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Saljack Enterprises Lets Review team member Ky Lynn plays The Division, an online-only open world third-person shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Massive and published by Ubisoft, with assistance from Red Storm Entertainment. If you’d like to play games with Ky Lynn, just add your game name/tag to the comments section and mention that you’re from Saljack Enterprises and she will give you priority and add you as a friend right away! Who knows, you may be featured in the next video! We hope you enjoy and please like and subscribe to see more videos from Ky Lynn!

This video is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by Massive Entertainment, Red Storm Entertainment, Ubisoft Reflections, Ubisoft Annecy, or Ubisoft.



22 thoughts on “Ky Lynn Plays Tom Clancy’s The Division

  1. Grecy Garcia says:

    oh, this is good to know. However, I am not in the same country. Is this a video game that I can download or we can join Ky Lynn literally playing the game? Tom Clancy is the author right, so there is a book titled The Division, sorry I don’t know.

    1. Ky Lynn says:

      Hey Grecy! Yeah you can download it and we can play online.. on teams together.. that would be sweet. Tom Clancy wrote a series of war books and they made a video game based off those. And no worries at all.. I am happy to answer and question you might have for me so…. Ask away friend!

  2. Erza Scarlet says:

    The into used is that from the game? That was hype Quick question who is Tom Clancy?

  3. Gray Fullbuster says:

    From the looks of it this will be a fun game, I am definitely hooked.

  4. Rashid says:

    Oh Phineas you are such a joker! LOL! I like this game Ky, and I love how you presented it, Keep it up!

    1. Ky Lynn says:

      Awww thanks so much!

  5. Jeanette says:

    Oh shoot! Here’s the game I was looking for! Thanks for featuring this here Ky because it has been in my head for the past few days. And just right now I am reminded again. Love the review, btw!

    1. Ky Lynn says:

      So glad I could help! And thank you so much!

  6. Quinn says:

    If ever this game is played through, sharing the cut-scenes would be greatly appreciated. That is, if it has any at all. I like seeing story progression i games…

    1. Ky Lynn says:

      Well, there aren’t to many cut scenes, but.. there are a few. I could def play it again and include one of them next time for you! I’ll def keep you and this idea in mind for future videos! Thanks for the idea!

  7. Phineas says:

    Why did this start with division? Shouldn’t the first release be “The Multiplication”, followed by “The Division”, then “The Addition”, and the last should be “The Subtraction”… Hey! There is a game title potential here!

    1. Ky Lynn says:

      Haha! I know right… lets keep it simple at least at first! LOL That’s why I in the video I said were gonna be doin some division today!! Haha! Your too funny!

  8. Antony says:

    Looks like sniper is one the deadliest foe in this game. Gotta take them out first before advancing.

    1. Ky Lynn says:

      Yep! No doubt about it! Gotta watch out for those snipers and yes always take them out first or you’ll die every time!

  9. Hari Priya says:

    Good review there Ky lynn. You play the game so good and you have awesome control over it. Very professional you are. Seeing you play the game reminds me of the time I used to be addicted to games like these. The interface and the graphics are really good. Good review.

    1. Ky Lynn says:

      Awww that’s so very sweet of you to say! Thank you so much for your kind words!! And thank you for taking the time to watch the video… your thoughts are much appreciated!

  10. Kitz says:

    This seems to be a lot of fun! I like Tom Clancy and to name this game after him is just interesting. I need to try this.

  11. Rebi says:

    Nice review Ms. Ky lynn! Looks like a good game to play!

  12. Nene Ulanday says:

    I read Tom Clancy’s books but this will be the first time I’m gonna play this game. Awesome from the looks of it. Love your review Ky!

    1. Ky Lynn says:

      Awww thanks so much!! Thank you for reading it! You will love the game, let me know what you think!

  13. Caridad Nacorda says:

    Another great review Ky Lynn! I’ve never had the chance to play this. But after watching your review, it’s all systems go for me! Thanks!

    1. Ky Lynn says:

      Awesome! So glad to hear it! You will love it!!

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