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Ky's Korner #16: Scary Glitches For Nintendo Switch. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media. Entertainment.

Ky’s Korner #16: Scary Glitches For Nintendo Switch

Howdy my Friends!

I know, usually we talk about how much joy a gaming system can bring us but, this time I came across some info that you guy’s might find very useful. If you are interested in purchasing the new Nintendo Switch, here’s a few things to consider….

Nintendo was anticipating huge profits with their Nintendo Switch. The console made it’s debut on March 3rd and quickly sold out. Shortly after it’s release Switch began to show a variety of technical problems. Customer’s have complained that the system has multiple hardware and software issues. Some can be fixed pretty easily and some well… Not so much. But for minor issues go here for troubleshooting:

Considering it’s only been on the market for close to two weeks now, some of it’s consumers have turned from pure excitement to being very disappointed pretty quickly, as you could imagine. As gamers, the last thing we want to do is drop a small fortune on something that doesn’t deliver the quality that was promised. This can be more than frustrating.

Some users have complained of not being able to boot up their system at all. Reporting that the system freezes up and all that can be seen is a very distorted logo or the screen goes black completely and all that can be heard are strange high pitched sounds. If you are lucky enough to have one that actually turns on, it may just tell you that it doesn’t recognize your game card, which would be inserted into the SD card port. This is a huge problem.

It has also been noted that the high pitched loud sounds I mentioned before can occur during gameplay thus forcing the user to reboot the system entirely. Lost progress can be very upsetting and even more so when it’s a technical issue such as this.

Now, we can all safely say that for the most part Nintendo creates great products and customer service is essential to the company. They strive for customer satisfaction, making this all the more confusing. Nintendo assured the public that any issues that may have delayed the release of the Switch had long been fixed… apparently not.

Games have multiple glitches, causing incorrect color displays, flashing images, and even dead pixels resulting in a non responsive system and all you are left with nothing but a black screen.

The Switch’s screen is also very delicate, scratching very easily. Just charging it on the dock can result in scratching. Most users suggest a screen protector if you do not want to endure these issues. The console’s detachable blue tooth controllers called, JoyCon also have issues. The left JoyCon has been know to completely disconnect, resulting in the lack of being able to interact with their game completely. For the best connection, Nintendo suggests that you keep other devices a good four to five feet away from any other electronic devices, due to interference.

Another major issue for me… is warping. Consumers have begun to complain that the device becomes warped when docked. The device itself tend to get pretty hot and when it is docked it gets even warmer. This can be a very scary issue. It seems that the amount of capabilities it has just may be to much for the little console to handle. I suggest not having it docked while sleeping. This way you have a better chance of keeping an eye on things. Though I would think it’s really over doing it while in use, while projecting the onto the big screen.

Reddit users have offered up multiple suggestions for the warping, all the way from battery issues to the thermal expansion. If you are noticing an over heating issue you can call Nintendo’s customer service and they will offer you a solution in less than 10 minutes or so. As I mentioned before customer service is a huge thing for Nintendo, if you are not happy or are experiencing technical problems, they are there to help. For all your customer service needs go to their help site.. here’s the link.

It may take them a few days to process your repair but, they are even willing to replace your device completely if necessary. I suggest if you have the over heating issue, you take them up on this.

I have found this video which demonstrates some of the issues we have discussed. For you Switch users, this could be very useful if you are having issues of your own.

I hope this has helped you guy’s… You can count on me friends to keep not only your best interest at heart but also your safety. Gaming is fun until someone gets hurt… never thought I’d say that… lol.. But whatever we do we must not give up on the pro’s over at Nintendo. I am confident they will fix these issues and it will be better than we ever expected.

Thanks so much for stopping by Ky’s Korner today and don’t forget to stop back by tomorrow. Until next time my friends!

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33 thoughts on “Ky’s Korner #16: Scary Glitches For Nintendo Switch

  1. Not being able to boot, I think, is the scariest of all. I think I will cry if something that I’ve waiting for a long time turned out to be a dud. Boo!

  2. Oh wow I didn’t know it has this many issues. Good thing I bought a regular console. I will watch out for future issues about the Switch.

  3. quicksilver says:

    I may have to switch to Xbox for now no pun intended. LOL. Just until nintendo can fix the problem.

  4. Scarletwitch says:

    If I never stumble to this article. I would be scratching my head now. Thank you for the warning miss Lynn.

  5. I saw a Nintendo Switch for sale at a computer shop on the way home. I’m no impulse buyer but it was just really tempting to just snatch it, swipe my card, and forget that it happened! LOL!

  6. I also read something about bending issues. Seriously? I thought it was just the iPhone that’s bending.

  7. Miaka Yuuki says:

    Nintendo should fix the issue before selling these. Nintendo is a solid company it is surprising that they have this blunder?

  8. Mico Robin says:

    As for me I may have to hold on my purchase for a while. I love nintendo but safety goes first.

  9. b4rnard says:

    You did me a solid here, Ky! Thank you so much.. I was saving up for a Nintendo Switch but I’ll probably hold on to my savings to wait for these glitches to get fixed! I hope it’s sooner, tho

  10. luffyzorro2012 says:

    Has nintendo said something about this? IT should make the news but me I do not ply consoles so I cannot say much.

  11. Erza Scarlet says:

    If this is the case I may have to stick with Xbox for a while. It is better safe than sorry. I will wait for a word from nintendo and go from there.

  12. ienma83 says:

    oh dear warping doesnt sound good at all! I would be afraid that it would explode? Similar to when my handphone heats up, haha…not good!

  13. alexsummers123 says:

    This pop my bubble to be honest. I was planning on buying one of these for my family. Thanks to this I am now aware of its issues. It is just unfortunate that I had to cancel my purchase.

  14. Gray Fullbuster says:

    Has their any been cases of these things exploding? I ask because of the reports of it warming up.

  15. Grecy Garcia says:

    Thanks for sharing about the warping thing because if it gets warm while using, then it is not for me. I tend to just bring it down and I lose my appetite to continue the game. Or I might wrap it with something. I just don’t like holding warm things.

  16. kadoyatsukasa123 says:

    Issues cannot be avoided even the best of systems are not perfect. With that said come final realease it should be solve by now. I mean its a disaster for both parties if a product has defects.

  17. skydragonwendymarvell says:

    I Do not have nintendo switch yet. It has never grown to me. I guess I am enjoying earlier systems than this.

  18. loveylucy says:

    I like the way you always give catchy title for your article. Tbh I think this switch is not that scary, but yeah the product has defect

  19. kittyprydexmen says:

    I do not have switch yet but I am planning to get one. Thank you for the heads up about its issues. It helps me a lot.

  20. nightcrawlerxmen says:

    Glitches are normal even in final releases. The question is how much will it cost us for patches and fixes?

  21. Mau says:

    This is disappointing considering that many people tried hard to get ahold of Nintendo Switch during its launch. It’s good to know that they seem to have a good customer service otherwise people might be turned off completely.

  22. Boy am I glad I didn’t buy one on release day. I was so excited last year and really planned to buy one right after this was released. But due to some unforeseen circumstances, I wasn’t able to. And it gave me time to read reviews online. Just like this one.

  23. milescutler says:

    I’ve read about bending issues! I thought, “Why is their Switch bending? What on earth could they be doing?” Strange, I know. But it’s a legitimate concern

  24. roisterous says:

    As you suggested, I hope they really can and do fix the problems. Otherwise they’re good reputation as a gaming company will go away.

  25. Maury Cheskes says:

    Ahhh.. major technical issues like that are a game changer for me. Most people like a gaming console that’s easy to use and that needs as little repair per month as possible. Sadly, as gaming systems, mobile phones and computer software is getting more high tech the need for technical support is growing.

  26. rage87 says:

    Glitches really happens to some systems not only in game consoles but to other gadgets as well, especially if its new and on beta test. It’s quite disappointing to those who already bought nintendo switch and found to have some glitches on its system. Thanks Ky Lynn for this info. I hope that nintendo will fix this issues as soon as possible.

  27. chibimari1212 says:

    Oh thank you for the review. Here I am as your team, waiting the console to fix the issues 🙂

  28. valine13 says:

    glitches…i didnt know it could happen. thanks for this heads up. It seems beta at first.

  29. James says:

    Buddy I think you’re right. Yeah I think something is wrong with it.

  30. Buddy says:

    Hmm something is wrong with that console. I’m not sold with it…

  31. I think this is pretty normal with any new gadget. With “new” I mean like it’s the first release of its kind. It is prone to have bugs and glitches. That’s why I’m no early adopter because of potential issues that could come up. I wait for the updated version.

    1. zhangisiung says:

      Yeah..why got the first release if we can get a better version later with cheaper price anyway. I myself always wait until the console is out in the market for awhile before jumping in, even if it means being late for a year or so. That way the gaming library for that console will have grown and I will most likely avoid the early glitch in console such those that are happening in nintendo switch now.

  32. keviiyu says:

    Oh dear 🙁 This makes me think twice about buying it. Thank you for the heads up Ky!

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