again, just wanted to update you on the situation. Turns out I was wrong earlier when I mentioned the thugs were moronic. Turns out that I gave them too much credit and they are actually imbeciles. My apologies for that incorrect information. Furthermore, a message for Thug 1 and Thug 2; my foot is lonely and your hideous faces are the only cure.”

Just as he hung up the intercom for the second time the door to the conductor’s cabin began to shake violently and the sound of profanity-laced voices filled the air.

As the thugs beat on the cabin door Shailan calmly began to get the last of the passengers to safety until no one remained except the imbeciles banging on Brajjit’s door. Quietly and calmly he walked up behind them and kicked the larger of the two in the back of the knee while simultaneously grabbing the smaller one’s head and forcefully bouncing it off of the cabin door.

Brajjit, hearing that the banging had stopped opened the door and planted a front kick directly into the larger thug’s face rendering him unconscious not to mention dislodging a few teeth.

The two Champions then picked up Thug 1 and Thug 2’s weapons and tied them to a standing rail with the backpacks they had filled with stolen property.

“Captain? Turbulence? Really?” laughed Shailan.

“What I’ve always wanted to say that?” Brajjit smiled back.

“Come on let’s return this stuff to the passengers and then go give that woman back her mom’s necklace” Shailan prodded.

“Okay dude, but then we have got to come up with a cool name” Brajjit kidded as they headed down the tunnel. “By the way didn’t you think Dylan’s mom was kinda hot?”

Shailan just smiled and shook his head in the affirmative.

(To be continued…)

That’s it for now! The next story will be published soon. We will continue publishing stories every week leading up to the anticipated Project-X announcement.

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19 thoughts on “BOOK 4, P3: Odious Optimism – The Day is Upon Us Part 2

  1. Brailan is better, I agree. I reckon Shailan is way younger than Brajjit but they talk like equals, like brothers. They have very good chemistry.

  2. I like Team ShaBra! They’re good with martial arts, quick in decision making, and funny too! I like this part because it is full of action!

  3. Mau says:

    I’ve always liked Shailan and Brajjit’s friendship. Looking forward to the next installment!

  4. Wow this is what I call action-packed! I could almost imagine this in a movie sequence. I hope in the not-so-distant future we can watch our Champions in the big screen.

  5. Yup I agree with the others here. Team Brailan sounds better than ShaBra. Great story this time!

  6. Go go go! They are my favourite in the Champions. I like their humour. They are not very serious but still gets the job done.

  7. roisterous says:

    Shabra is a good name for the two of them! And yeah, they are funny as well as super strong!

  8. Grecy Garcia says:

    I think Team Brailan should be the perfect name for these two. They are really hanging around now, like they are becoming close. Okay that comment comes from a very sweet lady like me that is why I am seeing there will be a lot of Bro moments and Bromance with this one.

  9. ienma83 says:

    team Shabra hahahahaha…that had me lolling. Who is writing these stories! I like reading them. keep em coming!

  10. rage87 says:

    I agree with @Balbina, Brailan is much better to hear than ShaBra. lol. I’ve read the previous part of this episode so I am glad that they released the continuation of the story. It seems that there’s not much action scenes on this part but I like how the two treated each other like brothers.

  11. Anu Veth says:

    The story is interesting. I like the characters and the flow. thanks.

  12. valine13 says:

    There are much humor in this I like their teamwork together.

  13. darkkvader says:

    Nice one teamwork couple! I ship you so much! ha ha

  14. quicksilver says:

    Who are the other teams in this? Travour and Lurasia perhaps.? Good chapter this week but too short.

  15. Scarletwitch says:

    What is this a love team?. I know we come up names for these guys but come on, Give them a much masculine code.

  16. Rissa J says:

    I love how Shailan predicts trouble and it comes like, the next second.
    And sorry, bro, gotta side Shailan again here. Shabra is an awful portmanteau. I like Balbina’s suggestion more.
    But what idiots hijacked a train with two people? . . . Well, those two thugs I guess.

    Keep up the good work!

  17. Maury Cheskes says:

    I’d trust them to protect the peace. Witty dialogue. This novel really takes you into the story and while the heroes are these macho bosses they are very down to earth making it fun for the reader. Epic.

  18. ShaBra? That’s uhhmmm….doesn’t have a nice ring to it. How about Brailan? Sounds more legit to me.

  19. Miles Cutler says:

    Go Team ShaBra! LOL! I like this couple. They are funny are really knows what teamwork means!

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