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Ru’s Daily 29: Gaming Online Vs. Home Consoles - Is the Future Really Better Than The Past? Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media. Entertainment.

What’s Up, Players?!

G’Day Gamer Gals & Guys!

Kallisto Ru Here, Wishing You The Merriest of Mondays!

Monday isn’t usually a favorite day of the week, but I am hoping to cheer you up and put a smile on your face!

Today my blog post is indeed about gaming… just mixed with a little tomfoolery!

Sometimes you have to laugh in the face of everything seeming to go wrong! 

One positive already is that today’s blog was formed in my mind thanks to all the problems I am having with my internet!

That’s why you always have to stay positive and make lemons out of lemonade!

If you have been following my daily blog, you’ll know that I am have been dealing with

Costa Rican internet for weeks now, and I am still waiting for them to come back and finish what they started.

As many of you know, (especially Saljack Enterprises, GOD Bless them!) 🙂

I couldn’t upload a video without it taking 3 days!

(That is not an exaggeration!)

And streaming was completely out of the question.

Well, just to prove that things can always get worse…

Saturday morning, my internet went out completely!

Literally, altogether, completely!

And to top it off, the manager of the complex has been out of town since Friday.

So we have had no internet all weekend, and no recourse on how to fix it!

It is Monday morning and we still have no internet.

I honestly have no idea how I am going to get this blog post to you, but I am hoping a restaurant nearby has wifi!

Unfortunately, wifi here is not as prevalent as it is in the States.

But.. I am afraid to leave and miss the internet guys if they come!

This type of thing makes me want to move to the states for sure, if only for great internet.

The prices to rent here are amazing, but I need internet to work and pay for the house in the first place.

I am hoping and praying that the new internet guys come today, and finally put an end to my internet free misery!

First World problems, I know!!

Anyway, all of these shenanigans got me thinking about…

the “old days of gaming”.

The days when you didn’t need to go online to game.

I mean the days when you went into the living room, tuned the tv to channel 3, and flipped on your gaming console.

And you happily spent the rest of the afternoon with your favorite character, journeying another internet-free adventure!

Can you tell this whole no-internet thing has affected me a little?!!

And I don’t mean to trivialize XBOX or PLAYSTATION and the other home consoles of this generation, but really, most of the games make you go online for upgrades or downloadable content.

Half of the games that I am currently playing and reviewing all require the internet to play!

From the amazing open world games that you can play and navigate with players from around the world.. to the incredible list of amazing online games that you can play in 2017…

All of it does me no good if I have no internet!

So, my trusty, dusty home game console was starting to look better and better …

So, I decided to play for a few hours this weekend, and it was really fun for a while…

but then it started to get lonely.

And then it hit me!

I miss you all!

And I have met most of you through online gaming!

Yes, I can game in my living room at home, but I sure can’t upload and share my gaming with you without internet!

No matter what, if you want to stream or upload your games, you need to go online.

There would be no Twitch, No Youtube Gaming, No Hitbox without the capabilities of the internet.

It’s truly insane to me how much we depend on going online!

But with that, how many awesome opportunities have presented themselves to gamers from the powers of the internet?!

We could spend the day talking about this and adding in different personal opinions regarding home consoles and online gaming, and still not have covered everything!

I for one, am thankful to have the option to do both.

I can play with my trusty, dusty home consoles with friends & family & join my friends around the world on epic quests and adventures online!

I am sure that when electricity first came out, people like me were hard fighting to still use candles!

Haha! At least I came around! 😉 

Love you all and pray for my internet to come on today!

See you tomorrow on anther edition of Ru’s Daily Blog!

“The Longer You Live In The Past, The Less Future You Have To Enjoy!”


Ru (Saljack Enterprises Lets Review Team). Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media & Entertainment.



28 thoughts on “Ru’s Daily #29: Gaming Online Vs. Home Consoles – Is the Future Really Better Than The Past?

  1. leinstein42 says:

    I recently started playing online more, and the ease of use is a huge bonus. I’m curious to see what you think about competitive gaming though? I think there’s something special about local play in tournaments or what have you, and am curious to see how or if online play could replace it.

  2. Reed Richards says:

    Is there such thing as offline gaming? I find that info new to my ears? For one how can you even play internet based games if there is no internet?

  3. Susan Storm says:

    Good news guys. I think her internet is now okay. She just posted a what if on the SE page. Good job miss Ru.

  4. Satish says:

    It’s case to case basis. Of course I would enjoy online gaming more than traditional consoles if I have blazing fast internet. But if I don’t have internet then I’d be happy playing with whatever home console that I have. Simple.

  5. Doreen says:

    How’s your internet Ru? By the way, are you using mobile internet for the mean time? Or are you uploading this via wifi (in restaurants, cafes, etc)? I hope your broadband connection gets fixed ASAP because we miss your videos!

  6. Antony says:

    Offline game have their own merit imo. Offline game can serve to entertain us in place where the internet connection is weak or non existent. Also no internet troll on offline gaming 😉

  7. Axel says:

    I prefer gaming online because it’s more fun. I can meet a lot of new friends too.

  8. Omar says:

    I get nastalgia for the old console and corner store arcade games, but online gaming has definitely taken things to another level.

  9. Ales says:

    Can’t live without internet either. The world is really changing.

  10. Mau says:

    I assume you got your internet fixed since we get to read this post! It’s always good to have options so yes to both gaming consoles and online games.

  11. Ussop says:

    as a person in my 30’s I am not old yet but I have live in both worlds and saw how tech has evolved. For example I have my family computer and my first phone 3310 at home. Now. I use the net and what do you know 3310 is coming back. So, yes technology can be new and retro at the same time.

  12. Mico Robin says:

    Internet has come a long way from being just a craze to becoming one of the essentials. It will be here for a long long long time. Truly one of the invention marvels of the 21st century.

  13. Mumtaaj says:

    I feel sorry for you Ru! Internet is very important if your work depends on it. It’s okay to be offline if you don’t need to chat with your boss, upload files, reply to work emails, etc. I hope things will get better over there.

  14. Mursidier says:

    Whenever there’s new technology, we always think about how we fared before without this new tech. We were happy back then with our Gameboys, Game Watch, Brick Game, etc. right? I guess that’s more important. It may not be the same experience playing these games now as before, but we just have to be contented with what we have.

  15. Charles says:

    This is a difficult topic. I mean, I play both online and on my home consoles. I enjoy both greatly. Can’t really say that the future is online because there are times when I prefer play games to see how it ends. There are also times when I want to play with people from anywhere. However, the bottom line for me regarding this is which will provide more fun to more people? After all, that is what everyone is supposed to get out of gaming…

  16. Slow internet is the worst. Yeah, Canada’s tech department is lacking and more techies are leaning towards the states. I don’t know where you live, but construction also takes play in slow WiFi.

  17. Jennifer Stanley says:

    SEGA was my thing when i was a kid. I loved sonic the hedgehog and Id play it endlessly. Then came the original playstation and I was all about crash bandicoot. I loved those kind of games. Yeah, they are most definitely old school, but like you said, they didnt need internet. They provided me with hours and hours of good times, so I guess I could live without internet as far as gaming goes.

  18. Kristin Mosh says:

    I need internet to survive, so I for sure feel your pain. I couldnt imagine being without for an undisclosed amount of time. I think id get one of those nervous twitches. LOL. Anyway, I hope your Monday ended with full restoration of internet services! PS.. i loved the original nintendo, Mario and I spent many hours together when I was a kid.

  19. theya says:

    the old consoles back then don’t need internet and you can still play. the downside is that you can only play with a few people at a time. the upside is that it can be an intimate activity with family and friends.

  20. aniana says:

    when i was younger, i also played with those old consoles. The first person who introduced me to gaming is actually my uncle. it was summer about 20 years ago when he would play with me every afternoon.

  21. Dark Vader says:

    I must say that without the past we cannot innovate for what we have now in the present. So it’s still important.

  22. Rebi says:

    Can’t leave without internet either! Ugh I don’t know why we depend on it so much now

  23. Jay says:

    No internet all weekend? That really sucks. I hope Ru’s internet issue gets resolved this week.

  24. miaka Yuuki says:

    Yes internet is important I totally agree. Howver, I cannot deny the classics and the credit it deserves.

  25. Yusuf Al-Wasabi says:

    Curious how some people nowadays want to get off the grid. Like completely wipe out their presence on the internet. Like when you search for them, you won’t find any results. But what I’m sure of is that they’re not gamers! LOL!

  26. Johnny Storm says:

    In some aspects yes like groups and multiplayer, Past does not have it. However, classic games and systems tend to be more reliable.

  27. Zhang Lin Yi says:

    “It’s truly insane to me how much we depend on going online!” What I think that, internet is life. Many people depend on internet for work so it is very important today.

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