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March Madness Competition #5: Spot the Differences - Winner receives a $50 Amazon Electronic Gift Card. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media. Entertainment.

Before we begin the March Madness Competition #5, we’d like to congratulate all our previous winners from the past competitions. Here we are again with another series of competitions for you! It’s easy to enter this competition. Below are the details:

  1. You must be a follower of Saljack Enterprises on our blog at to qualify for entry.
  2. Competition ends on the 18th of March, 2017. 
  3. Name of the winner and answers to the puzzle will be published on our blog at on the 19th of March, 2017. 
  4. Gift card of $50 USD value, will be delivered electronically to the winner, via email. 
  5. Not valid with any other offer or Saljack Enterprises services.

To participate and win in the competition you must:

  • List ALL the differences between the two pictures above (featuring Project-X Villain The Hooligan) in the comments section on our blog.
  • You may leave multiple comments with the different differences. For example, if there are 5 differences between the two pictures, you may enter them as you spot them one comment at a time, or you may enter them all together.
  • The FIRST person to list ALL the differences between the two pictures above, and ONLY the correctly spotted differences will win. For example, if there are 5 differences between the pictures and you list 6 differences which include the 5 correct answers, you will not win.
  • You may list the differences in any order.

There will be only one winner. The person who is able to list ALL the differences, and ONLY the correctly spotted differences between the two pictures above, before anyone else, will be selected as the winner on the 19th of March, 2017

Please note: You MUST be a follower Saljack Enterprises on our blog at to qualify for winning. We will manually confirm that you do follow us if you win. Any winner who is not following us at the time of the winner announcement, will be automatically disqualified and a new winner will be selected. It is at our discretion to disqualify any winner and select a new winner for any reason. ONLY by following the above instructions will you be able to participate in this competition.


Name of the winner and the answers to the puzzle will be published on our blog at on the 19th of March, 2017. The gift card is electronic. It will be sent via email, after the competition ends, and we confirm with the winner which email the winner would like the electronic gift card sent to.

Answers will be published along with the winners name on 19th March, 2017. Good luck in this ‘Spot the Differences’ competition!

UPDATE: We’ve recieved a lot of feedback that this puzzle is difficult, and yes that is true. It is an expertish level puzzle. To help out we’re posting the amount of differences between the two pictures: 10. Good luck to all!




90 thoughts on “March Madness Competition #5: Spot the Differences – Winner receives a $50 Amazon Electronic Gift Card

  1. Sangeeta says:

    This is very challenging! Well goodluck to the lady who posted all 10 answers. I hope you got it all correctly!


  2. Simoun Ybarro says:

    Wow you guys surely know how to make a puzzle! I only found four! Very hard!


  3. victor says:

    Has there any winner yet? I am trying this out today. Good luck to me.


  4. Kitty Pryde says:

    I know this is not suppose to be easy but come on. I have been at it for hours even days. Still no dice spotting 10.


  5. Tara says:

    Deadline is near! I wonder who will win. I just can’t finish this because it’s eye-hurting.


  6. Lets says:

    Madness! It is very hard I can’t even find half of what’s different. Help me!


  7. Ales says:

    I wonder who’s the winner here now?


  8. Kadoya Tsukasa says:

    This sucks!!!! Why is this god damn hard!!! even with the hints I cannot find this things.


  9. Kyo Kusagi says:

    Comments are not closed yet so I guess there is no winner yet. I give up on this its tough. I will give it that.


  10. Erik says:

    I tried it. It gave me a headache. Interesting game though. Quite simple yet has the ability to push one towards a migraine! Good luck to everyone who will join this!


  11. Franklin says:

    This character would probably become best friends with Deadpool or the Punisher with all them weapons in the room! If for some reason this guy guy stands up to go to the kitchen to get something and trips, he’d probably die or hurt himself from all those deadly stuff littered on the floor!


  12. Tony Stark says:

    I will have to pass. The GC is cool but this game is too hard for me.


  13. Peter Parker says:

    Even with my spidey sense I will tap out ha ha. Get it? But seriously this is very tough to solve.


  14. Gunther says:

    This looks fun but I think I’ll pass. I need my eyes for playing later. But it is generous of the site to hold contests like this. And whoa! Comments from Marvel characters! Awesome!


  15. Howie says:

    I remember doing this on the Sunday newspapers we usually receive when I was just a kid. Used to enjoy them a lot! Now, I have to have aspirin available nearby just to find at least 2 items that are different!


  16. Jean grey says:

    Does anyone have a knack for this? Kids perhaps but not me my migraine is acting up.


  17. Ororo says:

    I would rather play cross word than this. At lest in cross words I do not have to look at anything for long periods.


  18. MI Hashimi says:

    There are 8 Differences
    Differences # 1st: in 1st pic in rocket upside of the rocket have one line but in 2nd pic upside of the rocket have two lines in rocket
    2nd Difference: Space between hammer and sword in 1st pic hammer tail is a little far from sword but in second pic hammer tail is near to the sword
    3rd Difference: the upside big gun in first gun space of the below side of the gun is short and in the second pic the below side of the gun is a bigger than the first one.
    4th Difference: the small circles below the left side bottle, in first pic there are three circles below the bottle and in second pic there four circles below the left side bottle.
    5th Difference: Black Marks in the Ball below the foot of the player in the first pic the black marks in the ball are less but in the second pic the black marks in the ball are much than the first one.
    6th Difference: the space between the table and that small thing which is half and that left side of the TV table in the first pic space is far from the table and that small thing I that is to eat which is half.
    7th Difference & 8th Differences are on the TV table one is in socks and the second one is beside the sock ( socks ) I think is that is hat in the first pic there are three line marks in the middle of the sock and the second pic there is only one line mark in the middle of the sock and other difference in hat that is mark in hat in first pic the mark on the hat is upside on the hat on table but in the second pic that mark is in below of the hat in the pic.

    I am also going to send you the spot difference pic to your page in the facebook and also try to send you to the email so judge and select the winner


  19. Martha says:

    Oh I can’t find all 10 of them! My eyes are hurting already. Sorry SJE but I have to pass on this one.


    1. MI Hashimi says:

      Do you believe there are 10 differences ?


  20. Vernalyn says:

    March madness indeed! These two pictures are too closely identical I can’t even find one! Give me a couple of days and I’ll figure this out.


  21. Gray Fullbuster says:

    Expertish level? What is this a video game? and wow!!! spotting the difference needs experts? It is weird


  22. Erza Scarlet says:

    This has got to be the longest spot the difference contest ever, I mean the difficulty is off the charts that they even provided hints.


  23. Rochelle says:

    Holy smokes thats hard. The differences seem to be very small. Good luck to all of the participants and congratulations to the winner in advance!


  24. Jack says:

    So I just spent 15 minutes staring at this, and I found exactly one difference. The position of the ax on the wall behind the doctor guy. It seems im not so good at expert level spot the differences. Ill keep searching.


  25. Amapola says:

    I can’t get out because of the storm so I’ve looked at these two pictures for most of the day and I still can’t find all 10 of them! I only got 7.


  26. Jackson says:

    Gaaaah! This is giving me a headache! I give up! Good luck to those who posted 10 answers. I hope one of you wins.


  27. Wendy Marvell says:

    The mere fact that this contest is still going is a testament on how difficult it is. I hope someone really wins this.


  28. Kazuki Kazama says:

    This is hard beyond belief, I am not kidding. 30 minutes in and still nothing. Oh god.


  29. Justin Wendt says:

    Holy frustrating! I found only 2 differences. I cant imagine there being 8 more. Good luck to those who can find em all!


  30. Ging-ging says:

    There are 8 differences? I only find 8 and I think I’m correct all of them. You think so?


  31. Simoun says:

    It’s almost deadline and I can’t find all 10 huhuhu 😦 Good luck to the winner!


  32. Warren says:

    The SE team provided us with the answer 10 i think. How will they pick the winner if that is the case?


  33. Logan says:

    14 days to go guys then our misery will be over. Oh boy this was a tough task.


  34. Hafish says:

    Logan, what do you mean 14 days to go? Tomorrow is the deadline! And I can’t complete the 10 spots 😦


  35. Yolly says:

    I’m excited to know who won! Well I’ve already accepted the fact that I can’t have that Amazon gift card because I cannot find all ten of them,


  36. Jiffy Rando says:

    At this point screw it. I am so done with this. Whoever wins goodluck.


  37. light Yagami says:

    This is not about that prize anymore. I will solve this if it is the last thing I do. I swear it!!!


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