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5 Helpful Tips For Designing Fun Side Quests. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media. Entertainment.

Side quests are little fun optional missions from open world games that have different rewards and objectives. The main aim of these quests is to leave the player with fun things to do and also reward them so that player can enjoy playing it.  Here are some valuable tips to make a side quest play worthy:

  1. Make the involvement of the plot and the characters interesting: Your side quest will have to be about something interesting, so you need to think what will be the side quest plot and its objectives. The side quest needs to be engaging and narrative. The Plot should be a short story with a conflict, as the player will be there as a key to solving it. The Objectives have to be related to the plot, and they can be different according to it. A particular quest is memorable mainly due to its impactful ending.
  1. Decide how to start the side quest: The beginning of the side quest will determine how the player will be included in that small plot. The most common way to do that is to make the player talk to a Non-Player Character. Also, it can be the opposite by making the NPC go and talk to the player when the player reaches a particular place. There are also some other interesting ways, like making the player find something that makes him inquiring and drives him to examine it.
  1. A unique body of the side quest: Now it is time for the objectives. One objective can be totally different from another. Your side quest can have any number of targets, like a simple one of donating some part of your money to someone or finding out what the evil guy. In all, you need to make the body of the side quest captivating, so that the player shows his interest till the end.
  1. Make sure the ending is exciting, and the rewards are satisfying: Last but not least, when the player completes his part of the story, the side quest should have an exciting end and, depending on the side quest and the game, the player should be rewarded. Most of the times, a prominent side quest ending is much better than a reward, since the main purpose of the player is to have fun while finishing the objectives and following the story already. But that doesn’t mean that creative rewards are not welcomed.
  1. Have valuable quest chains: A quest chain is an array of quests that must be achieved in a certain order. These quests are normally tied to the same plot, double the difficulty as players progress through the chain and give a pleasing reward at the end. Quest chains consist of any number of quests and are made accessible at different times in the story. Quest chains are unusually compelling because they often take you across diverse locations throughout the game, boosting your journey into new areas. At the same time, they also enable you to follow a particular plot-line in stages, and you may feel attached to it.

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22 thoughts on “5 Helpful Tips For Designing Fun Side Quests

  1. I reckon #1 and #5 are the same. I’ve played games where the sidequests are fun and challenging individually. But if you take into context the whole game, they make no sense. Sometimes that’s a make-or-break situation for me, if I should be playing that game again or not.

  2. I love sidequests! Actually it’s the only part of the game that I finish LOL! I’m just starting to play btw.

  3. quicksilver says:

    I wish XEnoverse has side quest like eating contest. That will be fun since Goku and co. loves eating.

  4. Scarletwitch says:

    That reminded me of a quest with ISIS in Injustice. Where you must make her meow a few times to pass.

  5. We all do side quests for the reward, right? It is the whole point of having a side quest. So if the reward isn’t satisfying, then you will have one grumpy player. It would be a total waste of their time.

  6. I agree that side quests should be unique all throughout the game. It’s ok to have two or three successive quests to have the same mechanics. But if you have the same mechanics all through out, that would not be challenging at all.

  7. I love side quests because you can interact with previously non-playing characters. And also because it’s somewhat different from the main game. It’s like a breather.

  8. keviiyu says:

    A spotlight on a cat — that’s 100% a side quest, isn’t it? Ahahaha! So cliche, but it’s been the standard hallmark of a side quest for years.

  9. Grecy Garcia says:

    Side quest’s main mission is to make the play more interesting and rewarding the player will really attract them to play some more. It is always about the story and how to make the conflict more complicated so that the player will use their brains. It will lead them to exploring the game more for more strategy development.

  10. skydragonwendymarvell says:

    Good point side quest should be easy and enjoyable. However if the game is item based then its frustrating. Particularly if you do not get what you want.

  11. Gray Fullbuster says:

    Speaking of side quest. I played injustice recently. The reward was disappointing though. It was just a suit or pictures

  12. Of course side quests ending should have a reward! I mean, it’s the whole point of having a side quest, right? You can load up on stuff you can use for the main game.

  13. milescutler says:

    For me, side quests should be entirely different from the actual game. It should be fun and somewhat easy.

  14. ienma83 says:

    Oo i think that side quests or I refer to them as mini games, are definitely worth looking into! they keep the game interesting because its unexpected and yes, to offer more rewards and prizes are definitely something to do to attract more people!

  15. chibimari1212 says:

    It can be time killer but you are the one who can decide that will be worth spending time for or not. Nice tips though :3

  16. nightcrawlerxmen says:

    Tell me about it shadow. Nothing is more frustrating to a player than to grind for hours and get nothing. Items pop up yes but chances are it is not for your character that ticks me off big time.

  17. kittyprydexmen says:

    Side quest spice up the game. Sometimes it is even more fun as it is frustrating. I mean it is like rolling the dice grind for hours and get a rare item its good. If not then it is sad.

  18. Mau says:

    Side quests do make a game more fun and exciting! Plus, I love it when you get to get special items or other (playable) characters.

  19. roisterous says:

    It’s even more interesting when you make different possible quest chains that still go off the main plot. That way, even after completing the main plot, the player can go back repeatedly and follow the different quest chains to see how they’ll affect the ending of the game.

  20. amaterasu123 says:

    This takes me back in my Diablo 2 days. I always grind it out for items and stuff.

  21. kadoyatsukasa123 says:

    I Have never designed a game in my life. However, reading this makes me wish I had. It will be fun.

  22. valine13 says:

    Agree on this side quests can be a little challenging to do but should be fun at the same time. These are always on the game these days to gain extra leveling up and or money aside from the normal play

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