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Congratulations to Mushi Mushi who posted the correct answers on March 8th, 2017 at 11:00 AM! Please reply to the email we’ve sent you or you may contact us directly at with the same email on your comment.

Next competition will be posted soon. Stay tuned!



23 thoughts on “Winner of March Madness Competition #5

  1. Valerie says:

    Congratulations! I hope your eyes are still okay! LOL! Mine hurt after a lot after hours of squinting on those two pictures.


  2. Rubi says:

    Well done Mushi Mushi! And enjoy your Amazon e-gift certificate. Whatcha gonna use it for? LOL!


  3. light Yagami says:

    Finally we can kiss goodbye to this puzzle. Congratulations to the winner.


  4. Peter Parker says:

    After an eye hurting month this finally ends thank God. This was the hardest spot the difference game I have ever seen.


  5. Rebi says:

    Nice mushi mushi! Congrats! Oh they should’ve posted the right answers as well.


  6. Dark Vader says:

    Congrats Mushi mushi! Well deserved win!


  7. Max says:

    Yay!! Congrats to the winner! I’m excited about the upcoming competition.


  8. Grecy Garcia says:

    Congratulations to Mushi Mushi. I love her name. What is the price for the game? Is that a cash prize? I want to join the next time. You are a giver. Very generous to start a contest.


  9. Mau says:

    Wow, congratulations Mushi Mushi! I didn’t have the patience to enter the contest. Glad you persevered!


  10. Sutemaru says:

    Congratulations Mushi Mushi! What are you going to buy at Amazon? Care to share?


  11. Carlisle says:

    A big congratulations to the winner! I’m sure it was all worth it, eh? Enjoy your price!


  12. Kazuki Kazama says:

    How did he do it? Is there a special technique that he use for this? Good job Mushi Mushi san.


  13. Wendy Marvell says:

    He must have used the Byakkugan for this.? Kidding Mushi. Congratulations and enjoy your prize.


  14. Keith says:

    If this site is gonna be having more contests like this in the future, Mushi Mushi had better keep those peepers healthy to reel ’em all in! Cheers to the winner!


  15. Ayumi says:

    Congratulations Mushi Mushi! Shokin de nani o suru tsumoridesu ka? I hope you enjoy your winnings.


  16. Elphaba says:

    Well who would have thought? Somebody got all the correct answers! Imagine that!


  17. Johnny Storm says:

    I give so much props to this guy or girl. This game was a challenge and he won it. Good job.


  18. Susan Storm says:

    Rally somebody manage to solve this puzzle? I never imagine anyone had eyes to solve this. Congratulations dude.


  19. Angelo says:

    Congratulations to you Mushi Mushi! You are indeed the winner of this competition. I’ve tried my best in here but I was not able to guess all of the answers. I hope to see more of this kind of contests soon.


  20. Luis says:

    Felicitations to the winner! I hope she will share her prize. Congratulations!


  21. Carlitos says:

    Congrats Mushi Mushi! I hope you enjoy your prize. Tell us what you’re going to buy?


  22. Danny Luei says:

    Wow, I’ve passed this competition … but congrats to “Mushi Mushi”. You are eligible for Amazon e-gift certificate because you are the winner in this competition. See you at the next competition…


  23. Lisa Nataliany says:

    I would really look forward to the next competition. And congratulations for Mushi Mushi who has been a winner in this competition. You’re so amazing…


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