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Tips to Present Your Game in an Appealing Way at a Game Fair. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media. Entertainment.

Who wouldn’t want thousands of people to check out their game, especially when it is near its release? There are many games lovers out there who would apparently love your game, but they may never come to know about its existence unless you exhibit it.

Have you ever been to a trade fair before and seen all the hard work that went into attracting your attention? Here are some tips that you can follow before preparing for the event and get the most out of your next exhibition:

  1. Make Your Booth Approachable: If you’re at a massive event, it means a lot of people are going to be able to see your game. After knowing this, the biggest mistake you can make is designing your booth so that they can’t see it easily. This includes making your space personal and enclosed. The problem with this is that many people will only see walls and not your game. It is a great idea to face your booth toward where you think most of the people will walk by. This doesn’t apply if your booth is against a wall as there would be only one direction where your booth can face. Try to get more attendees that will catch a glimpse of what you’re showing off.
  2. Be Unique: The biggest challenge that comes with displaying your game at a big event is getting the attention that your game deserves. But how is it possible with so many booths surrounding yours? One thing you can do is avoid doing what all the other booths are doing, even if it is working for them. Instead, try making your booth appealing and unique. Use your brain and come up with shapes, designs, and colors that you think no one else will try pulling off.
  3. Prepare for Problems and Exhaustion: Exhibiting at any fair means remaining active for more hours in a row than you’re apparently used to. So take plenty of rest and stay well nourished during the event. Bring snacks along with you that you can munch on whenever you get the chance, and there aren’t a lot of people in your area. This way, you won’t panic when a disastrous bug renders your game play or when you have a line of people waiting to play. If you stay calm, you can tackle the issue peacefully and eventually sort out things to again demonstrate your game.
  4. Set Up An Event Or Two: Video game trade shows have a great competition for attention. Setting up fun events might get people to look your booth’s way and probably not the one nearby. Since people love rewards, conduct frequent contests where the winner gets assured prize. This can include letting the visitors play your game to see who gets the highest score out of the total participants, or some random intriguing events. The main goal is to obtain the visitor’s attention and probably engrave your game’s name in their minds.

Have you ever set up your booth in any game fair? Share your experiences with us in the comments section or Tweet us @essjay_ent!



18 thoughts on “Tips to Present Your Game in an Appealing Way at a Game Fair

  1. Joseph E Johnson says:

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  2. Mau says:

    I haven’t been to a game fair but it sounds interesting. Could anybody set up a booth, not just big video game companies?

  3. Aries says:

    Souvenirs! You forgot souvenirs! It may seem like an additional cost, but as a gamer myself, I recall purchasing some games because of cool memorabilia from keychains to something as simple as posters. Such will be very useful in reminding potential buyers!

  4. Antony says:

    No. 4 tips is a must. Game testing is one of the best way to attract visitor to the booth in my opinion.

  5. Tony Chopper says:

    Start small spead the news in your local as much as you can. A good word of mouth is advisable if you do not have funds on advertising.

  6. Captain Ussop says:

    Demos and beta testing is always a must in this. Doing sales on events are also a good way to go.

  7. Celine says:

    Even the best-laid plans can go wrong. So always have a Plan B. Missing equipment, computer glitches, power outages are just some minor hiccups at big events. But you can turn this around and still have people visit your booth if you have a contingency plan.

  8. Emanuelle says:

    Strategic location is very important in fairs/conventions. If you’re in a place where there’s less foot traffic, then this article is for you! Especially #1. Remember that there are people who get intimidated by flashy displays and loud noises. So make your booth welcoming and approachable.

  9. Timothy says:

    Thanks for the tips. Something new and a fresh concept would make people want to visit the booth as well as competitions and gifts. I would use this tips for my next game booth.

  10. Killa says:

    Yes it has to be unique. Therefore, something uncommon can attract people out.

  11. Rebi says:

    Thanks for this article. Nice and brief for those who want some advice for presenting games.

  12. Hunter says:

    Thank you for the tips. This is helpful for people who want to present their game fair.

  13. miaka Yuuki says:

    Well big game companies initiate game events or conferences to launch the games .This will be harder for small companies its going to be a tough task I can say that.

  14. Mico Robin says:

    I do not know if this can really be called a FAIR . But events like comic con or anime conventions can help.

    1. Joy says:

      I have a friend who is addicted on that. She dress in this anime or cartoons outfits.

  15. Chona says:

    Always remember that visitors will be bombarded with lots of “different” and “unique” setup at game fairs/conventions. So how do you standout? Be simple and showcase a singular theme.

  16. Go Hin says:

    “Use your brain and come up with shapes, designs, and colors that you think no one else will try pulling off.” What I think that, using cosplay to attract attention at game fair is so so yesterday. It is not unique anymore. A big Negatron statue is better because people will go to your booth for selfie.

  17. Xerxes says:

    I have never been to a game fair before but I have been to the Comic Con a few times. I’ve seen many game booths there and they sold really cool merchandise.

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