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Project-X Comic #7: Requesting For More Than Is Required. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media. Entertainment.

Comic #7 as presented by our Lead Artist Marcos. Understand what you are asking for! Sometimes it is better to enjoy what you already have. In the case of this comic, Shailan already has a friend Brajjit who can help with the swing. But Shailan wants a much bigger thrill. With Travour, he got a lot more than he wanted! Hope you enjoyed!

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23 thoughts on “Project-X Comic #7: Requesting For More Than Is Required

  1. Hari Priya says:

    Ha ha. Very funny. Poor guy. But somebody has to get him untie from that swing. The message is great. Way to go to the artist who had done this. Can’t wait to read more.

  2. Mico Robin says:

    A swing gone wrong. How is he gonna get out from there?

  3. Miaka Yuuki says:

    IS that Brajit? He strikes me more as a range type rather than a muscle. It is funny though I will give it that.

  4. Kitz says:

    LOL! I can’t help but laugh with this one. “Understand what you are asking for” – this is really true. Being careful what we ask for would always save us from misfortune.

  5. Lisa Nataliany says:

    Lol… I also laughed when I saw how Brajjit seems to have laughed so satisfied of the accident which had happened on Shailan … But it seems Travour shocked mean he did not do it on purpose … lol.

  6. Danny Luei says:

    It’s very funny … and poor Shailan, this was a lesson for him to appreciate a friend who was willing to help. See how Brajjit have laughed at you, Shailan …

  7. Mansoor says:

    LOL! I could imagine if this was an animated movie…Travour would be laughing loudly. And the poor skinny Shailan all tangled LOL!

  8. Jayson says:

    Looks like Shailan had fun anyway! LOL! These guys are so playful!

  9. Grecy Garcia says:

    I agree. You really need to be sure what you are asking for because sometimes you are giving the Universe the wrong signal. Instead of making your life easy, it is making you dizzy with a lot of problems. Good illustrations.

  10. Dark Vader says:

    Very funny! I love the ideas of this kind of comic.

  11. Lester says:

    From the stories that I’ve read so far, and in most of the comics like this, it seems like Travour is quite the favorite! Just saying… I time, as more improvements are applied to the story and the characters, I think Project-X will have a quite a following!

  12. Maury Cheskes says:

    That’s pretty funny! That guy pointing and laughing is a real jerk. I feel bad for the kid, I bet it’s gonna be a real pain untying himself from that debacle.

  13. Britney says:

    Brajjit laughed at Shailan! LOL! Well he looked happy being tangled up there anyway hahaha!

  14. Satish says:

    Poor boy Shailan! I bet he can take whatever Travour gives him!

  15. Mau says:

    In the future the champions should keep in mind not to let Travour help them in such activities. It might lead to unwanted accidents!

  16. Ron Andrew says:

    Title says it all. Sometimes people do bite off more than how much they can chew and chokes. In this situation it is more like hugging the swing too much

  17. Angelo says:

    Hahaha. Requesting for more than is required is really not a good idea and is not good for you either as what this comic is trying to tell. It was really funny. hahaha. It really happens in real life scenario that everything must not go beyond its limits because it could either go right or wrong, so I better choose not to overdo things. 🙂

  18. Hank says:

    Bwahahaha… I laughed so hard. Be careful what you wished for, Shailan. Look what happened…

  19. Lily Paly says:

    Without the narration, I wouldn’t know if Brajjit helped Shailan with the swing before Travour. Nice drawing anyway, and quite funny.

  20. Kathniel says:

    Lesson for the day: trust your bestfriend. Shailan should be contented with Brajjit. He asked for more so he got a big hunky guy that he cannot take!

  21. Jadine says:

    Bwahaha! Shailan should be contented with Brajjit! See what happened LOL!

  22. Rebi says:

    Poor boy strangled.. how are you going to get back down now?

  23. Ales says:

    Funny haha love the title as well!

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